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    AbhiBus Diwali Offer: Exclusive Deals on Bus Travel – Light Up Your Journey

    January 9, 2024
    abhibus diwali offers

    Traveling is one kind of therapy for most people (and a nightmare for others, but let’s not go there). Every friends or family trip that has ever happened with fun people, begins right after you step outside your house. Doesn’t matter if you’ve reached your destination or not, you have to have fun. But for this, the trips need to be perfectly planned. Meaning, that a little delay is fun and all but having to spend hours waiting on something at the vacation spot, that could’ve been avoided with proper planning is just annoying. Abhibus is a booking app to plan your Bus journeys easily. We’re going to discuss ahead about the Abhibus Diwali Offers.

    Abhibus APSRTC booking Diwali offer

    Abhibus is a very reliable app when it comes to booking bus tickets, along with your preferred seats as well. Abhibus also allows you to book bus tickets for the APSRTC. The APSRTC is the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. Getting to book these tickets easily through an app along with knowing the right schedule for these buses is a dream come true for people who have stood and waited for buses to arrive without even knowing about the schedules. Check out the Abhibus APSRTC Booking Diwali Offer for impressive deals on APSRTC Bus bookings.

    TSRTC Abhibus Diwali offer

    Abhibus offers bus ticket bookings for bus transport run by the TSRTC i.e. the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation. You can avail of up to Rs.300 cashback on your booking with the TSRTC Abhibus Diwali Offer that is available during the Abhibus Diwali Offer. The offer is available on the Abhibus app which you can download from the Play Store or App Store. Do check out the offer to be able to avail discounts for future trips.

    MSRTC Abhibus Diwali Offer

    Abhibus offers bus bookings for many state-owned bus transportation as well as allows you to choose from multiple seats and buses. Abhibus also offers bus bookings for the MSRTC, which is the bus transportation owned by the state of Maharashtra i.e. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation. In contrast to the popular opinion that buses are unreliable and bus trips are rather uncomfortable, when taken the right one, a bus trip is one that you can find the most comfortable as well as fun.

    UPSRTC Abhibus Diwali Offer

    If you don’t believe me, you must try for yourself, that a trip involving a bus ride to the location is truly refreshing and a very fun one and if you’re accompanied by your friends and family, there’s no doubt about it. Abhibus Diwali Offer also has bus booking options for the UPSRTC which is the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation under UPSRTC Abhibus Diwali Offer. Abhibus allows you to relax and enjoy your trip while it takes care of the scheduling and planning. This is truly needed when you’re the only one planning and responsible for everyone.


    Q1. Is there any Diwali offer for APSRTC bus booking?

    Ans:- Abhibus offers plenty of Diwali Offers to choose from. If you’re looking to book an APSRTC Bus ticket, you can avail massive discounts, including cashback. You can avail of up to Rs.300 cashback while booking a ticket via Abhibus during the Abhibus Diwali Offers.

    Q2. Does Abhibus offer a bank discount on Diwali booking?

    Ans:- You can avail of various bank offers and discounts while booking on the Abhibus App. You can avail extra discounts on bookings using your credit and debit cards from banks like SBI, ICICI, etc.


    While there are way too many apps and services offering to plan your Bus booking trip for you, Abhibus stands to be one of the top ones. Even a rookie could make a booking through the app due to the easy language and layout. Moreover, there are plenty of discounts and bank offers you can choose from to make your bus trip a little less heavy on the pocket. 



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