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    Most Rewarding Loyalty Program List | Check Steps To Claim Rewards & More

    January 9, 2024
    Most Rewarding Loyalty Program List

    No one likes being penalized for their brand devotion. Unfortunately, that’s how it feels when customers’ membership cards are shoved into their hands against their will every time they approach the checkout counter. (Worse, it happened more than once from the same retailer!). In this blog, you can find the details of the Most Rewarding Loyalty Program List.

    And we questioned what to do with all those bits of plastic vying for space in our wallets with other more vital items like our IDs, Debit cards, and, of course, cash, back when we used to carry bundles of it. Times have changed since then. We don’t hesitate to shout a resounding NO to loyalty cards and a resounding YES to purchasing freedom! Customers are becoming aware of how restrictive and stiff such loyalty programs can be. Thankfully, merchants have caught on as well. And the rise of ‘Digital India,’ along with demonetization and the rise of ‘Digital Wallets,’ has served as an appropriate catalyst.

    While customer expectations of brands and retail establishments haven’t altered, digitization has changed how those expectations are met. A consumer still requires the same services as they did in the days of in-store-only retailing, namely,’ special treatment.’ ‘How do I deliver it in the absence of face-to-face interactions between brands and consumers?’ you might wonder. However, omnichannel customer analytics combined with cutting-edge loyalty program platforms save the day. They bring back the ‘intimacy’ of retail from the past. “It’s time for loyalty marketing campaigns to shift away from ‘least common denominators.’”

    Starbucks Billion-Dollar Loyalty Program

    Starbucks Rewards is one of the world’s most popular reward programs! When you spend money at Starbucks, you earn “Star points,” which you can then use to win prizes. You may also pay with your phone via the app and receive notifications on special offers and seasonal drinks.

    The loyalty program has been a huge success. Starbucks Rewards was mentioned eight times during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call. Not surprising, given that Starbucks Rewards members deposited over a billion dollars onto their cards in 2016, and the program’s membership rose to 15.3 million by November 2018.

    Great Mobile App

    Most shops shouldn’t design mobile apps exclusively for their store because most users don’t want to have a new app for every store they visit. Starbucks benefits from the “law of big numbers” in this case.

    People have learned to expect Starbucks on every corner in large cities, almost as if it were a necessary commodity.

    Online Sign Up

    Starbucks is one of those brands where customers may find themselves thinking about it even when they aren’t in the store or in need of a cup of coffee. You may join Starbucks’ loyalty program using an online sign-up.

    Special Gold Card for Extra-Loyal Customers

    Customers have something to strive for when there are different levels of loyalty. Of course, few individuals will think to themselves in the morning, “Gosh, I really need that Starbucks Gold,” but it may influence their decision to order that slice of molten chocolate cake with their cappuccino. Now earning rewards has become easier with these Most Rewarding Loyalty Program List.

    Starbucks’ Loyalty Program is a Bit of an Outlier

    Starbucks’ loyalty program, in general, is an illustration of what you can only achieve when you have a vast scale like they do. Smaller businesses can’t afford to come up with such a convoluted solution, and they can’t expect their customers to put in the same amount of time and effort to figure out how the loyalty program works. 

    Most small businesses will want to keep their loyalty programs as simple and straightforward as possible.

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    Titan Encircle

    Titan has a comprehensive strategy for customer loyalty across all of its brands (Tanishq, Fastrack, Titan Eye Plus, etc.). It also reduces the point accumulation and redemption scheme to “one rupee earned equals one point.” There is no minimum criterion for redeeming points, and there is no additional price to join. Customers can begin earning reward points as soon as they make their first purchase. These points can be redeemed for a variety of things, including discounts on subsequent purchases, anniversary offers, early access to new product launches, jewelry or eyewear clean-ups, and appointment reminders.

    Amazon Prime Loyalty Program

    When it comes to loyalty programs, it’s crucial to remember that no two firms will benefit from the same program in the same way. While it’s vital to remember sector variances and particular business needs, there’s much to be said about embracing a shift in loyalty program culture.

    Amazon Prime is easily one of the most popular reward programs on the planet, and it redefines the way we think about loyalty programs by operating outside of the traditional ‘spend some money here, we’ll give you some credit’ model.

