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    New Year Celebration India | Check Out 33 Top Party Destinations

    January 9, 2024
    New Year Party Places in India

    India is a country renowned for celebrations. Beautiful lights, vibrant people and partying mood never goes out of sight here. And what better day for celebration than New Year? Dancing all night to grooving numbers with your favorite people all night long is one of the best things about these celebrations. Party hard to your heart’s consent in your favorite places or in the most happening places in the country to keep the night young as long as you want. Here is something that can help you find the best parties in the country. A delicately made list of the best New Year celebration India is awaiting you. Scroll down for the awe-inspiring places. 

    New Year Party Delhi

    • Starts at Rs.2,000 and above.
    • Party details are available for parties in Chandni Chowk, Hauz Khas, Shanti Niketan, and many more.

    You can experience the best time of your life at the New Year Party Delhi. In this competitive world, you don’t have time for yourself, so you have to make time for yourself. Get to the most happening parties in Delhi that are set to come to light at night. Delhi becomes the capital of pubs and bars on New Year’s Eve. Walking down the streets of Delhi will give a freezing experience of the city’s view. You celebrate your new year with various themed parties around the city. Bright colorful fireworks wait for you in the capital city. With the end of 31st December, you have to welcome the new day of the year with happiness and love. So don’t miss the chance to celebrate. 

    New Year Eve Hyderabad

    • Book your tickets now from 799 Onwards.
    • Party details are available for parties in Kondapur, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, and many more.

    New Year Eve Hyderabad can be one of the best nights in your life. With all the stunning parties popping up all over the city, you have plenty of options to celebrate New Year in Hyderabad. Explore all the amazing ones and jump to the party that you can’t get out of your mind. The New Year Celebration in India is going to hit you differently this time around the city of pearls. The wildest dreams are coming true this time. Make sure you book yours beforehand to the best parties in the town. 

    New Year Party Bangalore

    • Book your tickets now at Rs.399 and above.
    • Party details are available for parties in BTM Layout, Koramangala, HSR Layout, and many more.

    A New Year party night in Bangalore will give you memories to remember for a lifetime. These New year parties add charm and spice to the story of your life. It gets more stunning and exciting each year. Take your girl, hold her tight, look into her eyes, and party all night with her to have the perfect start to the year. This is perfection. And this is why you gotta hurry and get your New Year party Bangalore tickets before it’s too late. Magic and madness await you here to make you jump in joy from dusk till dawn.

    New Year Party Chennai

    • Get your party started from 499 onwards.
    • Party details are available for parties in Nungambakam, Anna Nagar, ECR, and many more. 

    The night will always be young for you every time you get to New Year Party Chennai. You get in love with all the fabulous things you get to see in the city on New Year’s Eve. The city will be fuming up with electrifying parties that go on non-stop till morning. Something new and amazing always awaits at the New Year parties in Chennai. Feel the love in the air and party your heart out all night at the most happening parties in the city. You can find some of the best New Year parties in Chennai here.

    New Year Party Mumbai

    • Price starts at Rs.2,999 and above.
    • Party details are available for parties in Juhu, Bandra West, near Marine Drive, and many more.

    You’ll never be alone on New Year’s night in Mumbai. The numerous parties that pop up will keep you awake all night. You just can’t stop partying in the city of dreams on New Year’s Eve this time. A lifetime memory of blissful events is waiting for you. Get to explore the vast variety of parties that are being conducted in the city on New Year’s Eve. Getting into the right one will for sure give you the best start to the year. So go through all the amazing New Year party Mumbai now for a joyous night. 

    New Year Party Kolkata

    • Free entries.
    • Party details are available for parties in Chowringhee, Maidan, Salt Lake, and many more. 

    Party hard from dusk till dawn to the energetic beats of talented DJs at New Year Party Kolkata. This will give you a different New Year Celebration India feeling. You’ll remember these parties for a long long time. Get your friends and families together and head to the most happening party in Kolkata for the perfect start to the year. Dancing in the lights with your loved ones will be a memory to be cherished forever. Get down here to create more beautiful ones now. 

    New Year Party Lucknow

    • Get your tickets now at 399 onwards. 
    • Party details are available for parties in Gomti Nagar, Indira Nagar, Aminabad, and many more. 

