CromaTataNeu Electronics | First Look Into The Categories, Offers And Exclusive Features...

    TataNeu Electronics | First Look Into The Categories, Offers And Exclusive Features Of The App

    Technology has made life so much easier for mankind. With the ability to do almost everything with ease, electronic gadgets have truly revolutionised the way human beings live. To offer those various forms of technology to you, TataNeu has a plethora of devices at its disposal, ready to make life an efficient process. You will find products under various categories such as smartphones, home appliances, audio tech, grooming, health, cameras and much more. Use the TataNeu app and avail of these electronic gadgets at never-before-seen prices.

    The Tata Group is launching a brand new super app on April 7th. They have been advertising it publicly for the first time during this year’s Indian Premier League tournament!

    TataNeu Electronics With Croma

    Croma is known for providing a wide range of the latest quality products at amazing prices. TataNeu, along with the tech retail giant, provides an online shopping experience never seen before. Find products that you may not otherwise find in Croma outlets near you. Issues like the retail outlet suggesting that you wait until stocks are renewed or that products are sold out will cease to exist when using the TataNeu app.

    TataNeu Tech Brands

    Low-grade products can dampen the purchasing mood. Luckily, quality need not be of any concern as the brands that are providing products through TataNeu are Croma approved. You will find the best Samsung and Sony TV’s under television, smartphones and earphones at affordable rates from OnePlus, satiate the budget audiophile in you with boAt, LG washing machines, Apple and Lenovo laptops are just a few of the many categories and brands to choose from. With products from brands such as these, you can rest assured that you are receiving nothing but quality. 

    TataNeu Electronic Offers

    You will find various quality products from top brands on the TataNeu app. The difference TataNeu has over the standard shopping app is that almost all of the products for sale come with a discount offer. A feeling like no other when you are purchasing amazing products from popular brands with prices that have a fraction of the amount cut off. Find your favourite product that is on offer from the sea of options available on the TataNeu app.

    • Get seasonal sales and other curated offers on categories that are often updated.
    • Get instant cashback offers on a wide range of goods.
    • Assured TataNeu coins on the purchase of select items.
    • Offers and deals on trending tech.

    “I have always been very confident and very upbeat about the future potential of India. I think it is a great country with great potential” – Ratan Tata

    TataNeu Electronics Payment Options

    When procuring advanced technology, you will also find the option of paying in a form that you’re most comfortable with. Debit/credit cards, UPI, Net banking and cash on delivery are some of the options you can choose from to purchase your favourite items. You can also purchase these goods by using Tata NeuCoins that you have accumulated over time by purchasing other products from the TataNeu app. 

    • Use TataNeu coins as additional discounts. 
    • Offers curated by banks and wallets on select products based on your purchases.
    • Vouchers and gift cards can also be used to avail of the many products available on TataNeu. 


    TataNeu is your next stop for all things electronic as you get products that will help you tackle everyday life effortlessly. When thinking of purchasing your next gadget or household appliance TataNeu should be at the top of your list as it can’t get any better than this.



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