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UnacademyUnacademy Free Courses Details 2021 IIT JEE, NEET - Check Free Class

Unacademy Free Courses Details 2021 IIT JEE, NEET – Check Free Class

Unacademy is an Indian educational technology company, based in Bangalore. It has teachers who have passed various exams and mentors who have a good history of mentoring. Students are taught a range of disciplines using videos on this online education platform. Educators can use the Educator App to construct educational lessons. Unacademy allows students to access Unacademy Free Courses. Do you need Unacademy courses offers?

Several free courses are available on their platform. Unacademy +, their premium courses’ platform, ranging from INR 1,000 to 30,000. Unacademy Plus, one of their premium courses, is confined to small groups of students. Under the supervision of the instructor, the students in Unacademy Plus’ groups discuss, debate, and share learning material.

Unacademy free live classes

While their are in Unacademy’s class session, students can chat with their instructor, participate in discussions, ask questions, and take polls. Unacademy also conducts Quizzes and live tests along with Unacademy Free Courses.

Regular mock examinations and quizzes will help you evaluate your preparation and provide you with thorough feedback on your performance. They also offer Bank Exam Scholarship Tests on a weekly basis. They will provide you with personalized grading and ratings to assist you in tracking your development. They give detailed video solutions in their free live workshops following each challenge, so you can get it properly the next time. If you got the answers right, you’ll see them in real-time in Unacademy free live classes, and you’ll know where you rank among other Indian students.

Unacademy Plus Free

Unacademy conduct Unacademy League. Every Wednesday, you can take the Unacademy’s live test for free and try to win prizes and an Unacademy subscription for free. By logging in to the Unacademy website or learning app with your registered mobile number or email address, you can take the test on your desktop or mobile device. Please make sure you have a good internet connection before trying out Unacademy’s LIVE Exam for FreeUnacademy plus subscription. They advise you to take the examination in person and to be on time. If you are unable to begin on time, you must complete the examination within the specified time limit. Yes, you can take UCL more than once, LIVE only, and each time you will be eligible for a Rank-based award or scholarship. Unacademy also provides support through the Unacademy App in case of any queries.

  • Reach out to Unacademy through for further detail.

Unacademy courses offers

Check details regarding Unacademy courses offers. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, & Biology amazon voucher available here. Unacademy Free Courses are also available there for students.

UCL Physics, UCL Chemistry, UCL Mathematics/Biology

Rank 1 – Rank 10 – Amazon voucher worth 10,000/-

Rank 11 – Rank 30 – Amazon voucher worth 5000/-

Rank 31 – Rank 50 – Amazon voucher worth 3000/-

Unacademy IIT JEE/NEET Deals

We have covered every detail about Unacademy IIT JEE/NEET Deals. You can get up to Rs 50000 voucher

Test 4 – UCL Finals

Rank 1 – Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 1 Year Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 50,000.

Rank 2 – Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 1 Year Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 30,000.

Rank 3 – Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 1 Year Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 30,000.

Rank 4 to 10 – Unacademy IIT-JEE/NEET-UG 6-month Subscription, Amazon Vouchers worth 25,000.


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