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    Unacademy Referral Code For 2023 | Get 10% Off On Referral Code For Classes

    April 11, 2023
    Unacademy Referral Code

    Unacademy is an online learning platform for competitive exam preparation. Unacademy includes materials for UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC CGL, IBPS/SBI, CAT, GRE, GATE/IES, CA, CLAT, JEE, Pre-Medical, and Railways examinations. It also offers brief videos of lectures on a variety of topics. If you do not have any Unacademy referral code, check this blog to know how to claim and how to use the referral code in Unacademy.

    Unacademy Referral Program

    If you are subscribing to Unacademy for the first time, it will ask you for an optional Unacademy referral code. Unacademy lets its users share their referral codes with others and provide a 10% discount if you use the code.

    If you already have an Unacademy subscription, you can invite your friends to earn referral points and be eligible for referral benefits, as well as extend your subscription for free. Your buddy will receive a 10% discount on their subscription, and you will receive the reward points once your friend has paid and subscribed to Unacademy ensuring that both parties receive Unacademy referral rewards.

    Referral Code For Unacademy Plus

    When someone uses your referral code to sign up, they will be notified. Your referral code can be found in the “Refer your friends” section of your profile. Unacademy retains the right to terminate all referral points if it discovers proof that the referral code has been misused. Please keep in mind that referral codes must be delivered to your friends directly by you.

    Unacademy Plus referral code is its property, and it may not be posted on a public platform, a social media site, or in any other way where they are accessible to the general public.

    Unacademy Referral Program Terms & Conditions:

    • Only if your friend has subscribed to the same goal as you, they will receive the extension reward.
    • Even if the objective for which you referred your friend has expired, they will provide you a one-year extension on that expired subscription starting from the time your friend signed up.
    • If you buy another goal after your goal expires that is not the same as the goal in which you referred your buddy, the extension will still be on your expired goal (assuming your friend signed up for that respective goal)
    • In the case of several objectives, the extension will only apply to the goal that your friend paid for using your coupon.

    Referral Points: A New User Perspective

    Referral Points are equal to 10% of the amount paid by your friend. If you are wondering how to redeem Unacademy referral points it is fairly easy. Simply use the referral points to make transactions within the app. For example, if a friend pays Rs. 30,000 for a subscription, you will receive 3000 Unacademy Referral points. Additionally, you will receive a free extension to your subscription.

    In addition to the referral bonuses, if a friend subscribes for six months using your referral code, you’ll get a six-week extension on your current subscription. Similarly, if your friend signs up for a month, you’ll earn an extra week, and if they sign up for a year, you’ll earn an extra year.

    Referral Bonuses On Renewing Subscription

    The referral bonus is only available to new Plus subscribers and does not apply to renewals. (Your acquaintance must be a new platform subscriber.). Visit the Unacademy website for further queries.

    Unacademy Co-Founder and CEO Gaurav Munjal once visited KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) which is an Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and requested Shahrukh khan who was there as a contestant to say a dialogue of Shahrukh’s movie (Mohabbatein)

    Unacademy Invite Code For Free Plan

    Academies that offer their students the benefit of free studies truly make learning and acquiring knowledge in this day and age a blessing. Unacademy is one such online platform that allows the inculcation of knowledge that much is easier with the offers they provide. One such offer is the free study plan where one can have access to the plethora of subjects at hand in Unacademy for absolutely free. Also, use the Unacademy Referral Code to avail of the referral offer.

    • Simply type in the code “STUDYATHOME” in the invite code space to avail this offer to start prepping yourself for the academic challenges ahead.

    Unacademy Referral Code For SSC, USPC & Bank

    Unacademy is offering the opportunity to share your source of knowledge with your friends. You can now give out your referral codes to your friends. This referral code is applicable for SSC, USPC, IIT JEE and Bank courses among many others. You will receive your rewards once your friend has used your referral code to subscribe to one of the courses being offered by Unacademy. Use the referral code now and get course offers, study materials, interactive live classes, quizzes, tests, etc. at a discount to make the journey of knowledge an exciting one. Although the referral codes might be the same, the coupon codes to get different discounts on the courses are different. Check out CouponsWala for more such offers.

    • Avail 10% discount on your course or avail of an extension.


    Use this opportunity to not just learn but share and save on your pursuit for higher knowledge as you embark on your journey to make the world a better place with Unacademy refer and earn. To find more deals and coupon codes check out Unacademy.



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