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Top 5 Rideshare Apps | Unique Features & Benefits Of Cab Companies


UberTop 5 Rideshare Apps | Unique Features & Benefits Of Cab Companies

Top 5 Rideshare Apps | Unique Features & Benefits Of Cab Companies

For people who feel uncomfortable and face problems when traveling within the city, ride safely and on time to the office or clinic using a cab service. You’re probably thinking that cab fares are pricey and are not the best solution for traveling by every day. Check all the details of the Top 5 Rideshare apps.

The article gives brief information about the top 5 best ride-sharing companies in India with unique features and benefits. You can now schedule your ride before time and also avail the best services for a fraction of the price by using these companies to travel in India.

Where have we reached with rideshare apps?

The digital technology and digitalization boom have made life much simpler and more accessible for the next-gen commuters. In a short time, the traditional taxi business was not just disrupted by ride-hailing services like Uber, it was almost wiped out. Now the shoe is on the other foot as people realize the benefits of adopting ride-sharing apps and are flocking to use them in droves.

Just like outdated traditional taxi companies adopted the technology pioneered by Uber, these taxi-hailing businesses have to address this new paradigm and growth. This is marked by the fact that even Uber has a ridesharing offer.

According to research earlier this year, the ridesharing market will be approximately USD 218 billion by 2025. That is not surprising given the rising popularity of ridesharing that shows no sign of slowing down.

1) Uber Ride Sharing App: You Move The World Around

Uber is a top-rated app with an HQ in San Francisco. The business is predicted to have about 110 million worldwide users. Its rapid popularity over the years has been deemed as a revolution in the transport arena. Uber Ride has been ranked in the top 5 ride sharing companies

Uber’s approach is also referred to as “Uberisation”. It has been a super-efficient model for serving end-user needs. The Uber sharing cab app service model, Uber POOL, was initially introduced in August 2014 and has continued success.

Driver-oriented features

  • The rider can provide a gratuity to the driver.
  • Special accommodations for deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers.
  • An active rating system to measure driver performance.
  • Drivers can list the reason behind the cancellation of the ride.

Rider-oriented features

  • Ride scheduling well before the actual ride timing.
  • Has the ability to pay for the ride till the user books the next one.
  • Available for people with service animals.Check the details of the latest Uber Paytm Offer 75 before booking your next ride.
  • Ability to add multiple drop-off points.

How to avail?

Not sure how to book an Uber ride? There are some easy steps to follow to avail of the Uber ride. They are enlisted below.

  • Go to the play store and download the Uber app.
  • Sign up, enter your phone number or email id, and provide authentic information.
  • Enable your mobile GPS location, and a driver will be assigned to you.
  • After that, go to the ride now option if you wish to ride immediately.
  • Confirm your ride with Uber cabs, and you are ready to go.

2) Bla Bla Taxi: Share Your Journey

BlaBla Car has a somewhat unique business model. Here, the private vehicle owners can list their vehicles on the app along with their pick-up and drop-off date. If any passenger wishes to join them on the ride, they can request the ride and share the expense. Bla Bla Taxi is among the top 5 ride sharing companies.

The taxi share app acts as a bridge between the driver and the passenger. BlaBla receives a 12% commission for every successful booking. It is an excellent app for saving time and money along with enjoying a comfortable trip.

Driver-oriented features

  • Flexibility to post about the drive-in just a few seconds.
  • Drivers get the power to decide who rides with them.
  • Reduce fuel expense by not having to travel alone.

Rider-oriented features

  • Book a ride that looks affordable and safe.
  • Opportunity to find drivers that start nearby.
  • You can even book last-minute seats if available.
  • Women drivers can travel with the women-only option.

How to avail?

Here are a few steps to avail yourself of a ride with BlaBla car carpooling apps.

  • Download the Bla Bla car app from the play store on your mobile.
  • Sign up and fill up the details.
  • Go to the option for booking a car or booking a carpool in whichever you wish to ride.
  • Confirm your booking.
  • Enable the live location.
  • You are ready to go.
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3) Ola Cab Booking & Rideshare App

Ola Share enables users to book and avail of a cab-sharing service with fellow commuters who could be trusted and proven. Users can also connect with other travelers on the go without planning it on a prior basis, de-tour, or wait for other passengers to join.

User shares your ride with the people you choose. Users can join a group based on one or more common aspects as per their location and gender. Like the Uber pool, Ola Share is now available in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and many more. It is known as the first major home-grown cab aggregator founded in 2010 by the famous Bhavish Aggarwal. The company has also expanded its wings to international markets like Australia and New Zealand.

Driver-oriented features

  • Can locate the exact location of the user through the live location feature.
  • Can contact the user when in need.