    Get yourself to the New Year party Lucknow for an ideal start to the year. Enjoy new beginnings in this beautiful city in the best way possible by going to the best parties in the town. There are many places you can go for celebrations that are ideal for family and kids too. A family New Year party is something special that can be held close to your heart. So, explore all the amazing parties that are being held in the town and choose the best one for you, your friends, and your family. 

    New Year Party Pune

    • Starting at Rs 650/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Hinjawadi, Pimpri Chinchwad, Kalyani Nagar, and many more.

    Get your pretty selves to the best parties in the town for this New Year to set the dance floors on fire. Grooving music with trippy vibes all night long will make you fall in love with partying again. On this night your legs won’t rest until you want them to. And you will never want them to. The young and energetic blood of Pune will accompany you all through the night, making the night younger. Get your party tickets now to party your heart out on New Year’s Eve in Pune. 

    New Year Party in Chandigarh

    • Starting at Rs 1500/- 
    • Party details are available for parties in Sector 35, Sector 17, Sector 5, and many more. 

    It’s time to set your dance stage on fire. The New Year Celebration India is getting bigger and better as the years pass by. And when you are at a New Year party in Chandigarh, there can be nothing more stunning and beautiful. Celebrating the new beginning in one of the best-planned cities of the country with beautiful picturesque views can be euphoric. With so many parties popping up in the city for New Year, get your hands on some of the best party tickets for the best night. 

    New Year Party Noida

    • Starting at Rs 1000/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Sector Sector 44, Vasant Vihar, Race Course, and many more.

    Jump and shine into the New Year in style in Noida this time with so many parties popping up all over the city. Going yourself in the middle of these parties can leave you with the best New Year Party Noida experiences. Get to the parties with your loved ones, friends, and families for a celebration like never before. New Year always marks new beginnings. So get to these parties for better beginnings in the best way possible. 

    New Year Party in Raipur

    • Starting at Rs 1000/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Shankar Nagar, Kota, Moudhapara, and many more.

    The need to look for the best places to celebrate New Year in India is not necessary for the people of Raipur. The city of beautiful lakes and prominent beauty is ready to bring some everlasting smiles to your faces for the New Year. Get to the best New Year Party in Raipur for one of the best starts to a year of your life. Stunning party themes, booming music, and unlimited food and drinks all night long is the best thing about these parties. 

    New Year Party Gurgaon

    • Starting at Rs 1415/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Sector 29, MG Road, Palam vihar, and many more. 

    The Kingdom of Dreams is set to make your long-waiting dreams come true for the New Year with some amazing parties. The ideal modern city has made some futuristic goals with these parties to make your days more blissful. Now the idea of the New Year party Gurgaon is refined with stunning themes and blasting music. Partying and dancing to hit numbers all night long will leave you amazed and amazing. Dream big and party harder at these parties for the best times of your life. 

    New Year Party Amritsar

    • Starting at Rs 1500/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Puda Colony, Ranjit Avenue, Mall Road, and many more.

    Amritsar is not only famous for the golden temple but it’s well known for its partying culture. New Year party Amritsar is full of cultural beliefs is an understatement. You can party and drink your way around here in Amritsar. To find your inner peace and visit the spiritual places of the city you can do it before dusk. After dusk, the time comes to party hard in the vibrant light of the stars. The pubs, clubs, and bars here vibe in a different way that makes you wanna stay a little more. Don’t miss the nightlife in Amritsar, book your ticket now. 

    New Year Party Trivandrum

    new year party trivandrum min
    • Starting at Rs 299/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Kowdiar, Perurkada, Kovalam beach, and many more. 

    Spending your New Year Party Trivandrum in backwaters and beaches is one of the best places to celebrate New Year in India. Relax on beaches with the sounds of waves arriving at your feet. Feel the salty air hit your face, and eat the sea foods at the best restaurants at Kovalam. Freeze the moment of your life and cherish the moments forever. Trivandrum is your getaway place from all the tension and metropolitan noise. The energy given by the crowd at Kovalam beach on New Year’s night is equal to a concert. Come to the Evergreen City of India and welcome the evergreen New Year celebrations in style. 

    New Year Party Shimla

    • Starting at Rs 1500/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Sanjouli, Mall Road, Ellerslie Colony, and many more.

    Queen of Hills is the Queen of New year Parties of hill station too. The new year party Shimla is about to come within a week, so you need to plan to celebrate. Shimla makes your stay peaceful and satisfying. The hills are surrounded by green forest and pine forest which makes you fall in love with the hill. Every person needs a day in the year to relax, find peace in the morning sunrise and run away from the chaos of cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities. You have found the perfect spot to party under the twinkling light of the stars and wake up late in the mist. 

