Unacademy Free Subscription| All Subscription Details, Best Free Courses Offered & More


    Student OffersUnacademy Free Subscription| All Subscription Details, Best Free Courses Offered & More

    Unacademy Free Subscription| All Subscription Details, Best Free Courses Offered & More

    Who doesn’t love free stuff? We all tend to find ways to get paid for things for free. Unacademy already is a free platform but it has very limited features. Unacademy Plus is a premium subscription that contains all the features like live classes, doubt sessions, live quizzes, etc. But, there are some ways by which you can get this paid service for free. In this blog, we will tell you some tips to get the Unacademy free subscription. For offers on Unacademy subscription price, view Unacademy offers.

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    Unacademy Subscription is a subscription that enables students to access educator-created digital content. They assist video users by live-streaming the material on their chosen domain. Using the Unacademy app op website, all users have access to editorial content.

    They only need to create an association and choose a category from the available subscription levels. Unacademy’s Free Subsсriрtiоn plan provides users with unlimited access to all ongoing courses and classes during the duration of their subscription period.

    Unacademy Free Subscription

    Want to get an Unacademy JEE subscription for free? Or the Unacademy plus IIT JEE free subscriptions? Unacademy Subscriptions Prices are very reasonable. One of their premium courses, Unacademy Plus, is limited to a small group of students. Students in these groups dUnacademy referral code ​_iscuss, debate, and share learning material under the supervision of the instructor. However, if a student is motivated enough to get this for free here are some of the ways by which you can go about obtaining it.

    • Unacademy Champions League: This is one of the ways of getting an Unacademy Plus subscription for free for a student who is preparing for NEET or IIT JEE.  If you want to get an Unacademy Plus subscription for free then you must attempt this exam.
    • Unacademy Referral Program: You can get some advantages by referring Unacademy to your friends. This is one way your friend gets a 10% discount while you get the reward points after your friend purchases the program on Unacademy.
    • Unacademy Banking Course: Unacademy also has many good lectures by its top faculties on its free platform. As a banking job aspirant, you must check those courses.

    Are you preparing to take the Competitive Exam? Yоu can always rely on Unademy to be on your side. 

     Live classes on Unacademy for free

    With access to classes, choose which type of class you want to be a part of. Below are some of the live classes on Unacademy that can be viewed for free.

    • ENGLISH. Сrаsh Соurses. Principles of inheritance.
    • HINDI. Рhysiсs. Be the best in Сenter оf Mаss.COM 
    • HINDI. Biоlоgy. Рrасtiсe Sessiоn Оn Аnаtоmy.
    • HINDI. Рhysiсs.
    • HINDI. Сrаsh Соurses.
    • HINDI. Strategy & Соllege Оverview.
    • HINDI. Biоlоgy.

    Best Free Unacademy Courses

    Want to know some of the best classes available on Unacademy? The following is a curated selection of Unacademy courses with high settings and enrollment. Classes are completely free. 

    • Learn Python ding
    • Leаrn АI
    • Dаtа Sсienсe courses available
    • Simрly SQL: Intrоduсtiоn tо Dаtаbаses аnd SQL Querying
    • Leаrn Yоur First Lаnguаge: Jаvаsсriрt Essentiаls
    • Mаke Videо Gаmes: Intrоduсtiоn tо Gаme Develорment with Unity
    • Think Оutside the Bоx: The Wоrld оf Design Thinking
    • Trаin Yоur Mind: Hyрerthinking: Imрrоve Yоur Dаy tо Dаy Leаrning & Сreаtivity

    “Education is the key to unlock the Golden door of Freedom.”

    Unacademy Subscription Price

    Every Wednesday, you can take a free live test and enter to win prizes and an Unacademy subscription free. You can take the test on your desktop or mobile device by joining the Unacademy website or learning app with your registered mobile number or email address. You must complete the examination within the time limit if you are unable to begin on time. Here are the prize details related to UCL:

    Test 4 – UCL Finals 

    Rank 1 -Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 1 Year Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 50,000.

    Rank 2 – Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 1 Year Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 30,000.

    Rank 3 – Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 1 Year Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 30,000.

    Rank 4 to 10 – Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 6-month Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 25,000.

    Unacademy offers – Unacademy Offers For Banking: 75% off

    Unacademy offers discounts up to 75% on banking exam subscriptions. To avail of this offer, the minimum transfer value is Rs 325 per month. Additionally, users can enjoy 58% off for a 12-month plan, and 33% off for a 6-month plan. Furthermore, users can pay via all debit, credit, and wallet cards and UPI. EMI is not available for 6 months and above.

    How to Get Unacademy subscription Offers?

    Review the membership plans you are eligible to join on the Subscriptions page. Complete the checkout process by clicking on the subscription you wish to purchase.

    • Once you’ve subscribed, you can access the courses available to you in the Subscriptions section of My Learning, Via the course landing page: you can also sign up for Udemy membership.
    • If a course is included in a subscription, you will see the option to enrol in the subscription on the course page. Moreover, you will be given the chance to try the seven-day, free trial. 
    • Click on the option you would like to choose.
    • Enter your option information and complete the checkout process. 
    • You can view this course, along with others available to you, on the Subscriptions tab on the My Learning page. 

    Following the steps outlined above, you can test out the subscriptions for free for seven days to see if they’re a suitable match for your educational needs. Your subscription will automatically switch to the subsequent monthly charge after seven days (plus applicable transaction taxes).

    You should bear in mind that the free trial is only for new subscribers. You will not qualify if you previously assessed this Unacademy subscription through a free trial or a paid subscription. 

    Unacademy Referral Program

    If you currently have an Unacademy subscription plan, you can refer your friends to earn referral points and to get a discount on the Unacademy Subscription fee, as well as extend your Unacademy subscription for free. They will receive a 10% discount on their subscription, and you will receive reward points. 

    Referral Points are worth 10% of the money paid by your friend. If a friend buys Rs. 30,000 for a subscription, you would receive 3000 Referral points. In addition, you will receive a free subscription extension. The referral bonus is only available to new Plus subscribers and does not apply to renewals. 

    • DID YOU KNOW: During the second wave of Covid, Unacademy reported a growth rate of 80-100%.

    Unacademy Subscription Price for NEET, UPSC, banking

    Preparing for bank exams has never been so easy. Banks have a very rigorous selection process and you need the right mentor for making things easier for you. With Unacademy Bank Exam courses you get everything you require to be successful in a banking exam just at your fingertips. If you are preparing for banking exams then you must consider getting an Unacademy Plus subscription.

    Unacademy Banking Course Fee

    Banking is the most sought-after exam given by the youth of our country. Unacademy provides you with the best preparatory courses on banking. Here we will provide you with the price of courses offered by Unacademy on banking:

    Duration(Months)Annual Price(INR)Monthly Price(INR)

    Unacademy Subscription Plans

    Unacademy provides you with some awesome deals if you are planning to buy an Unacademy bank course subscription. If you buy the course for the next 24 months of validity, you will get a discount of 75% which otherwise will cost you around Rs 7800. If you buy the course for 12 months, you will get a discount of 58% that usually costs you around Rs 6500. For 6 months subscription, you will get a discount of 33% which would be around Rs 5200. So you see, Unacademy provides some awesome deals on long-term subscription plans.

    Duration (months)DiscountOriginal Price Discounted price
    24 75%78002220


    Gaining knowledge is one of the highest forms of growth in this life. To offer knowledge to the masses, and even nobler goal. Unacademy is doing wonders to the world of education by providing amazing deals and offers on study material. Make the most of the offers provided in this article to start your journey towards growth.


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