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Amazon Upcoming Sale Dates & Offers You Must Avail
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    List Of Amazon Upcoming Sale – Details On Sale Dates & Offers Across Various Categories


    List Of Amazon Upcoming Sale - Details On Sale Dates & Offers...

    List Of Amazon Upcoming Sale – Details On Sale Dates & Offers Across Various Categories


    Amazon ships thousands of products every hour. People from all walks of life in India enjoy shopping on Amazon since it not only offers great bargains on a wide range of products but also delivers excellent customer care. Amazon India, being a popular e-commerce site, continues to entice its customers with a variety of bargains and offers. People who shop on Amazon want to stay up to speed on these offers since they offer enormous discounts and exciting deals that customers won’t be able to resist. There is always a need to learn more about any approaching Amazon upcoming sale so that you can cross items off your wishlist. This post is for you if you want to discover what Amazon has in store for you during its forthcoming deals. You’ll find a comprehensive list of Amazon upcoming sales here, allowing you to arrange your budget and wish list accordingly.

    Amazon Sale Today OfferUpdated Now (LIVE)

    When you are looking to buy your favorite products online, Amazon is the most preferred bet since they have developed a lot of reliability and trust within their markets. Also, they provide huge discounts on a regular basis so you must keep a lookout to get your favorite products at the best rate possible. Here are some of the best daily offers you must check out now.

    Women’s FashionUp to 60% Off trending stylesBuy now
    Women’s AccessoriesMeg savings with 70% & more discountBuy now
    Men’s FashionGet up to 70%-80% discountBuy now
    Mens AccessoriesUpto 60% off on watches and smartwatchesBuy now
    Kids FashionGrab up to 60% OffBuy now
    ElectronicsAvail of up to 70% discount on Appliances & moreBuy now
    MobilesUp to 50% Off on Mobile & AccessoriesBuy now
    PCs and MoreSave up to 70% or more on your purchaseBuy now
    Home & KitchenDiscount of up to 60% Off or moreBuy now
    BooksGet up to 50% OffBuy now

    Amazon Ugadi Sale 2022

    Amazon on UGADI provides additional discounts for clothes, electronics, and jewelry. Receive incredible discounts up to 50% for clothes, 60% on smartphones, 50% on laptops and more. In addition, it provides amazing exchange incentives on laptops, mobile phones, V.V. Use Amazon Bank’s partners to pay transactions such as HDFC, ICICI, bank axis, V.V. To get discounts and provide more. Ugadi, festival of fun, color and hope. Amazon Ugadi offers and suggests that this festival is more satisfied with the new collections. Roll through everything to learn more about Amazon’s Ugadi sales day and much more interesting facts about Amazon Ugadi’s incentives.

    • Dates: March 30th – April 3rd, 2022
    • Home appliances and electronics at up to 60%-70% Off.
    • Fashion products are at a discount of up to 50% off.

    Amazon Great Republic Day Sale

    Every year on January 26th, India celebrates Republic Day. Republic Day is an important day for every Indian, and it is commemorated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm across India. With their Republic Day sale, Amazon India pays tribute to this national holiday. The best and latest cellphones may be acquired at a discount of up to 40% during the Great Republic Day sale. In addition, electronic devices and kitchen appliances are available for up to 70% off. Furthermore, consumers can get great bargains on everyday necessities as well as designer items.

    • Expected Dates: 17th January-20th January 2022.
    • Enjoy four days of nonstop savings.
    • Take advantage of fantastic discounts on the latest smartphones and electrical devices.
    • Kitchen goods are up to 70% discount.
    • Men and women’s ethnic attire can be purchased at up to a 65% discount.