Rider-oriented features

  • Trusted app and driver.
  • The user can avail of the driver’s number and route with the live location.
  • Can book the ride any time.
  • Pre-scheduled rides are also available.
  • Trusted app at any time by females.

How to avail?

The steps to follow for availing of the ola rides are listed below.

  • Download the Ola cabs app from the play store on your smartphone.
  • Sign up with your valid phone number and select the state or city code.
  • You will enter the interphase for ride now options.
  • You can also pre-schedule your rides.
  • Confirm your ride and enter the destination.
  • You will get the driver’s basic information and live tracking.
  • Get into the car when your ride is there and enjoy the ride.

4) Meru Cab Sharing App

Meru Cabs, another riding company, is an actual digital platform based in Mumbai. It provides taxi services to many Indian cities, including major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and many others. It was launched in the year 2007. It provides various taxi services to its users with the use of a call facility too. However, Meru has now evolved with time and provides a separate app for booking taxis differently. The app has easy navigation, booking, rate estimation, live route-tracking, ride history, etc.

Driver-oriented features

  • Can locate the real-time location of the user.
  • Can also avail the best services recommendations to the user.

Rider-oriented features

  • Reliable and safe car cab services.
  • Variety of diverse fleet cabs for users.
  • You can also get new offers and discounts.
  • Safe in the covid pandemic too.

How to avail?

Steps to avail of the Meru cab app are as follows.

  • The Meru app is different with different facilities like local, rental, Outstation, and many more.
  • Download the Meru Cabs app from the play store as per your requirement.
  • Log in for the application with your basic identity and information.
  • You will now enter into the page for riding options.
  • Decide as per your requirement and enter the destination you wish to ride.
  • Confirm your bookings.
  • You are ready to go.

Riding together is an experience

5) Zoom Car

The riding company is headquartered in the city of Bangalore. The company has received huge success as a car rental company for its unique business idea. The company also provides self-drive rental cars to the users that can be used by the customers for a set period as agreed upon during the hiring process. The company started in the year back 2013 and currently operates in more than 27 cities in India. It is the brainchild of an America-based duo named Greg Moran and David Back. The company has partnered with other auto manufacturers such as Mahindra & Ford to provide the customers with electric vehicles and Ford EcoSport. Among the Top 5 Ride Sharing Companies, this is one of the best.

Driver-oriented features

  • The driver can choose and locate the real-time of himself.
  • Can choose the route and also the passenger.

 Rider-oriented features

  • One of the most trusted apps for the ride-sharing app.
  • Can book at the last minute also.
  • Service availed 24×7.
  • Provides with added covid protocols.

How to avail Zoomcar ride?

The steps are as follows:

  • Download the Zoom car app on your mobile.
  • Sign up or log in to the application.
  • Enter your phone number and state.
  • You will be directed to the page with the live map and ride now options.
  • Book a ride as per your requirement.
  • Enter the destination.
  • Confirm your booking, and you will avail the name of the driver with the phone number.
  • You are ready to ride now with the amazing zoom car app.

How To Avail Yourself Of The Ridesharing App?

Ideally, there are very easy and user-friendly apps for each ride-sharing app like uber, ola, and zoom car. The user has to follow the below-listed steps to avail of the ride using the ride-sharing app.

  • Download the app of the ride-sharing app you wish to avail yourself.
  • Now sign up with your details like name, age, gender, and photograph which are optional.
  • Go to book a ride now and enable your live location.
  • You can see the live tracking of the car, basic information about the driver, and covid vaccination in this pandemic situation.
  • Select the car you wish to ride in.
  • Confirm your booking, and the app will now start the countdown and the exact time remaining for your ride to arrive.
  • The contact number of the driver and the car number will be present in the end window of the page.
  • Contact the driver if in need.
  • Tell the OTP delivered on your mobile when the car arrives, and have fun sitting on the back seat till you reach your destination on time.

Who Needs To Avail Of The Ridesharing App?

You would be surprised to see the number of people who still use cab services daily. People who move to a new city or find riding or driving a hassle use cabs to travel back and forth. With ride-sharing apps, it is now easier for them to travel through the city while saving a lot of money as cab rides aren’t exactly cheap. The people who require a ride-sharing app are.

  • One who does not know how to drive a car and has to travel for a long distance.
  • One who is not confident enough to drive a car for long-distance or intercity.
  • One who always gets late to reach the office or clinic because of silly issues like parking and traffic every day.


In conclusion, the riding companies are known for the best boon of technology and digitalization. To save more on your daily traveling expenses, share a ride to lower the costs. One can also sign up and download the listed top 5 best riding companies’ applications and enjoy the first user discount coupons and offers.


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