Unacademy Customer Care


Unacademy Customer Care Number

Unacademy is one of the biggest Indian online learning platforms where teachers and students form a community where any student can find assistance in learning whichever field it may be. Customer Care service is a service that is provided by the company for its customers who have any query or complaint. Unacademy Customer Care is also one of those services that look after the customer’s complaints and queries. They have an all-around number that can be called upon when a customer needs any assistance. They also have a Udemy Customer Customer Care number which is set up solely for customer interaction. A Customer can use this service to work out any problem that they might be facing and is looking for help. For all the offers, visit Unacademy Offers.

  • For answers to all queries, Email at help@unacademy.com

Unacademy Email ID

Every company has a designated email-id that a customer can send their issues to when they need any assistance. The company will then get back to the customer about their problem and help them resolve the issue. Likewise, Unacademy Customer care also has an email-id that their users can send their issues to when needed. After that, they will get back to the users as soon as possible. Udemy is one of the biggest and oldest online learning platforms in the world. They have over 13 million active learners. Given below is the Unacademy Customer Care email id.

  • PR Lead – press@unacademy.com
  • Support – help@unacademy.com
  • Legal support – legal@Unacademy.com

Unacademy Educator Helpline Number

Unacademy has one of the largest educators’ well-connected networks in the country. They hold over 10000 educators on their platform. Educators are the people whose courses or video lectures students learn from and Unacademy has highly qualified teachers on their platform. In this case, they do not have any Unacademy educator helpline number in particular but you can always contact Unacademy for any help. And you can also post your questions or queries on the platform and the educators will resolve your queries.

Unacademy Call Center Number

Unacademy is the second-largest Indian online learning platform. Therefore to sustain this big of a platform, it needs an efficient Customer care service. So, for this, it has various call centers all over the country that acts as Unacademy Customer Care. They all have a particular Unacademy call centre number that any of its customers can call upon. And because of their excellent customer service and interaction.


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