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    What Is TataNeu App? Explore The Main Features, Benefits, Categories & All You Need To Know Of The Super App

    The TataNeu app brings forth fairly innovative ideas to the online market space that already has everything one could ask for. However, instead of performing various tasks on different applications, you will find everything you need within the TataNeu app itself. The TataNeu app is truly a jack of all trades. You will find everything you will need just a few simple clicks away. Curious to know more about the super app? Read further to find all the details on What Is TataNeu App.

    The Tata Group’s super app, which has been in development for some time now will finally launch on April 7. A teaser image was posted to announce the news and advertise their new product openly for once!

    What Is TataNeu App: Main Features

    Carefully curated services and products based on your search to make your online shopping experience an extravagant ordeal. You will find detail around every corner as TataNeu has cut no corners to provide you with nothing short of a quality experience. It’s not your everyday app where you shop for products, it is much more than that as you get quality treatment from an app that knows exactly what you are looking for.

    TataNeu App Benefits

    TataNeu has entered the online warzone with benefits in its arsenal. You will find thatTataNeu has everything you can find on individual apps integrated into one seamlessly working application. Effortlessly scroll through products, services and offers that seem to go on forever. Hard to believe? Take a look at the spec list of TataNeu below.

    • Get offers on almost every product or service available on the app.
    • The Tata NeuMag provides carefully crafted magazines with articles, videos and reviews that provide you with fitness regimes, health tips, travel blogs, delicious recipes and much more.
    • Financial support in the form of insurance and loans.
    • The feature to pay bills and recharge almost every service you have subscribed to like gas, water, electricity, DTH and mobile recharge. 
    • Fine dining delivery to your home from top Tata-owned hotels.
    • The ability to book Air-Asia flight tickets when travelling.
    • Book rooms and tables from a wide array of Tata hotels.
    • Get offers on electronics and clothing.
    • Purchase luxury goods with Tata Cliq.
    • Buy groceries to sustain daily levels of nourishment.
    • Scan and pay using the TataNeu app on every big or small purchase you make like you would when you use online payment wallets like Google Pay and Phonepe.
    • Most importantly, get the opportunity to win rewards every time you make purchases on the TataNeu app.  

    “once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything. you know it’s who? Tata Neu!” – Ratan Tata

    TataNeu Categories 

    The TataNeu app is nothing short of amazing. Once you open the app you will be bombarded with features to explore that you will end up going through every nook and corner just to see all the features that are jam-packed in this carefully packaged app. Read further to see all the different categories you can explore. Check out the details on What Is TataNeu App.


    Getting groceries has never been easier. No more visits to the local grocer as you can get all your essentials with discounts on the TataNeu app fresh and ready for consumption.


    Get electronic gadgets like TV’s and washing machines to make it seem like you truly belong in the 21st century. Upgrade your existing outdated tech with new models that offer more features and functions. Check out the details on What Is TataNeu App.


    Manage your package list and upgrade your outdated set-top box with Tata Sky to keep a track of your favorite shows so you don’t miss out on a single episode. 


    Stay trendy with haute couture and flaunt everything that is you with bold fashion statements that embody your soul with your style. T-shirts, jackets, shoes, you name it and it will be there. 


    Book your desired room in your choice of Taj hotels to spend time where your every whim is catered to as if you were royalty. 


    Book flights with Air-Asia and get various offers that will aid you on your journey to paradise. Travel with Air-Asia to avail of benefits that befit an individual who wants to travel in comfort.

    Food and beverage

    Fill not just your stomach but your soul with food and drinks that will make your body feel happy. Order food from fine dining restaurants or drinks from Starbucks when your hunger can’t be satiated by any other meal.


    Fitness is not just good for your body but also your mind. Get offers on gym attire like tracksuits and sports shoes to make exercises comfortable. You can also purchase gym equipment so you can work out from the comfort of your home.


    Want to add that radiant glow to your skin or just looking for touch-ups? Under the beauty section, you can find eye care, lip care, face care, and makeup to keep yourself looking just the way you want to. 

    How To Download The TataNeu App?

    You can download the amazing app as you would download any other app on your smartphone. Make sure to download from your phone’s official app store, i.e Android PlayStore and iOS app store. Type “TataNeu” in the search bar when you open the app store and click on install. Once the app has been installed, provide the required details and you can start your shopping adventure on the one-of-a-kind app. Check out all the details on What Is TataNeu App.

    Apple App Store – Click here

    Google Play Store – Click here

    How Does TataNeu Work?

    TataNeu has the same process as any other shopping app. After you have downloaded the app and added the necessary details, you browse through the various categories or search specifically for the product or service you are looking for. You will find that all the features and categories are already mentioned in the blog. You will be provided with guidelines through every step so make sure you pay attention. You can purchase your service or product through the many options provided. Check out all the details on What is Tata Neu?

    When Will TataNeu Launch?

    Tata wishes to offer nothing but the best to its customers. With the final integration of 1mg and Tata Cliq taking place, it seems as though Tata won’t be launching anytime sooner than March. The exact date of launch is unknown with rumours saying it will start in March or April. Only time will tell when Tata is ready to debut its super app to the world so stay tuned for more information.


    TataNeu has set a benchmark for the all-in-one app that can’t be found elsewhere. You will not be short of services or products on the TataNeu Super app. Spend time scrolling through various offers and deals as it is an endless array of features that will keep you occupied for hours together. Shop Tata and you won’t be disappointed.



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