    New Year Party Mysore

    • Free entries. 
    • Party details are available for parties in JP Nagar, Vijayanagar, Doora, and many more. 

    New Year Party Mysore will get you in the mood for next year. Get into the most exciting parties in sandalwood city of India. Mysore is famous for its heritage sites and exquisite silk sarees. It is also famous for its own partying style, fireworks at midnight with imported booze, and international cuisines. On New year’s turn-up volume, the DJs are going to blast your eardrum in and out. Prepare yourself to hear your favorite artist’s music and crack up the dance floor. Don’t miss your one-time opportunity to party wild. 

    New Year Parties in Vijayawada

    • Starting at Rs 2000/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Tadepalli, Benz Circle, Kanuru, and many more.

    Vijayawada is the second most populated city in Andhra Pradesh, it is the business capital of the state. New Year Parties in Vijayawada are into a new level of partying. Celebrations and parties are awaiting a new Year. Parties in Vijayawada are packed with fun, enjoyment, international liquors, and cuisines from all over the world. There are so many activities to do but very little time to do them. People just choose a group of things to do and enjoy to the fullest. For those who love to party, drink, and dance on the last day of the year, Vijayawada is the one-stop point. Never miss a chance to party. 

    New Year Party Goa

    • Starting at Rs 999/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Baga, Candolim, Anjuna, and many more.

    Jump into this city full of dreams to enjoy the paradise party. The only place where you can party to your wildest point and still find a person partying more than you. The sleepless streets, the jovial people, and the eye-on-the-eye landscapes make you feel trippy. Things always get interesting and hot every minute. New Year Party Goa is a must-try experience in your lifetime. Gives memories that you can think of until your world ends. There is a fantasy party that makes you go mad for the night, which is the city’s most attractive part of the celebration. Get on board with the best New Year party in Goa which makes your first day of the New Year more exciting.

    New Year Party Indore

    • Starting at Rs 599/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Vijayanagar, Regal Square, Palasia, Rajabada, and many more.

    Have your New Year Party Indore with loved ones, family, and friends. Street Food Capital of India is going to welcome you with stomach full filling items. A warm environment with booze and luxury dining in is the best place for a quiet new year. Celebrate your New year with the blast of colors in the sky at midnight. There is always something every traveler loves in the city of Indore. Never say no to partying on the last day of the year. Join your family, friends, and your loved ones and celebrate your New Year in the city that has everything. 

    New Year Party Vadodara

    • Starting at Rs 500/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Alkapuri, Bhayli, Waghodia Road, and many others.

    For people who seek adventures and fun at the same time, Your destination is Vadodara. Vadodara is called the city of arts but it is also called the city of parties. Your New Year Party Vadodara gives you a chance to be yourself without any restrictions. When you party in Vadodara you get an adrenaline rush that you will not forget in your lifetime. All the streets, pubs, and bars are packed with fun-loving, social people of the city. It is the perfect place for you to celebrate your new year. Don’t wait anymore, come and grab the tickets at Couponswala for fun-filling parties. 

    New Year Party Vizag

    • Starting at Rs 999/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Seethammadhara, Maddilapalem, MVP Colony, and many more.

    Vizag also known as Visakhapatnam is a leading industrial city of Andhra Pradesh that is strictly enriched with Indian culture and tradition. New year party Vizag is the most welcoming party place in India. Not only is the food here spicy and hot, but even the party culture and fashion also get spicier and hotter every day. Get high on rooftop resto bars surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. The city always has a lot to offer, explore and amuse you. The DJs of the city are going to set your shoes on fire, be ready to take up heat, and dance up.

    New Year Party in Kozhikode

    • Starting at Rs 3000/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Vellayil, Perumanna, Thondayad, and many more.

    Give a kick start to your new year. Knock on the door of the year with the New Year Party in Kozhikode. You live once, so you party hard while you can. Backwater kayaking, camping, tent stay, trekking, dolphin watching, and scuba diving keeps you busy and occupied until your celebration ends. This year ends with unlimited booze, fun, and food with limited amounts of money. A cute candlelight dinner at the shores of the beach is a romantic dinner that you can give your love for the new year. Make yourself free to attend the glittering celebration at Kozhikode. 

