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How to Use CRED Coins – Benefits, Rewards & Value


CREDHow to Use CRED Coins - Benefits, Rewards & Value

How to Use CRED Coins – Benefits, Rewards & Value

Whenever you pay your bills from your credit card, you get a CRED coin. Each CRED coin has a value of Rs 1. You can easily use these Cred coins to earn different rewards from different websites and companies. It is quite easy to earn these Cred coins. You need to make your bill payments from your credit card on time, and in this way, you can earn these Cred coins. Mostly, all the banks have this scheme of Cred coins on their credit cards. You can also earn Cred coins by sharing this CRED Referral Code with your friends and family members.

There are some advantages of these Cred coins, that you can redeem these coins whenever you want and get discounts on the other things you want to purchase, or you can also get some free vouchers from these Cred coins like free movie tickets or shopping vouchers. 

There are some offers that you can avail through these Cred coins:-

  1. You can get Swiggy Super for one year.
  2. Cashback on products from Moms Co.
  3. Some gifts from Bodycraft
  4. You can also get discounts from online grocery companies.
  5. Get flat Rs 100 cashback from Axis bank cards.

CRED Coins Value

Each Cred coin has a value equal to Rs 1. For example, if you have 100 Cred coins, you have a total value of Rs 100. But when you get the offers, you should have the number of Cred coins to avail of the offer, not the value of Cred coins. For example, the WOW skin craft brand offers free products worth Rs 300 on 50 cred coins that mean you should have 250 cred coins in total, not the 50 value of cred coins. You will only be able to avail of the offer when you have a particular number of cred coins that the company is demanding.

You can book a 1-month unlimited number of classes at the center by availing of this CRED Cult Offer.

How to use cred coins
How to use cred coins

CRED All Categories

Everyone has different credit cards from banks like HDFC, SBI ICICI, Kotak, and Axis bank. Now, the Cred coins are different for each of the banks. It may happen that a few banks do not reward these Cred coins. Whenever you pay your credit card bill from Cred, that will give you rewards, and you can easily earn through it and get different offers and vouchers.

Best Products to buy using CRED Coins

There are some famous and known brands and their products that can be bought from Cred coins. Those are Dineout, Ixigo, The Man Company, Zoom in, Neeman’s, and others. 

You might be thinking about a product to buy from these brands using those Cred coins you have earned. Here are some of the products that might be in use for you. 

  1. You can buy some skincare essentials from Moms Co. like face wash, face toner, and face cream as these are daily use essentials, so you can easily use these products.
  2. Women interested in straightening their hair can buy this fantastic straightener from lifelong using these Cred coins.
  3. People who love music can buy these wonderful airpods from one of the best music brands boAt.
  4. Women who have a craze for jewellery can buy this beautiful jewellery from GIVA using their Cred coins.
  5. Also, you can buy this amazing smartwatch from Noise.

Moreover, the best things you can buy using these Cred coins are mostly electronic items like speakers, smartwatches, and more electronic items. As these items have a higher range in actual amount, so you can easily buy these items using your Cred coins and accordingly save your money too. Hurry Up! Become a CRED member to earn these CRED rewards.


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