    Amazon Valentine’s Day Sale

    Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your love and affection for your loved ones by surprising them. And the Amazon Valentine’s Day deal is your one-stop shop for all of these requirements. Whether you want to demonstrate your love for your significant other, cherish your parents, or surprise your closest friend, the Amazon Valentine’s Day sale has all the things you need. Clothing for men and women can be purchased at a 40% discount during the Amazon Valentine’s Day sale. Branded jewelry can be purchased for up to 60% off, and a combination of gifts can be purchased for up to 30% off. Furthermore, consumers can save money on electronic devices such as cameras, cellphones, audio systems, and other such items.

    • Expected Dates: 11th February-14th February 2022.
    • Purchase branded jewellery and save up to 60%.
    • Save 40% on earphones and headphones when you buy them together.
    • Save up to 30% when you buy a package of presents.
    • Chances to win special gifts when you buy from the Valentine’s Day sale

    List of Amazon Upcoming Sales 2022

    The list below mentions all the latest and upcoming deal dates that are a must to avail of exciting offers so that you can save on your purchase across all categories.

    Amazon Upcoming SalesDates (Expected)
    Amazon Christmas sale21st-25th December 2022
    Amazon End of Year Sale 28th-31st December 2022
    Amazon Lohri and Makar sankranti sale1st-3rd January 2022
    Amazon Republic Day Sale17th-20th January 2022
    Amazon Valentine’s Day Sale11th-14th February 2022
    Amazon Great India Summer Sale4th-7th March 2022
    Amazon Holi Sale5th-12th March 2022
    Amazon Baisakhi Sale12th-14th April 2022
    Amazon Mothers Day Sale12th May 2022
    Amazon Fathers Day Sale16th June 2022
    Amazon Prime Day Sale26th-27th July 2022
    Amazon Friendship Day Sale3rd-4th August 2022
    Amazon Independence day And Raksha Bandhan Sale9th-12th August 2022
    Amazon Janmashtami Sale17th August 2022
    Amazon Great India Festival4th-8th September 2022
    Amazon Dussehra Sale8th October 2022
    Amazon Diwali Sale28th October 2022
    Amazon Black Friday Sale22nd-25th November 2022

    Amazon Super Saver Weekends

    Weekends have just got better with Amazon super saver weekends. Get amazing discounts on fashion every weekend with deals on all categories including men’s and women’s footwear, accessories, backpacks, and more.

    • Footwear and accessories start at Rs 199.
    • Upto 70% off on watches & sunglasses
    • Great deals of up to 80% Off on footwear men & women

    Amazon Lohri And Makar Sankranti Sale

    Harvest celebrations such as Lohri and Makar Sankranti are observed throughout India. Folk songs are sung, bonfires are lit, and regional Indian delicacies are consumed to commemorate these holidays. The festivals of Lohri and Makar Sankranti, like any other in India, call for shopping. And Amazon’s Lohri and Makar Sankranti offer is here to meet all of your seasonal requirements. Because this is Amazon’s first sale of the year, shoppers may take advantage of a number of tempting deals on a wide range of products. Additionally, the deal offers consumers to save money on Lohri basics like idols and gifts. Decorative items, clocks, artworks, fake flora, candleholders, and much more are all discounted during this sale on Amazon. Shirts, t-shirts, pants, polo shirts, trousers, skirts, and more are all on sale at Amazon’s clothes area.

    • Expected Dates: 12th January-15th January 2022.
    • Home decor items can be purchased at up to 80% discount.
    • Get up to 60% savings on apparel from well-known brands.
    • Hundreds of handpicked trends are included in the sale.
    • Additional discounts are available on a limited number of bank cards Like Axis and ICICI.

    Amazon Great India Summer Sale

    Summer is one of India’s four primary seasons. With the approach of summer, many of us will need to update our wardrobes and install new cooling devices. And Amazon is correct on this. The e-commerce behemoth hosts the Great Indian Summer Sale, which features enticing offers and discounts on a variety of summer goods. This Amazon Upcoming Sale is a great way to refresh your summer clothing and give it a fresh look. Due to the large savings offered, the sale is also a wonderful time to invest in summer products such as air conditioners and cooling gadgets.

