Unacademy Bank Subscription: Is it worth buying an Unacademy Banking Exam course?


Banking exams are one of the most sought-after exams for the youth in our country. Each year there are many vacancies banks fill by conducting exams for different posts and due to this banking coachings are high in demand. But do you know that there are only a few offline coaching centres as effective as online coaching centre Unacademy? Below we provide you details about banking exams subscription in this blog. For the Unacademy subscription offers, visit Unacademy offers.

Unacademy Banking Course

Bank examinations for Unacademy bank subscription offer is a tailored Subscription that offers, advises, and assists you in discovering digital educational materials generated and live broadcast by top educators. You can use the Unacademy website or the Unacademy mobile app to access the Subscription and Educational Content.

Unacademy Banking Course Fee

The initial membership is for 24 months, and you will have to pay INR 325 a month, for a total of INR 7800, and you will receive a 75% discount.

The second subscription is for 12 months, and you will be required to pay INR 542 per month, for a total of INR 6500. You will receive a 58% discount on this subscription.

The third subscription is for 6 months, and you will have to pay INR 867 each month, for a total of INR 49500, and you will receive a 33% discount.

Unacademy Bank Exam Free

To get your Unacademy bank exam free subscription, every Wednesday you can take a free live test and enter to win prizes and an Unacademy subscription. You can take the test on your desktop or mobile device by joining the Unacademy website or learning app with your registered mobile number or email address. You must complete the examination within the time limit if you are unable to begin on time.

You can also view information about Unacademy free courses blog to know about it.

Bank Subscription Offers

 If you currently have an Unacademy banking course subscription, you can suggest your friends earn referral points and bonuses, as well as extend your subscription for free. they will receive a 10% discount on their subscription, and you will receive the reward points. Referral Points are worth 10% of the money paid by your friend. If a friend buys Rs.30,000 for a subscription, for example, you would receive 3000 Referral points.

In addition, you will receive a free subscription extension. The referral bonus is only available to new Plus subscribers and does not apply to renewals. (Your acquaintance must be a new platform subscriber).


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