BigBasketTataNeu Groceries | Get An Exclusive Glimpse Into The TataNeu App For...

    TataNeu Groceries | Get An Exclusive Glimpse Into The TataNeu App For Instant Home Delivery Of Groceries

    TataNeu hosts a set of amazing features that have never been so well integrated in the form of an app. Among all its bells and whistles, you get the option to fuel yourself with the necessary nutrition to function at your optimal level by ordering fresh groceries for a healthy diet. Curious to know how? With the TataNeu app, you can purchase groceries and everyday essentials from a wide range of choices. You can even procure household cleaning items, fresh meat, body care products and much more, all offered with a dash of savings on top. Make your everyday chore something to look forward to with the TataNeu app. 

    The Tata Group’s super app, Neu will launch on April 7th. A teaser image was posted to announce the news and advertise their new product publicly for the first time in an ongoing Indian Premier League tournament!

    TataNeu Grocery With Big Basket

    Bigbasket has already established itself as one of the leading curators of your daily produce and other essentials across the country. Since TataNeu is bringing these essentials to your doorstep by integrating Bigbasket with their app, you are sure to receive quality products at a fraction of the price thanks to the plethora of offers levied across all ranges of goods. Find yourself lost in the sea of options when shopping for groceries sourced from Bigbasket on TataNeu.

    TataNeu Grocery Inventory

    Many apps fall short on big promises. With TataNeu, you can rest assured that you won’t ever have that doubt. Use the app to find products ranging from daily produce to other items that help around the house. You also get the convenience of being efficient as you get to choose at what time you want your products to be delivered. Want to know what’s in store for you? Read further to find out.


    Find all the core ingredients that you will need to bring out the master chef in you. From snacks to gourmet ingredients, you will not find yourself short of options.

    • Get fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables delivered on time.
    • Want to satiate the inner meat lover? Get your choice of eggs, meat and fish from TateNeu. 
    • Choose from the many types of fish available to the portion size of meat required. You can also choose from the different meat bundles provided in the form of value packs to add some variety and save money as well.
    • Your everyday food grains, oil and masalas are available along with gourmet and world food items.
    • Feeling snacky? Find assorted snacks and beverages to satisfy those cravings.
    • Being a vegan is tough due to the lack of products available. TataNeu is here to save the day with complete vegan items to make life easier.
    • Let’s not forget dairy products that will be delivered fresh and on time to your doorstep.

    Home Essentials

    To have a well-functioning home, you are going to need some items that will help you along the way. Find all your necessary household items here on the TataNeu app. 

    • Acquire all kitchen necessities from pressure cookers to utensils that will make cooking an easy ordeal. 
    • Find beauty products to glam up and tackle any occasion looking oh so perfect.
    • Of course, hygiene is a key part of keeping ourselves healthy, choose from products like shampoo’s, soaps, toothpaste, razors etc. to have a fresh start to the day.
    • Got a new addition to the family? Get baby products like diapers, oil, food and much more easily available on the app.
    • Your pet is a part of the family too and it deserves all the love it can get. Find all your pet-related essentials on TataNeu.
    • Need some help with gardening? Choose from many gardening tools available to give that green thumb a little assistance.
    • A clean house is a healthy house. Products like floor cleaners, detergents, utensil washing liquids and much more are available on TataNeu.

    TataNeu Grocery Offers

    As feature-packed as an app may seem, with the ever-growing competition in industries, it is necessary to stay ahead of the pack. TataNeu offers are here to provide various deals to entice customers to finalise their purchase. Depending on the type of category you choose to purchase from, you will be welcomed with different offers specific to the category. This value tends to change often not just according to the category but the product you are about to purchase as well. 

    • There is no specific TataNeu coupon code or promo code that needs to be applied. 
    • The price that you will see is the already discounted rate for which you will receive the product. 
    • If you have existing NeuCoins from previous purchases, they can be used as an additional discount option. 
    • You get hand-picked offers that are created from looking at your most frequently purchased goods. 
    • Get deals on special categories like winter beverages or winter essentials. 
    • Offers for each category are made in such a way that you are getting value on every purchase be it a chew toy for your pet or washing detergent. 

    “There are many things that, if I have to relive, maybe I will do it another way. But I would not like to look back and think what I have not been able to.” – Ratan Tata

    Bigbasket Star Membership

    With many apps providing extra conveniences to their customers when they subscribe for a membership, it is only natural to find such a feature on Bigbasket. Get various features available when purchasing your choice of products through the Bigbasket star membership that takes it easy on your wallet while providing benefits that will leave you smiling. With the Bigbasket Star membership, you get options like no delivery charges on orders above Rs 199, cashback on successful deliveries, exclusive Bigbasket Star offers that are curated for you and reserved delivery slots so your needs take precedence over non-members. Join the Star membership to avail of these features at a special price of Rs 299 for 6 months.

    TataNeu Payment Options

    The digital age has gotten rid of many inconveniences. One such inconvenience is the hassle of payments. After you have selected your favourite products from the inventory of curated goods, go to the checkout page and select how you wish to pay. You will find that you are not limited to the same old forms of payment. Choose from debit/credit card payments, UPI, net banking, NeuCoins, all available in their payment platform Tata Pay, and if the pandemic protocols permit, cash on delivery. To keep your transactions easy and quick you can use Tata Pay which makes easy use of NeuCoins as an added discount.

    NeuCoins – Another payment feature is the NeuCoin which one can use to pay for products. This is TataNeu’s in house currency that helps with ease of payments.

    • These coins are earned by purchasing various products on the TataNeu app. 
    • You can use these coins to purchase any item that you like in the store. 
    • This feature helps individuals with the opportunity of more purchases as the more they spend the more they can buy. 
    • Also, avail of free deliveries on products that cross a certain threshold amount.

    TataNeu Partners

    More often than not we tend to purchase products that we are familiar with and can trust. Why not use that to our advantage as we find only quality products on the TataNeu app? Filter through the plethora of products available from big names on TataNeu. Amul, HappyChef, Lindberg, Patanjali, 24 mantra Organic, Bigbasket royal and Bigbasket home are just some of the many brands that have integrated with TataNeu to provide the best products to use for a proactive lifestyle. 


    TataNeu is a new generation app that is all that and much more. You get features never seen before with a smooth working user interface that will leave you smiling. With groceries available at your convenience, you don’t ever have to worry about wasting time by stepping outside your house again as TataNeu is here for you.


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