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    Dineout Passport Membership Free | Details On The Benefits & Steps To Avail It For Free

    January 9, 2024
    Dineout Passport Membership Free

    Dineout Passport, the ultimate eating club that gives members only the best privileges, experiences, offers, and savings, will help you rediscover the joys of dining. With a flat 25% discount on your bill at any of its 2000+ fine dining restaurants and pubs across 20 Indian cities, you may have a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Furthermore, if you want to relax at home while eating wonderful meals, you can save at least 15% on takeout and delivery. Join the club and keep your taste buds pampered. Also, Dineout Passport Membership Free is available. So, enjoy the membership benefits for free.

    What Is Dineout Passport Membership?

    Dineout Passport is a premium dining membership program on Dineout that provides unbeatable value by including:

    • Minimum 25% savings at 2000+ restaurants in 20 Indian cities, including chain restaurants and 500+ 5-star hotel restaurants
    • Access to a 1+1 Buffet deal at more than 200 of the world’s best restaurants
    • There is No Convenience Fee for using Dineout Pay to pay your bill
    • Access to exclusive events

    When you buy a Dineout Passport, you’ll get three vouchers, one for each Dineout Passport restaurant that offers 1+1 on Buffet. When another buffet of equal or greater value is ordered, each voucher entitles you to one complimentary buffet. For restaurant-specific information, look at the deal specifics on the restaurant’s page.

    Dineout Passport Membership Benefits

    Dineout Passport comes with a slew of incentives, including a guaranteed 25% off every meal, a 1+1 buffet at 5 Star restaurants around the country, 10% Extra Promo Cash, exclusive access to curated culinary events, and no convenience fee. To begin enjoying, join the ultimate dining club. HDFC Bank and Dineout, the table-booking service, partnered to offer a free HDFC Dineout Passport Voucher to many HDFC Bank Card members. The partnership not only provides a free subscription to the service but also offers discounts on dining out when using Dineout Pay.

    Dineout Pay is a payment mechanism that allows you to pay at restaurants using the Dineout app if they accept it. You pay using the app after selecting the restaurant and entering the invoice number in this scenario. When you pay using your credit card, you get a discount. This is a 15% discount for Infinia and DCB. Here’s a breakdown of card discounts (this card is the one you have saved in the Dineout app).

    Dineout Passport Membership Benefits
    Dineout Passport Membership Benefits

    Steps To Get Free Dineout Passport Membership

    The following are the steps on how to activate Dineout passport Membership Free:

    • Launch the Dineout app.
    • On the homepage, look for the Dining Program banner. Select the Banner.
    • You will be routed to a screen where you must input your card information.
    • A Re. 1 charge on your card will be used to verify your card details.
    • Your card will be registered and the benefits associated with your card variant will be displayed after successful confirmation.

    Another way to get membership

    • Download the Dineout App and sign up with the referral code to receive Rs. 200 in Dineout Cash. 
    • Go to the Gourmet Passport section and choose any membership that costs less than Rs 499.
    • Use the promo code to get a free 12-month membership to the Dineout Gourmet Passport.

    “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”

    Complimentary Dineout Passport Membership With HDFC

    A free HDFC Dineout Passport Voucher was being offered to many HDFC Bank Cardmembers in conjunction with the table-booking app. With this partnership, not only will you get a free subscription to the service, but you will also be able to use Dineout Pay to receive discounts on dining out.

    • Dineout App can be downloaded through the app store or the Google Play store.
    • Log in or create an account to use the app.
    • Scroll down to the “Best Offers” area on the homepage and touch on the HDFC Bank Offer banner.
    • Users who have previously registered will be taken to the Dining Privileges Page. For the program, new users must register and verify their credit cards. You will be routed to the Dining Privileges Page after your credit card has been validated.
    • In the Dineout Passport section, enter the Promo code from the SMS / Email.
    • Yay! The activation of your membership has been completed. Take advantage of the benefits of your Dineout Passport membership.

    To claim the HDFC Smartbuy Dineout membership – Click here

    A discount of up to 30% is available

    Select a restaurant – Dine-In Pay the bill using your HDFC Bank Credit Card via Dineout Pay (in-app payment) and receive additional discounts.

    Dineout Passport Membership Free

    • Unconditional Eligibility- One-Time Use of the Dine Out App Registration
    • Take advantage of the membership.
    • Eligibility based on a campaign – Dine out App -> One-time Registration
    • HDFC Bank is running a win-variant-based quarterly spending campaign.
    • HDFC Bank will provide you with a code.
    • Take advantage of the membership.

    Dineout FAQs

    Ans: No, the Dineout passport has not been discontinued.

    Ans: Among the features of the Dineout Passport are an assured 25% Off on every meal, a 1+1 on buffets at 5 Star restaurants across the country, 10% Extra Promo Cash, exclusive access to curated culinary events, and no convenience fee. Start enjoying the ultimate dining club today.

    Ans: Paying with Dineout Pay and referring friends to the App earns you PromoCash. Whenever you top up MyCash Wallet, you earn an additional 5% PromoCash.

    Ans: This annual membership rewards you with free standard shipping and no service charges across the family of brands. 



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