    • Expected Dates: 4th March-7th March 2022.
    • Get up to 70% savings on air conditioners and coolers.
    • With up to a 65% discount, you can spruce up your summer wardrobe.
    • You may save up to 70% on all types of electronics.
    • Select bank cards come with a bonus discount.
    • DID YOU KNOW: More than 75% people around the world shop online at least once a month.

    Amazon Holi Sale 2022

    Holi is the festival of joy, colors, and togetherness, also known as the “Festival of Colors” and the “Festival of Spring.” Because the Holi celebration is so significant in our country, Amazon India offers some of the best bargains and discounts during its Holi sale. Buyers may save up to 30% on appliances including TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, and more during the Amazon Holi sale. Hair and skincare products from some of the greatest brands on the market are also available at discounted prices during the sale.

    • Expected Dates: 5th March-12th March 2022.
    • You may save up to 60% on herbal gulal and other hues.
    • Holi basics like pichkaris and water balloons are up to 45 percent off.
    • TVs and home appliances are on sale at incredible prices.
    • Take advantage of up to a 50% discount on Holi clothes.
    • Get up to a 30% discount on all major smartphones.

    Amazon Baisakhi Sale

    The Sikh New Year’s Day is Baisakhi, pronounced Vaisakhi. Sikhs and Hindus around the country celebrate Baisakhi as a spring harvest celebration. Baisakhi is a significant occasion in numerous areas of India, and Amazon’s Baisakhi sale provides a fantastic opportunity for consumers to cross goods off their wishlist. Throughout the day, shoppers will be able to obtain great savings on festival staples, ethnic clothes, and other products. Home equipment such as air conditioners, home/office cooling units, smoothie makers, mixer grinders, and more are also eligible for further savings.

    • Expected Dates: 12th April-14th April 2022.
    • Get up to 70% savings on new air conditioners and coolers.
    • Take advantage of fantastic discounts on ethnic apparel and other fashion accessories.
    • Ceiling, table, and pedestal fans are all up to 60% off.
    • Water purifiers are available at up to 40% off.

    Amazon Mother’s Day Sale

    Every person celebrates Mother’s Day in their own unique way. People can be diplomatic about it, but their mothers are generally closer to them. And, of course, Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when you may express your affection for your mother. As a result, Amazon is ready to assist you by providing some of the biggest deals on presents for women. During that time, a number of excellent smartphones were on sale.

    • Expected Date:12th May 2022
    • Up to 50% Off On all women Fashion Products.
    • Users Can get Up to 20 % Off On All Women Makeup and Fashion On All Accessories.
    List Of Amazon Upcoming Sale

    Amazon Father’s Day Sale

    Make the man in your life feel special this Father’s Day with the help of Amazon. Men’s Apparel, Watches, Perfumes, Wallets, and much more will be heavily discounted on Amazon. In other categories, the discount of up to 70% or more. Furthermore, you will be able to choose from a wide range of high-quality brands.

    • Expected Date: 16th June 2022.
    • Get up to 40% off on all men’s Accessories like wallets, belts, perfume etc.
    • Users can Get upto 65% off on all Mens Fashion Products.

    Amazon Prime Day Sale

    All Prime Members will receive incredible deals during the Amazon Prime Day Sale. The Prime Day Sale is a warm-up for the upcoming monsoon season. The product variety that will be available for purchase will be extensive. Over the assortments, there will be a huge reduction in prices. Shoes may be purchased for up to 80% off during the Amazon Prime Day sale, and kitchen and dining equipment can be purchased for up to 45% off. Another benefit of this sale is that it provides excellent EMI alternatives, such as credit card EMI, debit card EMI, and no-cost EMI.

    • Expected Dates: 26th July-27th July 2022.
    • Delivery is both free and quick.
    • Millions of music without ads
    • Blockbusters from Bollywood and Hollywood, both new and old.
    • Deals and offers that are only available to you
    • Obtain an unlimited number of 5% reward points.
    • Up to 45 percent of kitchen and dining products are made in China.
    • Get up to a 45 % discount on cell phones and inexpensive computers.