    Amazon Prime isn’t obsessed with rewarding you for every purchase. It makes no attempt to get you to spend more money in order to earn more points.

    • There are a few benefits to Amazon Prime, but the one we’ll focus on for now is their main feature: free two-day shipping.
    • This shouldn’t work on paper. Loyalty programs are designed to reward someone for establishing a long-term relationship with you. A loyalty program’s success hinges on the concept of recurring business.

    Furthermore, Amazon Prime is a paid service. This should be enough to jeopardize Amazon’s loyalty program in a world where most loyalty programs are free. Amazon, on the other hand, manages to pull off the magician’s trick of misdirection.

    Whereas most loyalty programs strive to persuade customers to consider the benefits of recurrent interactions, Amazon completely disregards this and appeals to a different segment of the population.

    As an Amazon Prime member, you get a special advantage that is one of the most enticing and satisfying benefits you’ll ever see in the world of reward programs.

    • What is it about it that makes it so appealing and satisfying? To begin with, it feels more like a free first-class upgrade than a free economy ticket. While one is objectively more valuable, there’s something tempting about being treated like a VIP in programs like these.
    • Amazon makes impulse shopping more enticing than ever before, rather than asking you to think about your future purchases.
    • Amazon accomplished this because they understood the golden rule of marketing: alter the topic if you don’t like what’s being said.
    • DID YOU KNOW: Hotels use RFID chips to track their towels and linens. One hotel in Hawaii saved over $15000 in stolen towels using the RFID chips.

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    Taj Inner Circle

    Taj Hotels & Palaces, which boasts one of India’s biggest visitor employee recognition, has launched an all-new Taj Inner Circle Benefits with new features and refinements that will be available throughout all global brands. Members will have access to a wide range of benefits, including a variety of unique activities and a simple point redemption process. Collect more and more points and redeem them to gain more beneficial rewards, even free hotel stays.

    Dining and Spa Discounts are Available

    • 25% of the purchase price is refunded in the form of points redeemable for dining and spa services. 
    • This offer is valid at participating restaurants, pubs, and spas. 
    • At participating bars, happy hours run from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. (up to a group size of 10 people).

    There’s no point in Wasting Time. 

    • For active members, points do not expire. 
    • 1 TIC Point equals Re.1

    Points for Reward 

    Members of the Taj Inner Circle (TIC) can earn TIC points on all eligible purchases, such as restaurants and spas. The following are the steps of earning points:

    Membership TiersReward Points
    Copper Plan4 points per Rs.100
    Silver Plan5 points per Rs.100
    Gold Plan7 points per Rs.100
    Platinum Plan8 points per Rs.100

    TIC Reward Points can be redeemed in the following ways

    You may use your points to get holidays, spa treatments, delicious meals, and more. By checking in to your membership account, you can also choose from a variety of online redemption choices, such as rooms, Taj Holidays, and Taj Experiences Gift Cards. Thanks to this Most Rewarding Loyalty Program List, it is now easier to earn rewards.

    Radisson Rewards

    Club, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the four membership tiers offered by Radisson Rewards Program. Members begin at the Club level and progress through the levels by completing hotel stays or nights. Applying for a Radisson Rewards card is the quickest way to gain status. After applying for the card and making your first purchase, you will receive instant Gold elite status, and those who currently have Gold or Platinum level will receive a one-time credit of 15 nights toward attaining or maintaining Platinum status.

    Radisson’s loyalty program in the Americas, which includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America, was recently spun off. You’ll need to rejoin the older Radisson Rewards program to earn points at all 1,200 or so hotels worldwide, not just the 600 establishments in those regions. Yes, it’s perplexing. However, if you have elite membership and one of the program’s co-branded credit cards, you can earn up to 35 points per dollar on stays (base members earn 20 per dollar). Award stays in standard rooms start at 15,000 points for the most basic accommodations and go up to 75,000 points for the most deluxe.

    It Basically Consists Of Four Plans

    • Silver:- Here One Will Get 22 Points per 1$ Spent.
    • Gold:- Here One Can Claim up to 25 Points Per 1$ Spent
    • Platinum:- Under this Great Platinum Plan User is Eligible of Getting 35 Points per 1$.
    • Club:- Here User Will Get 20 Points Per 1$ Spent.

    What are the many ways to earn Radisson Rewards points?

