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    KFC Vouchers | Details On The Best Deals, Benefits Of Gift Cards, & More

    January 9, 2024
    KFC Vouchers

    KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a subordinate of Yum! Brands. It is an American fast-food chain whose headquarters are in Louisville, Kentucky. It was the first American fast-food chain to expand internationally. KFC, known for its fried chicken is offering various kinds of gift vouchers and KFC gift cards to attract more customers and also to enjoy their favorite food with discounts. Currently, they are offering vouchers with a discount of 3% on the following denominations: Rs. 250, Rs. 500, and Rs. 1000. Every Rs 1000 spent on the voucher, will get you 3 points in your account. You can also buy KFC vouchers using PAYBACK points or cash. You will be able to use vouchers in both online and offline modes of payment.

    Benefits And Best Deals Of KFC Gift Card

    The fried chicken connoisseur wants its customers to associate feelings of joy and happiness with its famous chicken. Below are the benefits you can avail of when you purchase vouchers and gift cards from KFC to make your breakfast, lunch, or dinner the favorite part of your day with KFC.

    KFC gift card benefits

    After buying KFC gift cards you can enjoy several benefits. You can also get discounts when you buy vouchers from PAYBACK. By buying vouchers from PAYBACK you can earn PAYBACK points. These points can be used for buying future vouchers or you can also get different products that PAYBACK offers. 

    For eg., you will get 30 points in your account on every Rs. 1000 you spend. You can also use your collected PAYBACK points to get some additional discount. Yes, whenever you want to order your next meal there is always the ease of cashless payment. 

    KFC gift card for him

    If he likes crispy, fried chicken or if he is a big epicure of food. Then you must think of gifting him a KFC gift card on his birthday or any other special occasion. You can give a KFC gift card to your father, brother, friend, or someone special in your life.

    KFC gift card for her

    Does she regularly go to KFC to satisfy her cravings for chicken? If it’s true then give her a KFC gift card. She is going to love that. Gift her on occasions like birthdays, Rakshabandhan, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. It will be a delicious present for your mom, sister, friend, wife, or bae. 

    KFC gift card for corporate gifting

    If you need corporate gifts for your office clients and employees, then a KFC gift card will be a good option for you. Give KFC gift cards to your capable or old clients to leave a good impression. Also, use KFC gift cards for various activities like sales incentives, Diwali gifting, reward and recognition, and team building activities. 

    “Happiness is eating some good chicken”

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    How To Use A Gift Card?

    Received a KFC gift card but unsure as to how you can cash in on it? it is not as hard as you might think. The steps to use a KFC vouchers are very simple as follows :

    • Click on the locator and check for eligible outlets.
    • Visit the nearest outlet and select the items from the menu.
    • Tell the cashier that you have a voucher to use and share the voucher code with him/her.
    • The cashier will minus the amount of the voucher code from your total bill, pay the remaining balance with available payment options: cash, credit/debit card, or UPI payment.

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    How Do I Buy A KFC Gift Card?

    Looking for a nice gift card to gift your loved ones? Don’t know where to find gift cards or how to purchase them?Also, use the KFC Vouchers and start saving! It is a fairly simple process, just follow the steps provided below to buy a KFC gift card:

    • Sign in to your KFC PAYBACK account.
    • Visit the brand page of KFC by clicking the URL under the beverage and food category.
    • Select the quantity and voucher value.
    • Undergo terms and conditions. 
    • Tap on the buy now button and make the payment using the available payment methods. 

    The code of the KFC gift card will be displayed on your screen. Moreover, you will receive your voucher via SMS and email in a few minutes.

    What Should I Purchase Using KFC Gift Cards In India?

    In India, you can purchase everything available on the menu of the KFC outlets where you can redeem your KFC gift cards. It includes chicken wings, veg strips, crispy chicken pieces, rice bowls, crushers, fries, and other delicious food items. 

    How To Send A KFC Gift Card To Someone Else?

    If you are staying in a far off place devoid of human colonisation and it’s a friends birthday or an occasion where you want to buy a present for someone, it is now easily possible. To send KFC vouchers or gift cards to someone else:

    • Select the quantity and choose the voucher value on its brand page.
    • Click on the button “THIS IS A GIFT” which is present in the order summary section.
    • Fill up all the necessary information, including the recipient’s phone number, email address, and your special message for them.
    • Make the payment through the available payment methods.

    How To Check The Balance Of The KFC Gift Card?

