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    Your Ultimate Accommodation Guide | International Travelers’ Haven in Ayodhya!

    February 26, 2024
    discovering comfort in ayodhya a comprehensive accommodation guide for international travelers

    One of the best parts of taking a trip anywhere is getting to stay in a cosy hotel room. Enjoying the comfy blankets, soft bed, beautiful view and exciting room service – what’s not to like? This is also why booking good accommodation is the most important part of planning a trip. Bad accommodation ruins the entire mood for the trip.

    Finding Your Ideal Stay in Ayodhya

    Most of us are planning on taking that long-awaited trip to Ayodhya to visit the beautiful Ram Mandir and other spots this year. But if you’re an international tourist planning on making all the bookings on your own, it’s best to have fully researched before booking your accommodation in Ayodhya. Any place that you go to has a bunch of different options for accommodation based on your budget, and type of stay – couples, bachelors, family, etc. These can range from luxury stays through mid-range stays to budget stays. 

    Luxury and Boutique Hotel Options

    Luxury hotels are high-end in terms of everything like services, guest experience, furnishing and of course, pricing. Staying at a luxury hotel is an exciting part of a trip, no matter where it is. Boutique hotels are one of a kind that provides a more immersive and unique experience. 

    Indulging in Luxury stays in Ayodhya

    Ayodhya is big on tourism and sees millions of devotees and tourists from all over the world every year. Naturally, it has many types of accommodation options available. The luxury stays available in Ayodhya are all well-maintained, famous and worth the price. 

    Top Luxury Hotels and their offerings

    Some of the top Luxury hotels of Ayodhya are listed below with all the unique amenities that they offer.

    • Park Inn by Radisson, Ayodhya – 

    Along with a comfy and luxurious room, visitors get to enjoy the lovely rooftop pool. The restaurant serves exquisite local as well as international food. 

    • Cygnett Collection KK Hotel – 

    This stay is closeby to the railway station. There is 24-hour room service along with a restaurant and a rooftop cafe that serves delicious meals. Rooms have tea and coffee makers equipped along with bathrobes and slippers. 

    Boutique Hotels with Local Charm

    Boutique Hotels provide their visitors with a more local and cultural experience while also making their stay a luxurious and cosy one. Here are a few of the best Boutique hotels in Ayodhya

    • The Ramayana Hotel, Ayodhya

    With different luxurious room options, this property is located closeby to the Ram Mandir. Along with all the common amenities like wifi, and tea/coffee makers, these hotels come with a wide range of useful toiletries along with a negative ion hairdryer.

    • Ramila Kutir, Ayodhya

    Located by Ram ki Paidi, this boutique hotel provides a view of Ayodhya through the large windows of every room. These rooms are equipped with traditional furniture that is made with handmade wood and a pristine feel to make the stay luxurious yet authentic.

    Amenities and Service for the Discerning Traveller

    Fitting into a different country as an international tourist can be tough. Especially if you’re inexperienced there with no prior knowledge about the basics, it can be slightly difficult. In such cases, it is of utmost importance that hotels and accommodations take utmost care of their guests to make them feel at home.

    Special Services for International Guests 

     Here are some of the special services provided by Ayodhya hotels for international tourists

    • Language Assistance 
    • Transportation to and from Airports 
    • International and adapted cuisines 
    • Concierge services
    • Currency Exchange

    Mid Range and Family Friendly Accommodations

    Now, while there are many luxury and Boutique accommodation options in Ayodhya, it is not necessary for everyone to be interested in staying at one. More tourists choose to stay at a mid-range or family-friendly hotel than at luxury ones as they are lighter on the pocket while also providing comfort. Sure, they lack a few premium services that you can find at high-end hotels, but the price difference is often worth it.

    Comfortable Stays for Families and Couples

    Many families indeed find it difficult to get good accommodation options that are also cost-effective. I mean, we’re all going to be curled up together no matter what, why pay for separate rooms, right? Well, many hotels have rooms designed specifically for the comfort of families or couples without charging them an arm and a leg.

    Best Mid-Range Hotels for Comfort and Convenience

    Here’s a list of a few mid-range hotels in Ayodhya 

    • Swastika Hotel and Lawn
    • Hotel Sahu Inn
    • Hotel Prakash Palace 
    • Hotel SR Palace 

    Accommodation with cultural experience

    While it is interesting to stay at a comfy mid-range hotel, some people might find it even more exciting to stay at a mid-range hotel that allows you to get a full cultural experience while you’re staying there. Meaning, that Ayodhya culture-style beds, cutlery, rooms, and furniture in the rooms, offer many workshops for traditional cooking, dancing and more.

    Amenities for a Hassle-Free Stay

    Now, even though we keep discussing how we don’t need to book our stay at a luxury hotel every time we go on a trip, it is obvious that some amenities are necessary no matter where you are staying. Doesn’t matter if it is a luxury hotel or a mid-range one, a few of the amenities just can not be skipped.