    When it comes to earning free nights, Radisson Rewards is undoubtedly the best hotel loyalty program. At least in terms of earning those nights through paid stays or credit card purchases. Non-elite Radisson Rewards members earn a whopping 20 points for $1 spent on hotel stays, implying that spending just $450-$3,500 can earn you a free night.

    In the meanwhile, the Radisson Rewards Premier Visa Signature Card earns 10 points for every $1 spent in Radisson properties and 5 points for every $1 spent elsewhere. So if you spend $1,800 on your card, you’ll get a free night, and $14,000 will win you a free night at a top-tier hotel. 

    Assume you pay for your next Radisson hotel stay with the Radisson Rewards Premier card to get an idea of how rewarding the program can be. 

    • You’ll get 25 points every $1 spent through Radisson Rewards plus 10 points per $1 spent on your credit card if you have the card with Gold elite status.
    • A $300 stay will earn you 10,500 points, good for a free night at a Radisson Category 1 hotel.

    You can earn Radisson points on rental vehicles and certain retail partners in addition to credit cards and hotel stays. In addition, Radisson Rewards members can freely transfer points to family members. To learn about the many methods to easily raise your point balance, see our guide to earning Radisson Rewards points.

    What are the many ways to use your Radisson Rewards points?

    Members can redeem points for a variety of incentives through Radisson Rewards, which comprises seven hotel categories. Standard nightly awards vary from 9,000 to 70,000 points, while luxury room incentives can reach 105,000 points and Points + Cash awards start at just 5,000 points. This gives customers who don’t have enough points to redeem for a free night award or wish to book a premium hotel more options.

    Marriott Bonvoy

    Marriott is the world’s largest hotel brand, with more than 30 brands and over 7,000 hotels in its portfolio. There is definitely a brand that meets your vacation preferences, ranging from cheap properties like the Fairfield Inn & Suites to ultra-posh St. Regis Hotels & Resorts.

    At a variety of hotels across the world, the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program allows all types of visitors to earn free nights and elite status advantages.

    What is Marriott Bonvoy?

    Marriott Bonvoy is a loyalty program that rewards frequent visitors with points and incentives in exchange for their loyalty to Marriott. Marriott Bonvoy, the world’s largest hotel loyalty program, was launched in early 2019, integrating the former Marriott Rewards program with Starwood Preferred Guest and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards to create the world’s largest hotel loyalty program. There are nearly 7,000 houses in the program, ranging from small to magnificent. During your stay, you can earn Marriott Bonvoy points. You can use the points you earn to get free nights at Marriott hotels. 

    Don’t be put off if you haven’t stayed in a Marriott property before. Apart from hotel stays, there are various more ways to earn Marriott Bonvoy points. 

    How much are Marriott Points worth?

    The average value of Marriott Bonvoy points is 0.77 cents per point. While this is a low value when compared to some rewards programs, it is relatively common pricing for hotel incentives – Hilton Honors and IHG Rewards points are worth the same. 

    The low value is due to the fact that hotel awards are considerably easier to obtain. Because there are so many hotel credit cards and options to earn hotel points, each point has a lower value. However, you may boost the value of Marriott Bonvoy points by wisely using them.

    How to Redeem Marriott Points?

    After you’ve accumulated a large number of Marriott Bonvoy points, you can start planning how to use them. Marriott also makes redeeming points for Marriott Bonvoy members simple. These most rewarding loyalty program lists make it easier to earn rewards.

    1) Get Free Nights

    Marriott points are straightforward to use because the company has a standardized award system that shows you how many points you’ll need for a free stay. Dynamic pricing is used by loyalty programs like Hilton Honors, which isn’t ideal for members because award fees can fluctuate dramatically depending on demand. When it comes to Marriott, the price of a room is fairly apparent. 

    The graph depicts the main hotel categories as well as their prices. As you can see, depending on the hotel category and if the date is off-peak, standard, or peak, a free night with Marriott will cost anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 points.

    2) Alternate Redemption Methods

    There are other options if you have a high number of Marriott Bonvoy points and no opportunity to redeem them.

    • You can Redeem them to purchase various gadgets like mobile, gadgets and many more. Moreover you can even claim I phone using These points if available in large no.