    Amazon Friendship Sale

    This is the month with the biggest celebrations for Amazon to handle. We cannot select our family, but we can always choose our friends. Our peers are the key to releasing all of our stress. The closest person to your secret is a friend. Friendships are always present, whether in heaven or hell. As a result, to make the most of the day and make your friend feel special, he or she is taking advantage of the finest Amazon deals. The Amazon FriendShip Sale will feature several discounts and high-quality products. As a result, give whatever you want to your friend without worrying about how much it will cost you.

    • Expected Dates: 3rd August-4th August 2022.
    • Gift your friend his/her best chocolate at a discount price of upto 20%.
    • Shirts and jeans at upto 50% off.

    Amazon Independence Day And Raksha Bandhan Sale

    The Amazon Independence Day Sale and the Raksha Bandhan Sale are two of the most popular ones among the Amazon Upcoming Sale. At the sale, there will be reductions of up to 40% off. There is also more bank cashback offers available. In India, August is a month of celebrations. The holiday of Raksha Bandhan, as well as Independence Day, both fall in August. During August, Amazon will have a fantastic Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan deal. You may save up to 50% on cameras and camera accessories, and up to 70% on health and beauty products during this deal. Also available to buyers on a restricted budget are credit card EMI, debit card EMI, and no-cost EMI alternatives.

    • Expected Dates: 9th August-12th August 2022.
    • Rakhis and gift baskets are discounted up to 70%.
    • A large range of one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones is available.
    • Electronics and cellphones are discounted up to 45%.
    • On some bank cards, you can get a 10% discount right away.
    • Exciting deals and no-interest EMIs

    Amazon Janmashtami Sale

    The birth of Lord Krishna is commemorated on Janmashtami. He is a significant divinity, and the celebration is significant. It is just another method in which we commemorate the triumph of good over evil. In our culture, Janmashtami is extremely important. People frequently visit Mathura to see Lord Krishna’s birth. It’s very likely that you’ll be holding a sale on this day. Most of the products sold on the internet are likely to be subjected to offers.

    • Expected Date: 17th August 2022
    • Up to 75% discount on all sweets category
    • Users can get up to 20% off on all products just under the Amazon Janmashtami sale.

    Amazon Great India Festival

    Have you heard of the term “pre-party”? While it is a made-up term, this sale is not. Yes, you are preparing for all of the upcoming amazing sales that you will be able to take advantage of the following month. Everyone will benefit from the Amazon Great Indian Festival, which offers enormous savings across a wide range of products. It will be a moment when everyone will profit from the wonderful offerings.

    • Expected Dates: 4th September-8th September 2022
    • Up to 90% off the whole sitewide.
    • Up to 60% off on all fashion and electronic gadgets.

    Amazon Dussehra Sale

    India is known for its festivities. It is one of the few countries where a variety of festivals are held throughout the year. As a result, another month has arrived in which you will be able to attend not one, not two, but three events. The festival of Dussehra commemorates Lord Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana. Although we’re talking about discounts first, your month is off to a wonderful start with a lot of great deals. You will be eligible for the discount in all of the greatest categories.

    • Expected Date: The most likely date for the sale is 8th October 2022.
    • Up to 50% off on All Kids Clothing.
    • Up to 70% off on All Kids Cosmic Dresses.
    • Users can get Discounts up to Rs. 1000 On all Products.
    • DID YOU KNOW: An estimate of 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to purchase goods online. 

    Amazon Diwali Sale

    Diwali is the season when we shop with our hearts wide open. Purchasing new drapes, home decor, clothing, electronics, and other items. All of this, though, maybe very costly for our wallets. As a result, Amazon is one service that comes to your rescue every year, sweeping you off your feet with incredible bargains. The Amazon Diwali sale is expected to provide savings of up to 80% on a variety of other discounts and incentives.