    New Year Party in Ranchi

    • Starting at Rs 599/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Sarjana Chowk, Doranda, Ratu Road, and many more.

    Ranchi welcomes you with much bigger and louder new year parties this New Year’s Eve. Is it even worth it if you come to the city of waterfalls and lakes and do not visit them? Certainly not. Don’t forget to put on your shimmering dresses and shiny footwear this season while wilding out at the New Year Party in Ranchi. With clubs and pubs filling the city you have no shortage of options to choose a place to party. You will definitely have a difficult time not having a good time at the end of the year. Visit the famous Surya (Sun) Temple by the day when the sun’s out and when the darkness ascends a sleepless night awaits you at Ranchi. 

    New Year Party Udaipur

    • Starting at Rs 2500/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Lake Pichola, Shobhagpura, Bhuwana, and many more.

    Tell this year a hearty goodbye by heading to the New Year Party Udaipur. Say your final words of the year in the dazzling spectacle at Udaipur’s no-bars-held parties of the country. Experiencing extravagance-filled royal palaces and artificial lakes will leave you dumbfounded and make you regret being single. Wanna have a quiet night with the family, here you can do that too. What you want is what you get at Udaipur. Want to party till the next day? You got it. Wanna have an elegant night with fine dining? Coming right up. Get your reservations now or you will regret it for years for missing out on the best night of the year.

    New Year Party in Nagpur

    • Starting at Rs 2500/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Manewada, Koradi Road, Dhantoli, and many more. 

    End this year in blazing glory by saying cheers to your loved ones at Nagpur’s lit-up places. Explore the pilgrimage site, Sitabuldi Fort situated in the Sitabuldi Hills, and a lot more during your stay. Being in a big city doesn’t just mean getting to experience horrifying traffic and a humongous population but also having countless choices including the choice to choose the right new year party place for you. Don’t worry too much about choosing the right place, whatever your preference and choice be, you are destined to have an amazing and fulfilling time in the winter capital of Maharashtra either way.

    New Year Party in Bhubaneswar

    • Free entries.
    • Party details are available for parties in  Patia, Satya Nagar, Jharapada, and many more. 

    Enriched in historical heritage, age old temples with beautiful authentic Hindu architecture, Bhubaneswar has always been a must visit tourist spot throughout the year across and out of the country. One of the best places to celebrate New Year in India is the New Year Party in Bhubaneswar. Expose your dance moves and your “funny version” at this year’s new year celebrations in the city. Enjoy the local cuisines with authentic explosive flavor and aftertaste that lasts in your mouth for a while. Get on the flight and head to Bhubaneswar immediately.

    New Year Party Jaipur

    • Starting at Rs 1000/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Jagatpura, Ashok Nagar, Malviya Nagar, and many more. 

    It’s time to let go of this bittersweet year and embrace the beginning of a new year and life at New Year Party Jaipur. Famously nicknamed the “pink city” for that’s the most prominent building color of the city, it gets undivided attention from people belonging to all 28 states in India thanks to its unreal royal residencies with lakes, gardens, courtyards and street grids. Get ready for dazzling dance floors and get drunk at clubs, discos with your friends and ready to meet people from all over the country from various states all gathered for one sole purpose – partying.

    New Year Party in Dehradun

    • Starting at Rs 1500/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Panditwari, Vasant Vihar, Rajpur Road, and many more. 

    Enjoy a beautiful ending of 12 months by sipping whiskey neat in the beautiful city of Dehradun. Surrounded by unimaginable scenery and popular hill stations it is an all-year buzzing city.

    Its all-year pleasant weather conditions make it one of the most sought tourist spots in the country. Attend a New Year Party in Dehradun and embrace the scenic beauty surrounding you. You will have no time to rest with so much to sightsee around the city this New Year Celebration India. With all-round positive vibes, it’s not called the city of love for no reason.

    New Year Party Ghaziabad

    • Starting at Rs 1000/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Indirapuram, Sahibabad, Vasundhara, and many more.

    Enjoy a wonderful day out by visiting ISKCON Temple Ghaziabad with your friends and family and a crazy night out with the New Year Party Ghaziabad. It is the largest and most popular city among residents of western Uttar Pradesh due to its close proximity with Delhi coupled with a good public transport system and other facilities. Encounter live performance, fireworks, DJ nights and much more in the city of Ghaziabad. With the most welcoming and friendly people you will ever meet, you get to meet people of different backgrounds to socialize with. 