    Essential Facilities for Travellers

    Here are a few essential facilities that travellers should look for at Mid Range Hotels 

    • Air Conditioners/ Heaters for extreme temperatures 
    • Wifi and Internet Access
    • Private bathrooms attached to Private rooms
    • Clean and comfy rooms
    • 24/7 Room Service
    • Safety and Security 
    • Transportation Services
    • Dining Options 

    Budget-Friendly and Alternative Lodging Options 

    While both, Luxury hotels and mid-range hotels are appropriate picks for this type of accommodation, not everyone fits in the same criteria. What some people might find as basic amenities, others might find them unnecessary. This is where budget-friendly and alternative lodging options come into action. 

    Affordable Accommodations in Ayodhya

    Affordable accommodations are stays and hotels that charge on the lower end of prices while providing basics like a place to stay and shower. These are best used by students, youngsters travelling solo, or groups of backpackers who like to travel light and on a budget and who do not want to spend too much on accommodation.

    Hostels and Budget Hotels

    Hostels are budget-friendly accommodation options for travellers. They have common dormitory rooms, common bathrooms and even kitchens for meal preparations. There may be wifi and Internet access along with recreational areas for the travellers. There may be private room facilities available as well for travellers looking for better privacy. Budget hotels are hotels that charge way lesser as compared to other hotels while providing basics like private rooms, and bathrooms which may not be as luxurious but surely useful. Here are a few hostels and budget-friendly hotels in Ayodhya 

    • Saket Hotel
    • Shri Ram Hotel
    • Hashtag Travellers Ayodhya

    Guesthouses and Homestays 

    A guesthouse is similar to a hotel but may be operated by a private individual instead of a corporation like in Hotels. These may have similar facilities like private rooms, housekeeping, and food but may have shared facilities like bathrooms, kitchens, etc. They are a great choice of accommodation when you’re travelling on a budget. A homestay is an accommodation with a local family where travellers may be provided a private room in the Family house with the provision of home-cooked meals. It is a more culturally immersive experience. Here are a few options 

    • Prakash Homestay
    • Rashi Homestay
    • Satvik Homestay
    • Govind Guesthouse
    • Shree Guesthouse 

    Balancing Cost with Comfort

    Taking a long trip can be quite heavy on one’s wallet. It can get a little difficult trying to balance between overspending and spending right. However, financial discussions should be done well in advance of the trip so that there is a clear plan on where and when to not spend on the trip. If you plan on spending less on accommodation, it is best to book well and advance and consider all your options while finalizing. 

    What to Expect in Budget Stays

    A budget stay, as the name suggests cuts costs in terms of all unnecessary and extra amenities while providing you accommodation, on a budget. This means many luxuries like air conditioners, bath robes and slippers, and tea/coffee makers within the room may be some things that do not cut. For people who are just looking to stay the night and get going, a clean bed and a clean bathroom with safety and comfort may be the only things needed.

    Tips for Booking Affordable Accommodations

    If you’re new to the game, here’s our 2 cents on booking affordable accommodations

    • Book well in advance
    • Differentiate your needs from your wants 
    • Decide on a budget in advance and plan the amount you wish to spend on accommodation
    • Research online for budget options 
    • Check reviews of hotels before booking

    Location Considerations and Proximity to Attractions

    If you’ve ever been on an international trip you might know, that it is very easy to get ripped off on simple things like transportation services. Tourists often have to pay extra for things that locals pay the base price for. Even in other cases, when local attractions a far away from your accommodation, it can be quite expensive to get from one place to another within the city.

    Choosing the Right Location in Ayodhya

    As we have already discussed the different local attractions of Ayodhya, it is best to book hotels and accommodations close to these local attractions so that visiting them becomes easy. If you pick your hotel at walking distance from most local attractions, you can just go to and fro your hotel simply without having to rely on the timings of availability of transportation.

    Staying Near Ram Mandir and other cultural sites

    Getting a room closeby to the Ram Mandir is the best option and should always be taken if available. This way you can visit the Ram Mandir or any of the cultural sites at odd timings or timings of your choice without having to rely on the busy hours or functioning hours of transportation services. Simply walking to the site while watching the other places that fall on the way is a great way of exploring a different city. Here are a few options for accommodation near Ram Mandir

    • The Ramayana Hotel
    • The Ram Krishna Palace
    • Hotel The Ramay Palace

    Lodging Options in Tranquil Areas

    If you do not like to be accommodated in between the hustle and bustle of a busy city, we have got that covered. Here’s a few options for accommodation in the more tranquil areas of Ayodhya

    • Praveg Tent City, Ayodhya
    • Swastika Hotel and Lawn
    • Shakti Guest House
    • Birla Dharamshala

    Conclusion: Making Ayodhya Your Home Away From Home

    To conclude, this blog aims to find the best stays in Ayodhya so that travelers feel at home even when they’re hundreds of miles away from their own. There is an option for everyone looking to stay in Ayodhya, no matter what their budget is and what their choice of accommodation is. Be sure to book well in advance and you are all set for your spiritual journey to Lord Ram’s home. 



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