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    VS Mani & Co. Instant Coffee & Snacks Shark Tank | Super Savers | Delivered At Doorstep

    January 9, 2024
    VS Mani & Co. Instant Coffee & Snacks

    The taste of the items you ate as a child will never leave your taste buds. Theseforever. But, with people evolving and growing, they travel a lot and do not get to taste the foods they once had. To make this go away, and to make the authentic coffee and snacks of South India reach every door of an Indian, VS Mani & Co. instant coffee & snacks have popped up. It brings a wide range of products like South special coffee and murukku to each and every one. These are made with natural ingredients and are super tasty. The authentic taste of South 

    Indian dishes is ready to rule your hearts. Your evenings and snacks can be more blissful this way. 

    Founder, Business Idea, And Funding Details Of VS Mani & Co.

    CompanyBuying Link
    Business NameVS Mani & Co.
    FoundersYashas Alur, GD Prasad, & Rahul Bajaj
    Business IdeaCoffee Powder & Snacks
    Funding Details19L for 1% Equity | 41L @ 10% Interest

    This brand comes up with one of the tastiest coffee that can melt your hearts. Once you get a taste of this, there is no leaving it. You can get addicted to this brand easily. The quality and the rich essence of the product is the reason for it. But, the brand is not all about coffee. Snacks that can make you drool are in various collections here. These can easily make your evenings perfect. The founders of the brand went on to the stage of Shark Tank to get funding for their future ventures. Impressed by their product and their ideology, Namita Thapar invested in the project with 19 lakhs for 1% equity and 41 lakhs interest with 10% interest.

    VS Mani & Co. Products | Up to 60%

    VS Mani & Co. Instant Coffee & Snacks has a wide range of authentic products that can make you fall in love instantly. From filter coffee, snacks, and instant coffee to spices, you can get everything you want with the best taste here. The VS Mani & Co. products are pure bliss. You always end up on a full stomach with these products even when it is snack time. That is the amount of addiction these amazing products can give you. Explore the various snacks from the brands and get your favorite one now without any further ado. 

    Filter Coffee Decoction | Start At Rs. 650

    Filter Coffee DecoctionOffer PriceBuying Link
    Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee Decoction – 2 bottlesRs. 790
    Buy Now
    Filter Coffee Decoction – 2 BottlesRs. 350
    Buy Now

    The filter coffee decoction from this brand is an authentic one. Everyone will remember the taste of it. This one brings the taste to your home without any trouble in packets. All you have to do is to mix this strong flavor in your milk and drink it. 

    • Add 20-25 ml of the decoction with 100 ml of hot milk.
    • Add sugar.
    • Pour the coffee back and forth. 
    • Start savoring it. 

    Instant Coffee | Free Shipping

    Instant CoffeeOffer PriceBuying Link
    100g Instant CoffeeRs. 320
    Buy Now
    Brass Dawara Set & Instant CoffeeRs. 820
    Buy Now

    The instant coffee that you get from here will make you come back for more. If you are a coffee lover, there is no returning back from this one. It is a strong and favorable coffee that you will love. This is one of the signature items of the brand. 

    • Pour 120 ml milk.
    • Add a teaspoon of coffee. 
    • Add sugar and stir it. 
    • Drink it up all you want. 

    Snacks | Buy 1 Get 1

    SnacksOffer PriceBuying Link
    Peanut ChikkiRs. 120
    Buy Now
    Salted Banana ChipsRs. 99
    Buy Now
    Pepper MurukkuRs. 89
    Buy Now
    Ribbon MurukkuRs. 69
    Buy Now
    Onion VadamRs. 189
    Buy Now

    The snacks that you get from here are simple ones. But the taste of these is just magical. All these products from banana chips, ribbon murukku, pepper murukku, onion vadam, and peanut chikki to bitter gourd chips, everything is true masterpieces.  

    • 1 packet is of 100g
    • Made with natural ingredients.

    Filter Coffee | Get Up to 80% Off

    Filter CoffeeOffer PriceBuying Link
    Filter CoffeeRs. 189
    Buy Now
    Brass Dawara Set & Filter CoffeeRs. 660
    Buy Now

    Filter coffee is a different vibe. People who love coffee, love a proper filter coffee. And this filter coffee you get from here needs brewing before you taste it. Your pleasant mornings are here with the best ones in the market. 

    • Add the coffee powder to the top jar of the filter.
    • Follow the instructions for a  special brewing. 
    • Enjoy savoring it. 

    Super Savers | Delivered At Doorstep

    Super SaversOffer PriceBuying Link
    Brass Dawara Set & Filter Coffee Decoction – 2 bottlesRs. 790
    Buy Now
    Brass Dawara Set & Instant CoffeeRs. 820
    Buy Now
    Brass Dawara Set & Filter CoffeeRs. 660
    Buy Now

    The super savers are pretty much the combos that save you money while shopping for your coffee powders. These super savers come are coffee powders that come with Dhawara sets. This way you get the complete package without any hassle. There are 3 super savers from the brand. 

    • Brass Dawara set and filter coffee decoction 
    • Brass Dawara set and instant coffee
    • Brass Dawara set and filter coffee.

    Spices | Save Up to 10% Off

    SpicesOffer PriceBuying Link
    Curry Leaves PodiRs. 249
    Buy Now
    Rajam’s Peanut PodiRs. 125
    Buy Now
    Idli Molaga PodiRs. 125
    Buy Now

    The spices are one of the best products that people love getting from VS Mani & Co. These are handmade with love and care. These bring you the true natural taste to your dishes all day and all night. For now, the brand is selling 3 spices. 

    • Curry leaves podi 
    • Rajam’s Peanut podi 
    • Idli Molaga podi 

    Where to Buy?

    VS Mani & Co. instant coffee & snacks bring you the taste of perfect authentic South Indian snacks. Once you get your hands on them, there is no getting back from them. These products are carefully made to give out the traditional flavor of the South lands. You can now easily get a hold of these flavors without any hassle here. Every Indian can enjoy the taste of authentic South Indian coffee and snacks here. There are made available to people any time of the day on the official site of VS Mani & Co.

    VS Mani & Co. Instant Coffee & Snacks Availibility Product
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    VS Mani & Co.Check Now

    Telecast Details on Shark tank

    Shark Tank is continuing to be aspiring and inspiring millions in the country on daily basis. It is growing into a dream destination for many to find proper funding for their businesses. The best thing that comes along with the funding is the popularity your brand gets after Shark Tank. People get to know your brand and why it is special easily this way. This is why the founders of VS Mani & Co. participated in the show. And they finally got a good offer from Namita Thapar after many counteroffers. To watch the whole conversation between them, click on the below link. 

    Watch Full Episode – See Here

    VS Mani & Co. Social Media Details

    Getting your hands on the VS Mani & Co. products will leave you with authentic South India tastes. The taste of your childhood snacks is back to you in the best way now. Jump into the collections of the brand to enjoy the taste of the best in the market. These products may seem simple, but the effort and the work put into them with traditional styles make them special. This startup will continue to bring up products. And you can keep on track of the ventures of the brand by following them on social media. 


    VS Mani & Co. instant coffee & snacks are something special from the South of the country. You will get in line to taste authentic South Indian snacks from this brand all day and all night. That is the quality these products offer you. With these snacks by your side, your evenings can never be boring. Grab a piece snack from VS Mani & Co. and let out the inner cravings in style. These are some of the most delicious items in the country. They may be simple, but they can be unmatchable at times when it comes to taste. Get your hands on these to make enjoy your evenings with the best company. 



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