    New Year Party Ludhiana

    • Starting at Rs 1000/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Gurdev Nagar, Pakhowal Road, Dugri, and many more.

    Referred to as the “Manchester of India” Ludhiana is the largest city in Punjab. Parties in Punjab are simply incomparable to the rest of India, especially Ludhiana. Put on your sparkling Tamba and Kurta and dance to National favorite Punjabi beats from various artists. With friendly, positive vibing local people who are eager to make your stay feel like home and crazy dance parties, you will simply be mesmerized. Polish your history knowledge by visiting the many museums in the city such as Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, and Punjab Rural Heritage Museum.

    New Year Party Ahmedabad

    • Starting at Rs 349/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  SS Highway, Vastrapur, Gota, and many more.

    Take a stroll along the Sabarmati Riverfront or the Kankaria Lake, your choice, for a romantic evening with your significant other before heading to the New Year Party Ahmedabad. There are a lot of places to visit in Ahmedabad that you will have to take your time to explore them all. Or if you are in a hurry, you will be better off booking a bus tour. All around great parties and wonderful settings with plentiful tasty food options are at your disposal for this New Year Celebration India. Get here to have a great yet sane New Year’s Eve.

    New Year Party Manali

    • Starting at Rs 999/-
    • Party details are available for parties in  Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Mall Road, and many more.

    Wanna have an adventurous and romance filled New Year’s Eve then New Year Party Manali is the place for you. The cold climate and snow-laden town makes you feel like you are in a different world altogether and its unlimited adventure opportunities are very much appreciated at this New Year Celebration India. Enjoy the DJ night, dance, campfires and more surrounded with unparalleled beauty. But if you really wanna get the most out of Manali, get in on a travel group and trek your way through valleys for an outdoor night adventure of a lifetime that is as cool as it can get.

    Gokarna New Year Party

    • Starting at Rs 499/-
    • Party details are available for parties in Dande Bagh, Kudle Beach, Paradise Beach, and many more. 

    Get your SPF sunscreens ready when heading to Gokarna New Year Party in the pristine beaches of the town. Experience the salt air and rusty outdoors in the day time and the glowing “blue-light” beaches by the night it is a party in its own right. Beach parties, cruise parties or both, you cannot go wrong with either one of your choices. The nightlife in Gokarna is extremely fun and inviting and less crowded than Goa and so you can get a tranquil environment.

    New Year Celebration India FAQs

    Ans:- This New Year’s no matter where you are, you are guaranteed to have one of the best nights of your life. But if you are looking for the finest celebrations here are a few places for you to checkout,

    • Goa
    • Bangalore
    • Mumbai
    • Chennai

    Ans:- If you are looking for the best places to celebrate New Year in India, you’ve come to the right place. Goa can be considered the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It shares a stunning coastline stretching along the Arabian Sea.

    Ans:- There are no shortages of places to celebrate New Year’s in South Indian cities. To have a blast with your friends head to the most happening places in your city.  

    • Chennai 
    • Bangalore
    • Trivandrum

    Ans:- Each and every city turns into a party place on New Year’s Eve. From beaches to mountains, the party gets going all night. Here are some of the best places in North India to celebrate the New Year. 

    • Manali 
    • Delhi
    • Chandigarh 
    • Nagpur

    Ans:- The capital city will go high on party mood on New Year’s Eve. With numerous parties popping up in the city for the night, you have plenty of options in your hand for the New Year party. And the best ways to celebrate is to go to the best parties in the town. Here are some of the best parties in New Delhi for you. 

    • Imperfecto Hauz Khas
    • Imperfecto Boutique
    • Majnu Ka Tilla
    • Molecule Air Bar

    Ans:-  The best way to welcome the New Year is by Partying. There are different types of party scenes available around India. Here are some unique party destinations in India for New Year’s that can make you feel amazing all night.

    • Goa 
    • Mumbai 
    • Bangalore 
    • Chennai 
    • Pune 


    From cool beach parties to trippy nights in your favorite pubs, New Year is all about partying. Sleepless nights with the best music are one of the best ways to party at the beginning of something new. To make things simple and easy for you, we have put together some of the best places you can party in your city on New Year’s Eve. Make use of these details to find out the best New Year celebration India. Start your happiest days at some of the most stunning parties in the country. 



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