    • Expected Date: Expected to begin on 28th October 2022.
    • All women’s clothes and home goods are discounted up to 90%.
    • On the Axis Bank Credit Card, you can get up to 10% cashback.

    Amazon Black Friday Sale

    In the United States, Black Friday refers to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. Since the early 2000s, it has been one of the busiest shopping days in the United States. Many offline and online businesses offer deep discounts on a selection of products from top worldwide brands on Black Friday. This is true of Amazon India as well. During the four-day Black Friday sale, enormous discounts and deals are available on a variety of products. Clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, and much more are all discounted here.

    • Expected Dates: 22nd November-25th November 2022.
    • Clothing and trendy accessories are discounted up to 70%.
    • Purchase a computer and accessories and save up to 70%.
    • Purchase a smartphone for a fraction of the price.
    • Additional discounts are available on some bank cards.

    Live Tonight: Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale

    Amazon wardrobe sales begin with amazing sales and offers that look so tempting especially in this month of this December. Amazon brings in hand-picked products latest clothes and accessories that drive you an amazing shopping experience. The special offers and deals are starting from 18th December to 22nd December. If you want to refresh your wardrobe, this is the greatest chance on Amazon Wardrobe refresh sale 2022. You can get deals on items like clothing, accessories, watches, shoes and much more.

    • Dates: 18th to 22nd December
    • Up to 80% off on footwear, clothing, bags and wallets
    • Up to 70% off on home furnishing
    • Earlier access to prime membership
    • Free and instant delivery
    • Get additional cashback on bank payments

    Amazon Christmas Sale

    Millions of Christians in India and around the world celebrate Christmas, an annual event remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. Buying gifts for your loved ones, relatives, and friends is a tradition associated with the Christmas holiday. Also, Christmas is a season when many individuals buy new decorations for their homes. And, as you might expect, Amazon’s Christmas offer caters to these demands. Offers on Christmas goods and gift hampers are also available during this sale, which you may purchase for yourself and your loved ones. Additional benefits can be obtained in addition to these discounts and offers by utilizing certain bank cards and coupons that you may have received before from Amazon.

    • Expected Dates: 21th December- 25th December 2022.
    • Up to 70% off winter apparel and stylish items are available.
    • 60% off Christmas decorations and goodieshttps://couponswala.com/amazonpay-offers
    • Discounts of up to 45%are available on a variety of home appliances.
    • Purchase beauty and health care products at amazingly low prices.

    Amazon End Of Year Sale

    The Year-End Sale is one of the most anticipated among the Amazon Upcoming Sales of the year. Buyers may stock up on basics for their New Year’s Eve celebrations and browse for New Year’s gifts during Amazon’s Year-End sale. You have the option to give the upcoming season a fresh start with this sale. The Amazon Year End Sale 2022 is planned to take place between December 28 and December 31, 2022. Because this is the year’s final and most important sale, you can expect a minimum 40% discount on all products across all categories over the course of four days. Buyers may get large discounts on winter attire from the greatest clothing brands on the market during this sale. Deals and discounts on heating systems and winter appliances are also available to keep you warm. You can also get great deals on accessories, leisure items, fashion apparel, and more.

    • Expected Dates: 28th December-31th December 2022.
    • Get a least 40% discount on all categories of merchandise.
    • Puma, UCB, and Fastrack are among the best lifestyle accessory brands available.
    • Wardrobe is on sale for men, women, and even children.


    During these sales, Amazon, of course, offers, discounts, and enticing deals. The e-commerce portal offers the finest bargains on all product categories, whether it’s festive sales or seasonal sales. You can cross goods off your wishlist with Amazon discounts, and at astonishingly low costs. Along with these fantastic deals and discounts, Amazon also gives additional discounts on total purchases made during each Amazon sale. When you pay using certain banks, debit cards, credit cards, and other methods, you can get additional discounts of up to 10%. Using the Amazon Pay function will get you even more savings.


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