    If you’ve used the KFC vouchers on a regular basis, it is very common to forget the remaining balance of the gift card. If you don’t want to be disappointed or put in a position where you find yourself at the checkout counter but low on balance, here are a few simple steps for a KFC gift card balance check:

    • In the footer area, find and click on the option of  “Check Voucher Status”.
    • Enter the code written in the KFC gift card in the provided space for the “Voucher Number.”
    • Tap on the “Check Now!!” button, after inserting the CAPTCHA number correctly.
    • Then you can instantly see the balance of your gift card.

    The details of validity also appear when you use this option.

    What Can I Do If I Lose My KFC Gift Card Code?

    Losing things is common these days unless you keep a track of everything with amazing memory. Don’t panic if you lose your voucher or gift card code. Here’s what you need to do:

    • Tap on the “Resend My Voucher” option present in the footer area of PAYBACK’s website.
    • A page opens, then enter your email address and phone number and press on the SUBMIT button.
    • You will get your details of the voucher via email and SMS in a few minutes.

    Terms And Conditions Of KFC Gift Cards Or Gift Vouchers

    • In one bill, a single gift card/gift voucher can be used against the online redemption.
    • In one bill, multiple gift cards/gift vouchers can be used at the outlet (offline redemption only).
    • Gift cards/gift vouchers are for one-time use only.
    • For the unused amount of the gift card, there will be no credit note/refund that will be given.
    • Restaurants’ gift cards/gift vouchers once expired cannot be validated again.
    • Restaurants cannot be able to redeem GV / GC on specific block-out dates.
    • Restaurants can add and delete any date whenever they want to, due to its sole discretion.
    • In KFC restaurants insta gift vouchers (GV) / gift cards (GC) are also accepted at all the listed outlets and on the website at 
    • If you order food online, your bill amount must be equal to or less than the amount of the gift voucher but not higher (during online redemption).
    • On the payment page when you are using a gift voucher multiple modes of payment can’t be used (during online redemption).
    • For using gift vouchers, denominations of INR 250, 500, and 1000 are only accepted at
    • Must inform the cashier which plan you want to use the GV/GC before billing to make payment of the bill.
    • If your instant gift voucher/gift card gets blocked due to any account of technical issues, it would get fixed in 72 hours.

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    Steps To Redeem KFC E-Vouchers

    Redeeming KFC e-vouchers is a fairly easy process. Tio know how you can redeem the e-vouchers to get started on your delicious journey to a satisfied stomach, follow the steps below.

    • First of all, you have to check all the eligible outlets and by tapping on the outlet locator option on the page.
    • Find the nearest outlet and visit and then select the items from the menu you wish to eat.
    • Inform the cashier that you have a voucher code to use on the bill amount and share the voucher code with him/her.

    Avail of this coupon online and get amazing offers on your favourite brands using this coupon online.

    • DID YOU KNOW: KFC is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day in Japan.

    How Can I Use A KFC E-Voucher Online?

    You can use the KFC e-voucher only at the outlets of this fast-food restaurant chain where e-vouchers are applicable. First find the outlet near you by using the outlet locator on the page.

    KFC FAQs

    Yes, you can use multiple KFC e-gift cards only to buy a single order from the outlet near you. 

    Don’t worry in case you are facing any kind of issues related to your KFC vouchers, you will have to call on this number: 1800-103-3315. Otherwise, you have to fill in all the details in the online form: They will respond to you with the best solution as early as possible. 

    Yes, you will be able to use your KFC gift voucher even if you buy something as a part of the combo or from any promotional offer by this brand.

    At PAYBACK, the validity of your e-voucher depends on the brand and its value. It’s mostly in the period of 3 to 12 months. You will receive all the notifications/details via SMS and/or email, along with your voucher code.

    It is so simple, deselect the option of redeeming points in your order summary section. If you don’t wish to use our existing PAYBACK points on buying a new voucher, it’s your choice of what you select.

    The time you select a voucher on the page of brand, the percentage of discount you are having will be shown in the order summary section. Then the final amount you have to pay after deduction of flat discount and the discount from PAYBACK points also appears there. 


    If you are an epicurean, then you are surely going to love the discounts via vouchers or gift cards on your favourite food meals that you crave from your favourite restaurants. It will give you the joy of eating food at the best rates offered by the different food chains. Buy or use vouchers and gift cards to have great discounts and other benefits to enjoy food on a budget. 



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