    “The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations”

    RBL Rewards Points

    For every transaction made, RBL Bank has created an exclusive loyalty program for its credit card customers, awarding them with personalized gifts from a wide choice of products, certificates, and other items. Reward points can be redeemed for bus and airline tickets, clothes, gadgets, and beauty goods, among other things. The Rewards program will be automatically enrolled for all RBL credit card customers. All a consumer has to do is go to the RBL rewards website and activate his or her online account. Learn more about applying for a credit card.

    Activating a rewards account is as simple as going to the RBL rewards website and filling out a few forms. Customers can also activate their accounts by calling the RBL rewards Service Centre. The rewards program will be open to Indian citizens who have an RBL Bank credit card. The validity of RBL reward points is 24 months from the date of beginning.

    Transactions Availed for RBL Rewards

    The following are the RBL Bank credit card reward points that can be earned on all credit cards: 2 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent in India (applicable on all cards). For every Rs. 100 spent worldwide, you will receive 4 reward points (applicable on select credit cards). On India’s first digital redemption portal, RBL Bank credit card rewards can be redeemed online. RBL bank reward points can be redeemed for the following items:

    • Tickets to and from the airport, as well as hotel accommodations.
    • The most recent electronics and shopping items.
    • Recharge your phone.
    • Vouchers for retail purchases.
    • Personalized presents that are hand-picked.

    Key Features of RBL Bank Reward

    • Some of the primary features listed below are exclusive to the RBL Bank credit card reward point system: 
    • EMV chip with PIN for further security 
    • Credit card transactions on the internet 
    • Flexi limit allows you to assign a differential limit to both your primary and secondary credit cards. 
    • Active alerts give you continuous updates on credit card activities. 
    • Accepted by more than 23 million merchants throughout the world 
    • Online access to card information, transactions, balance transfers, and demand draught production, among other things Global cash access is available 24 hours a day. 
    • After notifying customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week about card loss or theft, there is no charge for fraud liability.

    How to Redeem RBL reward points?

    Customers can redeem rewards points with RBL Bank by following the procedures below: RBL credit cardholders can use their usernames and passwords to log onto the official RBL rewards site. RBL Credit Card members can then choose from a variety of categories to redeem their gifts. For instance, travel, shopping, recharging, or giving gifts. Customers must then click Redeem points and specify the number of rewards points they wish to redeem after selecting this option. 

    To successfully make the RBL Credit Card online payment and complete the redemption, an OTP will be given to the customer’s registered mobile number. If a customer runs out of rewards points, they can use their RBL credit card to make up the difference.

    IOCL Xtrarewards

    Oil is an essential component of our daily lives; on average, a family spends one-tenth of their income on fuel. The xtrarewards Program is the most simple way to save money on your fuel purchases. Get the best service and perks with over 25000 participating retail outlets across India.

    Instant Rewards: When you fill up at an IndianOil location that is part of the xtrarewards Loyalty program, you will receive instant reward points. These reward points can then be redeemed at a participating IndianOil retail location for petrol. 

    Birthday Bonus: Get a birthday bonus when you join IndianOil xtrarewards. Get 100 bonus reward points in your xtrarewards account if you fill up during your birthday week. 

    Offers from Alliance Partners: You can get offers and discounts from our alliance partners all throughout India as a member of the xtrarewards Program. Alliance partners represent a wide range of topics including travel, entertainment, health, hospitality, food and beverage, automobiles, and many others.

    Trust And Security

    More than a million customers trust IndianOil xtrarewards. For our quality, service, and security, we have received numerous honors. We’ve reached this pinnacle because of your dedication.

    Paytm First Points

    Paytm Cashback Points is a special reward program for Paytm users. You can earn points by using the Paytm App to make purchases. You earn points whether you recharge, pay bills, or simply add money to your Paytm wallet. You can receive brand e-vouchers or convert them to Paytm balance to redeem them. Previously, these were known as Paytm First Points. So, keep reading to learn how to use Paytm Cashback Points to receive bargains from well-known businesses, as well as how to earn more points through special Paytm offers.

    Paytm First Availability

    For the time being, Paytm First is only available through the app for Android and iOS customers. To use Paytm First, users must upgrade their Paytm app for Android and iOS to the most recent version. They will see the Paytm First option on the landing page, along with conventional recharge options/categories, after they have been updated. It’s also accessible via the side menu.

