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Uber Paytm Offer | Paytm Code To Save On Your Uber Rides


UberUber Paytm Offer | Paytm Code To Save On Your Uber Rides

Uber Paytm Offer | Paytm Code To Save On Your Uber Rides

Booking an Uber? Searching for Uber Paytm offer? We have got you covered. Uber is a cab ride-booking platform that helps humans go from one place to another. Uber has revolutionized the whole cab booking service. It made going to places easier for people. They started out in America and now they are worldwide. They are the leaders in the digital cab ride-booking service sector all across the world. Companies go a long way to keep their users comfortable and happy. One of the ways is to give them the most number of options to make payments through. In this article, we will detail out Uber Paytm code, uber Paytm UPI offers and Uber Paytm error problems.

Uber Paytm Code

Uber Paytm code gives you a discount when you pay for your ride using the Paytm app. Paytm and Uber have tied up to help their users make payments. Uber has tied up with all major digital payment platforms, Paytm being one of them. This offer code helps you make your ride cheaper and save money while traveling. They want to make the ride more accessible and cheaper for its users using this uber Paytm code. Check out the Uber website or CouponsWala to use these codes.

Uber Paytm UPI Offer

Uber is known for providing quality cab service. Paytm is a well-known payment portal. Put the two together and you are sure to get a nice deal as an end result. Look no further for offers that you can use through Paytm to make the most of your cab rides when using the Uber app. Below are some of the currently running offers provided by the online service giants. 

  • Get 20% off up to Rs 250 on your first Intercity booking. Offer valid till 31st December.
  • Pay with Paytm and get 50% off up to Rs 200 on one Rentals booking. Valid on one trip per user only. Offer Valid till 31st Dec.

How To Authorize Uber in Paytm

There are a lot of questions running about the internet. Mostly as users face situations unknown to them there is no simple process of bypassing it. Or the solution is right in front of them and it is hard for them to find it. To authorize Uber in Paytm there are 3 simple steps.

  • Open the Uber app, go to payments.
  • Click on the Paytm option, Re-authorise it.
  • Use it to make payments.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Paytm is an acronym for “Payment Through Mobile”

Paytm Not Working

Sometimes the Paytm payment option on Uber doesn’t work. So, try deleting and reinstalling Uber on your device. When you are unable to pay for your Uber through Paytm, mostly due to bad network, bank servers issues or not enough balance, don’t worry. You can pay for that ride later while booking your next ride.

Uber Paytm Error

Whenever there is an Uber Paytm error, it can be solved by going to the payment option on your Uber app and tapping on Paytm. You will get a notification to authorize uber, giving uber access to your Paytm wallet. Once you provide permission, an OTP gets generated on Paytm which is detected by Uber and it gets access. Check Uber Paytm UPI and use it for your next payment on Uber.

For more details and information visit the Uber website.


With ever-growing competition around every corner, online service providers have to be on their toes to provide their customers with the best deals and keep them hooked to the service. With Uber or Paytm there is no shortage of deals as the offers keep getting updated on a regular basis. Make sure to checkout Uber, Paytm or CouponWala for more deals.


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