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    Netflix Watch Free | Details On The Various Methods To Get Free Subscriptions & More

    February 7, 2024

    Key Takeaways

    • Free Month Trial: Explains how new users can get a free month of Netflix.
    • Alternative Free Methods: Lists ways to access Netflix for free, including shared accounts, Google Opinion Rewards, and virtual cards.
    • Subscription Offers: Details on free Netflix subscription methods with Reliance Jio and Airtel plans.

    Netflix is one of the most amazing OTT platforms all over the world. Shows, web series, and movies on Netflix are exceptional compared to other platforms. Netflix is streaming in more than 30 languages in 190 countries. Its audio quality and screen resolution are excellent like no other. It is one of the finest OTT platforms and offers customers the option to download and watch offline web series and movies on their iOS, Android, or Windows 10 devices. Check this blog to get details on how you can Netflix watch free.

    How Can I Get A Free Month Of Netflix?

    Netflix is an excellent OTT platform and is offering a free 1-month trial to all their customers. In a free month trial, users can have access to all the latest web series, movies, etc.

    Following are the steps to get NetFlix for free online with free month trial –

    • Visit
    • Click join free for a month.
    • Choose a plan as per the customer’s requirements. 
    • Enter the valid email address and set a password.
    • Choose payment option. 
    • Enter Details for payment( Don’t worry as the transaction is not complete until the end of the trial).
    • Select device for watching Netflix content.
    • Make a profile and manage the Netflix account. 

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    Netflix Free Subscription In India 

    There are many methods to watch Netflix for free, like utilizing virtual cards, Netflix cookies, google survey payments, etc. Take advantage of the Netflix Free subscription as the company comes with various offers and three types of viewership plans for free Netflix series-

    Basic plan

    This plan offers 720p goal video resolution. Customers can avail of this plan with a minimum transaction of Rs. 499/month.

    Standard plan

    This plan offers 1080p video resolution. Customers can avail of this plan with a minimum transaction of Rs. 649/month.

    Premium Plan

    This premium plan offers ultra HD goal video resolution. Customers can avail of this plan with a minimum transaction of Rs. 799/month.

    Use A Friend’s Netflix Account

    If you have a friend who uses Netflix, why not ask your friend to share a Netflix account with you because few Netflix plans allow customers to share the Netflix screen with others. With this step, both of you can watch Netflix with a single account and you can get free Netflix streaming. Take advantage of this method for free subscription of Netflix using your friend’s account.

    Entertainment permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time while you enjoy it alone.

    Google Opinion Rewards 

    Google opinion rewards are a great way to generate income. In this task, users answer a couple of questions by filling several questionnaires. Users get a prize when they take up the most recent questionnaire.

    The price amount is credited to the PayPal account and users can withdraw it whenever the amount reaches up to a certain limit.  From this process, customers can purchase a Netflix account with the help of the amount they’ve earned by answering the surveys. Check this updated Couponswala blog to get details about how to get free Netflix subscription.

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    Online Virtual Card 

    Customers can make virtual cards on the internet with apps like Slice and Dhani credit card app. These apps issue a virtual card to the customers in their respective apps. Customers can fill in all their details in the Netflix account and get a 1-month free subscription in Netflix accounts. Users can also cancel their Netflix account before the 1-month trial ends and don’t have to pay a single Rupee to Netflix. This is one of the best ways to avail yourself of the Netflix Watch Free deal.

    These are all the tips and tricks to get access to a free Netflix Subscription.

    How To Get Netflix For Free Without Credit Card

    Well, Netflix provides various payment options to all their customers, but if the customers do not have a credit card, they can also go with a Debit card or Paypal transactions. If the customers do not have their own credit cards, they can still enjoy the free subscription by adding their family or friends cards. No amount will be deducted until the 1-month trial expires.

    Netflix Free Subscription With Reliance Jio

    A plus point for both Netflix and Jio users is that Jio launches various plans to get free Netflix subscriptions. This plan is the most basic and cheapest one available for streaming services. 

    Jio introduced Rs 399, 599, 799, 999, 1499 plans to customers. By purchasing these plans they can have access to a free Netflix account. Only postpaid and Jio fiber users can avail of the free Netflix subscription offer.

    Avail of this discount voucher and get amazing offers related to Netflix subscription on Couponswala.

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    Netflix Free Subscription With Airtel

    Bharti Airtel offers a three-month subscription to Netflix users as a feature of the Thank You Campaign. This Campaign attracts customers to join Airtel postpaid. This offer is only valid for Airtel postpaid users under a plan of Rs. 499. Customers can install the Airtel Thanks app to get a free Netflix Subscription. Enjoy Netflix watch free with Airtel.


    Hope you got an idea of how you can watch Netflix for free. Users should follow all the steps and enjoy streaming on Netflix. Jio and Airtel users can also avail of free Netflix subscriptions but if you are not a Jio or Airtel user need not worry, you can still avail of the 1-month free trial by following the steps mentioned above. Get your popcorn ready for some Netflix and chill.




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