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    Don’t Miss These Top 11 Celebration Spot For New Year Party Shimla 2024

    The New Year Party Shimla of 2024 is rapidly approaching, and now is the time to make preparations. Here’s an idea: spend the new year sprinting through the snow in Shimla lovely valleys. A new year’s celebration in Shimla will get you in the mood for the next year. Himachal Pradesh is known for its cold rivers, flower-covered meadows, and tall snow-capped summits. The breathtaking views of the Himalayas are a visual feast. Manali and Shimla are two of the best spots in Himachal to ring in the new year. Kasol is the place to be for individuals who enjoy trance music and spectacular events.

    Participate in one of these exciting new year parties in the mountains to kick off the new year. Shimla is bustling with tourists these days, as the town serves as a welcome respite for those who have been stuck at home for the duration of the lockdown. For those who enjoy traveling, seeing snowy vistas while surrounded by loved ones on New Year’s Eve is an unforgettable experience.

    1) The Five Dimensions Resort

    the five dimensions resort | new year party shimla
    the five dimensions resort 2
    • Price starts at Rs.1,500 and above
    • 31 December, 2:00 p.m onwards
    • katagala bridge, Katagala, Kasol, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 175105, India

    Get onboard with Kasol’s Biggest New year party at The Five Dimensions Resort on New year eve. PARVATI SHANGRI-LA FESTIVAL 2023-24 is one of the coolest parties in Kasol. Get yourself into a magical vibing mood with Psytrance Music and their mind-blowing DJs. Go to the magical dance floor with your pals on the 31st at midnight for the best night of the year. 

    2) Naldehra Hills

    naldehra hills | new year shimla
    naldehra hills
    • Tickets at Rs.1,500 and above
    • 31 December, 8:30 p.m onwards
    • The Naldehra Golf Course P.O. Durgapur, Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh 171007

    Free your Schedule for a couple of days for the most relaxing and breathtaking New year celebration-2024. The location is surrounded by green forest which makes the place ideal for people who like peaceful celebrations away from the crowd of the city. A complete Shimla’s new year package of adventure camping and water river rafting awaits for you in Naldehra hills. An unique experience is waiting for you this New year in Naldehra Hills.

    3) New Year Parties In Shimla

    new year parties in shimla | new year celebration in shimla
    new year parties in shimla
    • Book your tickets now at INR 4500/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 8:00 p.m onwards
    • Pabbar valley.

    Life cannot be boring if you know to party hard. Don’t binge watch and waste your New Year’s night. Instead, enjoy adventures, pub hopping, booze, clubbing, camping, house parties, roam on the streets and jump in the most extraordinary dinner cruises to watch the bright colorful fireworks in the freezing climate by looking at the sky. There are some jaw dropping events at Shimla that make your night one memorable moment for life. Enjoying your new year here is worth the wait. 

    4) 3rd Eye New Year Festival

    3rd eye new year festival | shimla new year packages
    3rd eye new year festival
    • Get your party started at INR 4500/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 9:00 p.m onwards
    • Kasol

    New year’s night is where people say goodbye to the past and welcome the future with dreams and love. The New year’s party in Shimla, especially in Kasol is refreshing and breathtakingly good for your life. In this fast moving world, you need a minute to freeze the moment, enjoy it and cherish it for life. Come to Kasol for the 3rd Eye New Year Festival for the most crazy New years events and end your 2023 with a burst of colors in the sky and imported liquor on hand. 

    5) New Year Celebration In Shimla

    new year celebration in shimla
    new year celebration in shimla
    • Price tag at INR 3500/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 7:30 p.m onwards
    • Shimla 

    You have to reconsider your way of partying after the New year’s party in Shimla. The hill station has bloomed into a heavenly place for couples, and people who are in search of peace, love, and adventure. It is the most happening hill town where you chill and enjoy as per your wish. Who doesn’t love the New year celebration in Shimla with booze on the most happening day of the year? Hop on and grab your tickets for the best party scenarios in Queen of Hilltowns.

    6) Parvati Magic (Psytrance)

    parvati magic psytrance | new year party shimla
    parvati magic psytrance
    • Grab your tickets at INR 4000/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 8:30 p.m onwards
    • Magical Parvati Valley ( Kasol – Kheerganga )

    Kasol, Shimla is a place that can be easily described as heaven on Earth. It is a trekking paradise surrounded by pine forest, mountain and green lands giving you the best views. It is a place where you build strong relationships with nature, the best way to start the new year. There is a unique combination where you can take a bath in a hot spring when the land is covered in snow.This is a place you never wanted to miss on the last day of the year so book your tickets fast in Parvati Magic(Psytrance) before it’s too late.  

