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    Yulu Bike Price And Rental Charges | Find All Details To Book Now

    February 7, 2024
    yulu price and rental

    Key Takeaways

    • Rental Pricing: Outlines Yulu bike’s rental charges, including per-minute and daily rates.
    • Discount Offers: Provides information on available discount codes for reduced rental costs.
    • Usage Tips: Offers guidance on how to use Yulu bikes efficiently and save money.

    The Yulu Miracle is an electric bike designed to get around the city. It’s a small, battery-powered electric bike that’s ideal for short-distance commuting. It has a comfy seat and is suitable for both men and women. Yulu Miracle is a dockless electric bike that comes equipped with state-of-the-art IoT technology. One of the best things about this E-Bike is that it is very cost-effective. In this article, riders can view Yulu bike price and rental charges.

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    Yulu Bike Rental Charges

    The Yulu miracle bike price and rental price are standard and affordable making it easy to commute through the city if you are not a fan of public transport. No drivers license is required to ride on a Yulu. However, a security deposit of Rs. 199 is required to access Yulu’s Miracle bike. The Yulu cycle price is a base fare of Rs. 5, which is a fixed fee, after which you will be charged Rs. 2.50 per minute. The Yulu Miracle bike’s fee is based on time rather than distance, you can travel as far as you want without worrying about the rent. So make the best use of Yulu bike rent price which is on the lower end.

    You can pause a Yulu Miracle bike ride by tapping the pause button and selecting the amount of time you want to pause. Miracle pause charges are up to a maximum of Rs. 90 between 6 pm and 10 am. The normal pause rates are Rs. 0.50 per minute.

    You can check your account balance at any moment in your profile. Your wallet balance can only be used to pay for your ride. The balance is non-refundable and non-transferable and has no expiration date.

    You can use the app to request a refund of your Security Deposit. To access the Top-Up screen in the app, tap the Wallet Balance card. To begin the refund procedure, click ‘Refund’ on the Top-Up screen. The return process takes 7-14 working days.

    yulu bike rental charges
    yulu bike rental charges

    Yulu Bike Price For 1 Hour

    The Yulu Miracle is an electric bicycle used to cover short distances within the city. The Miracle bike charges are based on time and not distance so the Yulu bikes price per km is not available. With a base fare of Rs. 5 and Rs. 2.50 per minute as standard, whether you are stuck in traffic, parked, or travelling at 25 kmph ( top speed of Yulu Miracle ) you will be charged with Rs. 125 for an hour of using the bike. Charting a route before leaving is advised to make the most of the Rs. 125 charge for 1 hour.

    Yulu Bike Price Per Minute

    As mentioned above, the Yulu Miracle bike is charged based on time and not the distance you have covered. So with a speed of 25 kmph you cover 0.416667 kilometres or in other words, 400 meters in one minute and will be charged Rs. 2.50 along with the base fare of Rs. 5.

    Yulu Bike Price for 1 Day

    You can rent a Yulu Miracle bike for a day and not worry about being charged hefty amounts based on time. You can choose the number of days you want to rent the bike for with the simple UI that is provided. All the details about the single-day Yulu charges are mentioned below.

    • If you are renting the bike For 1 day, Miracle charges Rs. 299 per day.
    • The number of days x Rs. 299 + Extra GST is how your daily rental will be calculated.
    • Miracle users can mostly swap the bikes for free and don’t need to swap the batteries.

    Yulu Bike Monthly Rent

    There is no monthly rental per se. The longest you can book is Yulu Dex for up to 30 days. The Yulu bikes price per month calculation is mentioned above, under the ‘Yulu Bike price for 1-day’ title. With the number of days and the everyday charge + the extra GST, the overall price comes up to Rs. 2775. If you are a daily commuter who wants to save money but dislike public transport then the monthly rental might help you save a ton of money.

    “Happiness is a way of travel not a destination”

    Yulu Miracle Bike Price

    The above-mentioned categories mention the prices with regards to distance, time and number of days. If you are still unclear as to how the prices work or which plan you want to undertake to start commuting with the Miracle bike, the below details might be of help.

    • A base fare of Rs. 5 is charged upon unlocking the bike and a fare of Rs. 2.50 is charged per minute till you end the ride.
    • The rental term is for 1 day then you will be charged Rs. 299 + GST per day.

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    Yulu Bike Near Me Rental

    You need to use the Yulu app to locate a Yulu Zone near you. You’ll see a map screen that displays all available Yulu rides in your vicinity. Zoom out to search a larger area if you don’t see any vehicle symbols on the map.

    To pause a ride, simply press Pause on the app and choose the amount of time you want to pause for, finish your job and press Resume to resume riding. The cycle is reserved for you when in Pause mode, and no one else is permitted to use it. Between 6:00 pm and 10:00 am, there is a maximum pause charge of Rs. 30 for Move and Rs. 90 for Miracle. During this time, the user is solely responsible for the bike’s safety.

    Before you begin your journey under Yulu, see if there is a Yulu zone near your goal. In the Yulu app, the zones are displayed on the map.

    Check for the nearest Yulu zone to end a ride on the Yulu app. Park your vehicle in the Yulu Zone. To effectively end your ride, use the End Button in your app.

    Yulu Bike Discount Code

    Yulu is very cheap and provides the best service but a little discount never hurts, right? New users can get a 30% discount up to Rs. 1500 free ride for 30 days. This offer is valid only once per user. Each day the user can get a maximum discount of Rs 50. The coupon code for this is NEW1500.

    You can also get a Yulu referral advantage. You can earn e-cash Rs. 40 on each successful referral you bring and your friend can get an e-cash of Rs. 20. For that, you need to provide your referral link to your friends and family to avail of this offer.


    Travelling within the city has never been easier. The Yulu app provides users with the ability to travel within the city the way they want to. Use the Yulu app to rent your preferred mode of transport for the duration you want and travel to your heart’s content at your own pace.



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