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    TataNeu Finance | Stay Updated On Loans & Insurances Provided On This Super App

    TataNeu is very ambitious in its approach. Not only has it acquired the interest of individuals by being an all in one app that provides groceries, electronic goods, apparel and even functioning as a payment portal, it also provides financial assistance in the form of loans and insurance. You are never short of surprises when it comes to TataNeu finance. Find all the details below. 

    The Tata Group has launched their new super app, which is going to be available on April 7th. They posted introductory teasers for it along with the ongoing Indian Premier League tournament and started advertising this heavily during match days so that people know about its launch date before they tune in!

    What Is Provided On TataNeu Finance?

    When you choose the finance option on the home page in the app, you will find two tabs. One tab has the Loans options where you will find loan plans that you can use to make purchases easier. The other tab provides insurance options where you can safeguard what’s important to you with the available plans. Below you will find the details for TataNeu Loans and Insurance respectively.


    Powered by TATA Capital, apply for loans on the TataNeu app with options like the Qik EMI Card and the Qik Personal loan. Each of the two options provides ease of purchase when buying the product of your choice. Get No EMI options when spending on pricey products or opt for the personal loan if you’re in a bit of a financial pinch and need to buy something in a hurry. Below are the details of the different loans you can avail of.

    Loans – Qik EMI Card

    Purchase your choice of personal gadgets and home appliances with the Qik EMI card by TATA Capital where you can avail of the No Cost EMI option. Be able to purchase TV’s, refrigerators, laptops and more with the Qik EMI card that offers a credit limit of up to 1.5 lakhs. With the Qik EMI card, you will avail of the following features.

    • Get No Cost EMI options without the requirement of a security deposit. 
    • The process to acquire the card is made easy by making everything online and only having to provide primary details and KYC documents for loan applications.
    • Pay conveniently as you get to choose the EMI period, tenure and loan amount as everything is made flexible.
    • You get access to instant loan approval to get started on your shopping right away.

    Follow the below simple steps to get started with your Qik EMI card.

    • Check your eligibility for the card by sharing details to get an approved limit.
    • Complete the provided KYC forms.
    • Set up an e-mandate for repayment through net banking or debit card.

    Loans – Qik Personal Loan

    Feeling a little strapped for cash? Apply for a loan that is provided at the best interest rates and minimum processing fees with the Qik Personal Loans. Powered by Tata Capital, apply for loans to use in emergencies or that vacation you have always been dreaming of. Read further to find all the options related to your Qik Personal Loan. 

    • A few basic details can avail you of loans up to 8 lakhs.
    • Everything is done online so you don’t have to go through the hassle of filling in details on files.
    • Get quick approval on your loans so in case of emergencies you have money at your disposal.

    Get your loan approved by following these easy steps. 

    • Provide basic details to know your eligibility.
    • Acquire customised loans as per your requirements.
    • Complete your KYC.
    • And finally, share your bank details and set up repayment.

    “None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can” – Ratan Tata


    Protect what’s important to you by applying for Insurance on the TataNeu app. You can now protect your cards from the risk of frauds gaining access and misusing your money. Your belongings at home need to be protected when you are on vacation, safeguard them with the Home Away Secure plan. Find more details about the insurance plans below. 

    Card Fraud Secure Plan

    With the Card Fraud Secure Plan powered by Fraudulent Charge Cover under TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited, you can secure up to 15 cards against fraud transactions up to Rs 2 lakhs at a plan of Rs 499 per year. With cyber security becoming a growing threat in today’s world it is better to be safe than sorry with the protection plan. 

    Coverage conditions 

    • Inclusions – The plan covers unauthorised charges made on your card up to 30 days before reporting the event and 7 days after your report. The first 15 cards that are issued in India under the name of the policyholder will be covered.
    • Exclusions – Charges incurred by a resident of your household or by a person entrusted with your card. Losses caused due to illegal activities caused intentionally by you or your family.
    • Events covered – The plan covers against unauthorised charges that may happen at stores, points of sale, over the phone, online or through ATM withdrawals.
    • Validity – The plan will protect your cards against unauthorised charges for a year from the year of plan activation.

    Terms and Conditions

    • They will reimburse only those unauthorised charges which are made after the plan activation for which you are liable to pay.
    • A payment card means an ATM card, credit card, charge card, prepaid card or debit card issued by a qualified financial institution that is intended for personnel use only.
    • The date of the incident should be post the policy commencement date.
    • The liability will be covered up to the sum which insured, opted and mentioned on the certificate.
    • You will be able to claim once during the policy period that is mentioned on your policy certificate.

    Home Away Secure Plan

    Your home is a safe place where you can feel protected and be who you want to be. It is time to return the favour by protecting your home with the Home Away Secure Plan powered by Personal extended Protection Plan under TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited. When you are on vacation, rest assured and enjoy every moment of your adventure without having to worry about your home being invaded by burglars. 

    Coverage conditions

    • Goods Included – You can use the plan on furniture, clothes, electrical and audio equipment*, money and cheques, refrigerators, televisions, CD/DVD players, stereo sets and computers.
    • Goods Excluded – Jewellery, mobile phones, cameras and portable electronics.
    • Events covered – The policy covers damage, disappearance, destruction of the covered items due to a burglary at your residence when no one is home.
    • Events not covered – Losses that occur due to events other than burglary, including but not limited to fire, smoke, lightning, wind, water, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tidal wave, landslide, hail, or other acts of god will not be covered.
    • Validity – The plan will be active for one year from the date of activation. It will protect your belongings for any trips that lasts less than 31 days. 

    Terms and Conditions

    • It will cover trips that is greater than 80 kilometres from your residence.
    • A trip that lasts less than 31 days will be covered. 


    Financial woes are always bound to be there. With TataNeu however, they are a thing of the past. Flexible offers on loans and EMI’s make purchasing worries non-existent. Protect your necessities with reliable sources backing you up. TataNeu is an app you can count. 


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