    Paytm First Subscription Charges

    The Paytm First is available for Rs. 750 for a year, with an initial rebate of Rs. 100 available for a short time. For the first year, this reduces the effective price to Rs. 650. Within the first year of the launch of ‘Paytm First,’ One97 Communications, which controls the Paytm brand, hopes to sell over 3 million subscriptions.

    Steps to Use Paytm First Cashback Points

    • Scroll down to the ‘Cashback and Offers’ section of the Paytm application. 
    • You’ll find ‘Cashback Points’ under ‘Cashback & Offers’ and should click on it. 
    • When you visit the Paytm ‘Cashback Points’ section, the number of reward points available for redemption will be displayed. In your ‘Points History,’ you can also see how many points you’ve earned on each transaction.
    • You can redeem these reward points by scrolling down to locate bargains and e-vouchers from numerous categories such as ‘Shopping & Gifting,’ ‘Gaming,’ ‘Travel & Infotainment,’ ‘Food & Grocery,’ and so on. So, in each section, click ‘View All’ to see all the current discounts. It also shows you how to use your Cashback Points by displaying exclusively chosen offers.
    • Choose any offer and follow the ‘How to Redeem’ instructions. Examine all of the terms and conditions, as well as the number of points required to take advantage of the given bargain. 
    • You may also use them on Paytm’s exclusive deals (Offers on Paytm) 
    • You may also earn Cashback Points on every transaction by looking through the ‘Best Offers to Earn More Points’ section.

    Every payment you make with Paytm earns you cashback, incentives, and points in addition to the money you spend. You get points for adding money to your wallet as well. This can also be utilized for Paytm discounts and purchasing at discounted costs at numerous brands.

    Air India Loyalty Program

    Return of the Flying. Flying Returns is India’s first frequent flyer program, as well as one of the region’s most rewarding.

    Advantage of Air India Flying Return Program

    As a member, you can take advantage of benefits and earn FR points whenever you fly on a qualifying fare (RBD) in any class or sector on Air India’s or 26 Star Alliance member airlines’ wide network, which operates over 19,000 flights per day to 1300 airports in 195 countries. You earn bonus FR points and clock FR points faster on higher fares, such as business/First Class. Furthermore, you earn points on specific flights operated by codeshare carriers. According to the partner program rules, points earned with our non-airline conversion partners loyalty program can be converted to Flying Returns points and transferred to your FR account. The points accumulated in the FR account can be redeemed for award tickets on Air India or any of the 26 Star Alliance member airlines, depending on the member account status. Users can earn rewards by joining this most rewarding loyalty program list.

    Note:- Account Status for Flying Returns (KYC Verified is mandatory for Redemption)

    Dominos Pizza Pal Points

    • Pizza Pals Points worth 10% of your order value will be awarded to you. 
    • You can use these points to pay for up to 10% of your future Domino’s orders placed through the app. 
    • Everyday Value Offers and necessities are not eligible for points. 
    • They can’t be combined with any other coupons or offers, either. 
    • Points are valid for 90 days after they are credited to your account. 
    • Only in certain stores is this offer valid.

    NoteDomino’s Pizza Pals Points Rs. 1 equals 1 pal point. Every Domino’s Pizza order placed through Domino’s, Swiggy, Zomato will earn you 10% points. Use those points to get a discount on your future order.

    IKEA Family Program

    Some clubs are only open to a chosen few, while IKEA Family is open to anyone. From individuals who are passionate about their homes to those who are just getting started and require assistance. You’ll get guaranteed savings, free classes, exclusive previews, unique culinary specials, and so much more just for being a member. Because we all know how good it feels to be acknowledged.

    Benefits of Engaging in the IKEA Family Program

    You have access to a variety of exciting member advantages as an IKEA Family club member. Here are a few examples: 

    – Discounts that are guaranteed 

    – IKEA sale early access 

    – Delectable food options 

    – Invitations to free workshops and events – Special membership benefits 

    – A 30-day return period has been added.

    • DID YOU KNOW: IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, started the company in 1943 when he was 17 years old. The money he used to find the store was a gift from his father for doing well in school.

