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    TataNeu Food And Beverages | A Quick Peek Into Ordering Online On The New Super App

    January 9, 2024
    TataNeu Food And Beverages

    The online realm has brought about many changes in an individuals life, one of them being the ease of procuring goods often at marginally affordable prices. Even food has found a way to enter your household with you just having to click a few buttons on your phone. Enter TataNeu. Have the gourmet dishes play the tune of harmony with your taste buds at the comfort of your home. The Tata Group’s new super app will be available on April 7 and it has started advertising for the first time ever with this teaser image that was posted in Google Play Store. Alongside Indian Premier League, they are also promoting their newest creation by posting banners across various platforms including Facebook & Twitter! Read to find out more about TataNeu Food And Beverages.

    TataNeu Food And Beverages: Qmin Offers on TataNeu

    Qmin has curated gourmet meals to satiate your inner food connoisseur. Rather than downloading the individual app, choose from a choice of authentic gourmet cuisines on the TataNeu app, your one-stop shop for all things online. With Qmin available on the TataNeu app you can order food from your choice of Taj outlets and give your palette what it craves. 

    • Get 25% off on orders. 

    Taj Hotel Online Orders

    Now bring the Taj experience to your home with unique dishes that will leave your taste buds in a state of euphoria. Choose your desired hotel from the various Taj outlets available near you and order elusive curated dishes from the kid’s section, celebratory foods or a delicious dessert from the renowned patisserie to meet the desires of not just your palette but that of your soul. Find appropriately placed food items in categories that seem as though TataNeu has prepared them just for you. Check out all the details on TataNeu Food And Beverages.

    • Find delicious vegan food that is hard to come across.
    • Enjoy nourishing meals that are delivered to your home.
    • Celebrate family time with a feast at home. 

    Offers on TataNeu Gourmet Food

    The fine dining experience that caters to gourmet food hits all the right spots but misses the target when it comes to pricing. Offers being provided on gourmet food is a truly rare find that one does not come across often. TataNeu, however, has other plans in mind. Avail of eye-catching offers that will let you taste food that is priced exorbitantly for a reason. 

    • Get 25% off on all food deliveries.
    • Save up to 20% on your bill the next time you pay at a restaurant.

    “Power and wealth are not two of my main stakes” – Ratan Tata

    Tata NeuMag Recipes

    The internet has made it possible to access anything and everything in this day and age. Recipes for some nice home-cooked meals for yourself or loved ones are no exception. Although, too many choices may leave you confused and wondering about their credibility as to how they taste and if they are what you are looking for. Under the NeuMag section, you are greeted with various recipes that you can count on. 

    • You will find various options for delicious meals for when friends visit.
    • Snacks to go around when hosting a get together with your loved ones.
    • Easy to make desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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    Starbucks Coffee Offers on TataNeu

    Coffee is an everyday requirement for most if not all individuals. From the first sip of coffee in the morning to the 4th or 5th cup while working late at night, coffee seems to have made its way into the majority of a person’s lifestyle. Coffee being such an important factor, there is one name that has made its way into the hearts and minds of the masses, Starbucks. Here you will find quality drinks that will leave a smile on your face after every sip. This ordeal is only made better with the introduction of offers making that delicious frappuccino or cold brew oh so satisfying. Get all the details on TataNeu Food And Beverages.

    • Send a referral code to earn rewards.
    • When you purchase items worth more than Rs 1200, get 20% off.
    • Get 15% off on a bill worth Rs 600 – 1200.


    Sometimes the need to have the best in life does not have to come at such a high price. TataNeu stays true to that notion but lets you experience that extravagant lifestyle without having to spend large sums on a night out. Make the most of these gourmet experiences at the comfort of your home dressed in your leisure attire. TataNeu makes life easier for you.



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