    7) Himani Bar and Restaurant

    himani bar and restaurant | new year shimla
    himani bar and restaurant
    • Start your celebration at INR 1500/- Per Person.
    • 31 December, 8:00 p.m onwards
    • 453F+PFF, Stairs, Middle Bazar, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001. 1772652415

    Rooftop restaurants are the most romantic gesture ever. Sitting opposite of your loved ones, friends, family, enjoying your meal while you dine under stars will be a cute story to remember in life. This New year’s evening is one of the best times to make your own romantic dinner date story with your loved ones, wine and stars. Reserve the best seats in K-town now in Himani Bar and Restaurant. 

    8) Exclusive New Year Party At Shimla

    Exclusive New Year Party At Shimla
    • INR 4500/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 8:00 p.m onwards
    • Veg and Non Veg Unlimited Meals, a huge variety of Alcohols. Bonfire, Dj and Music Concert.

    Himalayan Trek Roots is back with their illustrious New Year party in a calm mystical venue in Himachal Pradesh’s offbeat Pubbar valley. Do you want to try something new in the New Year? Come here to witness the passing of time in the midst of a beautiful Pine forest, a chilling wind, and a warm bonfire. Come and enjoy a one-of-a-kind New Year’s Eve experience with us. On your route to Pabbar Valley, visit Kufri, Faggu, Kharapathar, and the old Hatkoti temple upon your arrival in Shimla. Check into your camp/guest house in the middle of nowhere, where you can watch beautiful nights.

    9) New Year Celebration In Shimla

    New Year Celebration In Shimla
    • INR 3500/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 7:30 p.m onwards
    • Unlimited food and beverages, DJ with Gala Dinner on New Year’s Eve.

    Shimla is without a doubt one of India’s top new year locations. Prepare to celebrate the New Year with strangers and wanderers at the New Year Party Shimla. Your lodging, food, and drinks, as well as music and decor, are all included in the package. It’s a lovely way to end your old life and start a new one in the mountains. You can go sightseeing throughout the day in addition to partying at night. Visit the river and spend a few moments in deep reflection, reflecting on the previous year and making new resolutions. Come be a part of Kasol’s most enchanting new year’s party and bid 2023 farewell.

    10) 3rd Eye New Year Festival

    3rd Eye New Year Festival
    • INR 4500/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 9:00 p.m onwards
    • A Lavish Buffet, soft drinks and unlimited starters.

    Are you looking for something unique and unforgettable to do on New Year’s Eve? The exciting 3rd Eye New Year 2024 Festival is without a doubt the greatest option. It is unlike any other night party in Himachal Pradesh. This event simply provides the finest in terms of amenities and experiences. The most popular place to party all night is Parvati Valley, which is nestled among the mesmerizing hills of Kasol. Put on your dance shoes and move your body to some fun music. Furthermore, unlimited drinks and vegetarian/non-vegetarian cuisine make this party well worth your time. You can also have some fun with your buddies by playing various games. Another advantage of attending the 3rd Eye New Year 2024 Festival is the luxurious accommodations.

    11) Parvati Magic (Psytrance)

    Parvati Magic (Psytrance)
    • INR 4000/- Onwards.
    • 31 December, 8:30 p.m onwards
    • A variety of delicious food.

    This year’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza in Himachal is another first. The eye-catching decors and live DJ performances allow the audience to share some special moments with their loved ones. This colorful celebration in the Parvati Magic show is well worth your valuable time. Gathering of psy music, art, and cultural feature let’s dance with magic and see you on the dance floor with love and smiles. It’s one of the most incredible ways to ring in the New Year Party Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, and start the year without stress.

    New Year Party Shimla FAQs

    Ans:- New year party packages in Shimla always surprise you. Adventurous Trekking and colorful nights are the highlights of Shimla. Here are some Best New year party packages in shimla.

    • Naldehra Hills
    • Parvati Magic(Psytrance) 
    • The Five Dimensions Resort

    Ans:- Shimla is a place surrounded by forest and Trees. Exploring places and capturing the rare moments of your life is always a blessing. Here are some places to celebrate New Year in Shimla. 

    • The Five Dimensions Resort
    • Parvati Magic (Psytrance)
    • Naldehra Hills
    • Himani Bar and Restaurant

    Ans:- Shimla is the best place for new year. Freezing climate,imported booze with adventurous events are found at this time of the year. The rare Gem of Hill towns is to get chill and enjoy.


    On New Year’s Eve in Shimla, ring in the year 2024 in the lap of the Himalayas at the Masquerade Party. Enjoy the breathtaking splendor of snow in one of Himachal Pradesh’s most popular locations for a new year’s party. Participate in various games and musical activities on the day of the major celebration, as well as DJ night, bonfire, divine night, and, of course, endless snacks, food, and drinks.


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