    World Of Hyatt Membership

    It is one of the best hotel elite status programmes available in the form of the World of Hyatt hotel loyalty programme. This is attributable to a best-in-class elite status programme and high-value rewards programme that immediately distinguishes Hyatt from the rest of the hotel loyalty programmes. Moreover if you join Hyatt membership you will come to know that, World of Hyatt membership points have the highest value among hotel loyalty programmes and the most value for luxury guests. Each World of Hyatt point is worth 1.9 cents which can be used for booking free Rooms and a lot of premium services in Hyatt Properties.

    Member Benefits

    • Ability to earn and use points
    • Free nights
    • Free amenities
    • Member discounts

    When you join the World of Hyatt program, you are automatically upgraded to Member. Registration is completely free. Every eligible dollar spent at participating Hyatt, MGM Resorts, and Small Luxury Hotels of the World locations earns members five base points. Free Sapphire status in the M life Rewards program, waived resort fees on free night awards, free breakfast at certain Hyatt Place hotels, and discounted room rates are all included in the basic membership. Members will receive complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi access, as well as early check-in, late checkout, and one category room upgrade (subject to availability) at participating Small Luxury Hotels of the World outposts. You can also get a free night at a Category 1 to 4 property if you stay at five different Hyatt brands. At participating Hyatt locations, you may use your points to get free nights, room upgrades, FIND experiences, meals, and Exhale sessions. Free nights at select MGM Resorts and Small Luxury Hotels of the World outposts can also be obtained by redeeming points. Your points will not expire if you earn or redeem them via permitted ways at least once every two years.

    Myntra Insider Loyalty Program

    Myntra Insider is Myntra’s loyalty program, which is available to all Myntra registered users. To participate in the program, a user must first opt-in. When you shop on the Myntra app or website, you earn SuperCoins, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and free shipping. Insiders gain access to Masterclasses from top celebrity stylists, early access to mega sale events, exclusive access to limited-edition releases and collections, as well as vouchers, discounts, and a variety of partner incentives. 

    Myntra Insiders receive 10 points for every 100 rupees purchased on the Myntra platform, with a maximum of 10,000 points per year. Insider points, on the other hand, have no monetary value and cannot be utilized as a means of exchange. Members can only use their points to shop more on Myntra and/or to take advantage of a variety of exclusive rewards and experiences. Now, earning rewards has become easier with this Most Rewarding Loyalty Program List.

    Steps to Earn Myntra Insider Points

    • You will receive 10 points for every 100 rupees spent on Myntra. After the ’30-day return window has passed, these points will be applied to your account. Insiders can also elect to earn their points sooner rather than later and avoid the return/exchange option.
    • You can also gain Myntra Insider points by participating in certain activities. These activities can be found under the ‘Earn’ option on the Insider dashboard.

    Steps to Redeem Myntra Insider Points

    • Open the Myntra application. 
    • On the top left corner, click on the ‘Myntra Insider’ symbol. 
    • Choose from a variety of deals by going to the ‘Redeem tab’ on the Insider dashboard. 
    • Choose your preferred offer and click ‘Redeem.’ 
    • Click ‘Submit’ after entering the OTP obtained via SMS or e-mail. This is only good for specific offers, such as coupons and vouchers.
    • If a promotion requires the use of a voucher or coupon, make a note of the code. Select your favorite products from the relevant catalog and place them in your shopping cart. Paste the discount code from the deal at the checkout step to receive the discount! 
    • If you want to take a Masterclass from a celebrity stylist, go to the dashboard and click ‘Masterclass from Celeb Stylists,’ then click ‘know more’ to browse through the various classes available and pick one. After that, you can reserve a time window by using the points you’ve earned and enjoy your classes.


    Customer loyalty programs that consistently provide value to its members, whether through a point-based, tiered, or paid membership structure, are the greatest method to encourage repeat purchases.  With status emails, special offers, birthday presents, and more, you can keep your consumers engaged and interested in your rewards program.  Take a cue from these mentioned e-commerce firms who nail it, and develop your loyalty program with a strong emphasis on the benefits. In India, loyalty programs are becoming as common as the concept of commerce. The act of selling and purchasing is no longer limited by location or physical presence. Why should they be limited in their ability to earn and redeem loyalty rewards? The common shopper is rapidly gaining access to the flexibility of claiming advantages across locations, channels, industries, and categories of spending.



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