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    Dunzo Customer Care | Dunzo Helpline Number


    Customer CareDunzo Customer Care | Dunzo Helpline Number

    Dunzo Customer Care | Dunzo Helpline Number

    Dunzo is one of the best hyperlocal delivery services. It fulfills 30,000 orders per day on average. Due to this high rise in demand, it has been increasing its revenue day by day. From teenagers to adults to old people everyone has errands that need to be run but unfortunately, time and resources are an issue in this fast-paced world. Luckily Dunzo is here to make a difference. Of course, with the ever growing increase in users, there will be issues and queries that people will have before placing an order on the app. It may be related to the transaction, offers, sign up and log in etc. In circumstances like this, a customer care team is essential for a business and Dunzo’s customer care is here to help you with whatever issues you might be facing.

    Dunzo Customer Care

    Every business should have a proper customer care service for handling customer related queries. No matter how good a company is there will be some problems that a customer will face. And your focus should be to solve the problems for those customers. Dunzo has a customer care team but they are not fully established. You won’t find a particular customer care number. You can contact the Grievance Officer who handles all the complaints and solves all the customer-related issues. They are slowly establishing their customer care service since it is a new startup. 

    Always deliver more then expected, that too in 19 min like Dunzo

    Dunzo Contact Number

    You won’t find Dunzo’s Contact Number anywhere in the app or the website. They have only provided an email where you can contact and ask your queries. We shall instantly update you as soon as they give their contact number on the website or the app. They are one of the fastest-growing startups in Bangalore. Initially, they started their venture in Bangalore, but recently they have also opened up branches in Gurugram and Delhi. You can contact them via email to their Grievance officer.

    Dunzo Merchant Dashboard

    Dunzo Merchant helps local retailers sell their goods through the Dunzo app rather than just doing business offline. Over the pandemic many small retail stores have lost customers and profits because of the slump in sales, Dunzo however is offering these small retail shop owners the ability to go digital on Dunzo’s platform. To learn how to use the Dunzo Merchant Dashboard is very simple and can be taught to anyone in a matter of minutes. To get a detailed explanation on how everything works, simply open YouTube and type ‘Merchant Training Video | Dunzo Merchants’ and you can use the steps learnt on Dunzo’s Merchant site to scale up your business.

    • DID YOU KNOW: On the 1st day of announcing 19 min deliver Dunzo managed to deliver 7,000 orders

    Dunzo Customer Care Number Bangalore

    It’s the same for every city. They have the same contact information for all the cities. Although they started their venture from Bangalore, it has been seen that setting up a customer care team has been arduous.

    Dunzo Office Bangalore

    Since the company was founded in Bangalore it won’t be too hard to find the office inside the city. If you are not receiving any information from the grievance officer then you can visit their office. Below is the address for Bangalore’s office.  

    • Dunzo Customer Care Bangalore Office: Smart Square Complex, 2nd Floor, 201, 100 Feet Rd, Indira Nagar II Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
    • Dunzo Helpline Bangalore:

    Dunzo Chennai Office

    With much to Dunzo’s success, opening branches and spreading across the country sounds like a logical thing for a booming business to do. Chennai is the next metropolitan hub that Dunzo had its eyes set on. So if any issues arise, here is the address of the Dunzo office in Chennai for you to go and convey your problems at.

    • Dunzo Customer care Chennai Office: No 15/14, 1st Floor, 3rd Cross Street, Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034

    Dunzo Partner

    Dunzo has a page where anyone who wants to be a delivery partner can go and submit their phone number. Delivery partners are paid handsomely for their deliveries. They make up to 30,000 per month according to their deliveries. Check all details regarding the Dunzo partner at Dunzo.


    Use Dunzo to complete all your day to day activities. Find all the necessary information on how you can contact Dunzo to calculate all the efficiently provided customer care services. Make shipping easy with Dunzo.


    1. 7947976 this is my id
      May 04/05/2020 1100 boot cash add my account salary deduction 30/05/2020 376 this amount add yesterday 1476 what payment for account you are created not respond in Chennai office

    2. I all ready registered but no one cannot help me out I paid money (500) till now not registered
      All docs uploaded

    3. I call dunzu costomer care 100 time no one response the call what’s is this???I’m not calling simply I’m calling for emergency but no one is response the from one week.this is not a costomer care helpfull…


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