blogBBstar Membership | Benefits, Offers & Details To Subscribe

    BBstar Membership | Benefits, Offers & Details To Subscribe

    Bigbasket’s premium membership program is known as BBstar. The BBstar membership program offers a variety of incentives, including no shipping fees, additional money on every transaction, and priority slot access. Priority access to delivery slots is included in the BBstar 6-month subscription, which costs Rs. 599. You may, however, subscribe for six months for Rs. 299 as part of a special deal. If you join the BBstar membership program for six months in a row, you may get a lot of benefits. Big Basket charges Rs.599 for this service. However, you may enroll at a discounted rate of Rs. 299/- for a period of six months. The greatest part? You may cancel your subscription at any point within the first 15 days.

    Coupon Code For BBstar Membership

    With the Visa Platinum prepaid card offer, you may get a promo code to start your free BBstar subscription. To acquire the promo code, go to the deal and input the first 8 numbers of your Visa card. You will get fast confirmation if your card is qualified for this promotion. To begin your free membership, go to the BBstar membership page on the BigBasket website or app.

    BBstar Membership With DBS Bank

    Here’s another chance to acquire a six-month free BBstar membership. The customer will additionally get Rs. 750 BigBasket coupon. To be eligible for the offer, the user must first open a Digibank savings account using the referral code BBDIGI, and then make one debit card transaction for Rs. 750 or more within 30 days of account activation. This deal is only good for new and current big basket customers. Once activated, the membership is good for six months.

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    BBstar membership With SBI card & VISA

    Using any SBI bank card you can get the Membership for the price of just 299 with 950 points, and the validity of the membership is 6 months. 

    Free Membership to BBstar

    With your Visa prepaid card, you may get a free 6-month BBstar subscription. To get his free membership, the cardholder will receive a BBstar promo code. Anyone who is not a member of this program is eligible for this offer. If you are already a member, this offer will not apply to you. To begin your free membership, go to the BBstar membership activation page and enter the promo code. You will be eligible for a variety of additional perks as a member, including free delivery, extra rebates, and discounted rates.

    Benefits Of The Digibank Bigbasket Debit Card

    • Non-BBstar customers get a flat 5% cashback (up to Rs.200 per month per card) on the big basket website or app.
    • Flat 10% cashback on BigBasket website/app for BBstar users (up to Rs.400 per month per card)
    • There is no minimum order value for cashback.
    • Within 90 days of the purchase, cashback will be reimbursed.
    • There are no other promotions that may be combined with this deal.
    • Only online payments are eligible for this deal.

    What Is The Process For Joining The BBstar Program?

    • Simply go to to get started.
    • On the homepage, look for the BBstar button.
    • You’ll be sent to the BBstar page if you click on it.
    • Simply click the ‘Join Now’ button.
    • You are now a member.

    How To Cancel BBstar Membership?

    You may terminate your BBstar membership via the Bigbasket app or website’s accounts area. To terminate your subscription, log in to your Bigbasket account and proceed to the account area. You are entitled to a refund if you have not taken use of the membership. If you want to cancel your subscription, you have 15 days to do so.

    • Go to your Bigbasket account and sign in.
    • Navigate to the Account section > My Involvement
    • Choose the option to cancel.
    • Please double-check your request.
    • Alternatively, you may contact Bigbasket customer service.

    BBstar Benefits & Product Discounts

    • Reserved Delivery slots for members.
    • The cashback offer entitles you to Rs. 100 payback on your first purchase for a period of three months. Rs 300 is the maximum cashback entitled per user.
    • A minimum order value of Rs. 600 qualifies for free delivery
    • Additional offers are exclusive for membership holders.
    • Instant cashback available on purchases.
    • Can be canceled within 15 days of membership start.
    • Fruits and vegetables are up to a 30% discount.
    • Baby Care may be purchased at a discount of up to 50%.
    • Bakery items are up to 50% discount.
    • Foodgrains, oils, and spices are up to a 30% discount.
    • Branded foods are up to 25% discount.
    • Beauty and hygiene products are up to 30% discount.
    • Gourmet & World Food are up to 50% discount.
    • Cleaning and household products are up to 30% discount.

    BBstar Membership FAQ’s

    Q1) What can I get if I join the BBstar Membership program?

    Ans: The BBstar Membership service allows you to order anything. The BBstar Membership allows you to order any goods offered on BigBasket. You may also take advantage of BBstar-only deals and get priority delivery.

    Q2) Is there a time limit on the Cashback offered by the BBstar Program?

    Ans: The cashback earned via the BBstar Program does not have an expiration date. You may utilize your cashback at any time. Take advantage of Bigbasket’s BBstar membership program to save big on groceries with discounts and rebates.

    Q3) When will you be able to use this service?

    Ans: This service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service will be accessible for 6 months after you acquire your BBstar membership.

    Q4) Are there any additional fees associated with this service?

    Ans: Yes, you may join the BBstar service for a modest charge of Rs.299 for a period of six months.

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