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KFC Friday Offer


KFCKFC Friday Offer

KFC Friday Offer

Who does not like KFC? Everyone likes it. Its unique taste and fried chicken’s crispiness are everyone’s favourites. Apart from all this what makes it best is its value for money deals. But apart from all this, saving some bucks never hurts, right? Well in this blog we will be telling you how can you get the best out of KFC Friday offer. For more KFC Friday special, view KFC offers.

KFC Friday Deal

KFC is a globally recognized chicken restaurant chain with a long history of success and innovation. Colonel Harland Sanders, a cook, came up with a finger-licking excellent recipe—a list of 11 secret herbs and spices scrawled out on the back of his kitchen door—more than 75 years ago.

All KFC orders come with free delivery. If you’re going to KFC, what should you order? Right on time, too, because the restaurant is providing free delivery to all of its patrons as a welcome gift. Quickly read on for more information about KFC’s Friday deals.

KFC Friday offer- Bangalore, Delhi, Pune

  • Get Rs.99 Cashback Via KFC Paytm Wallet: Customers who pay with Paytm wallets now get up to Rs.99 cashback on their KFC orders, enhancing their KFC visiting experience. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the KFC promotion.
  1. This Paytm wallet offer is valid on the first Paytm transaction on KFC
  2. The only mode of payment accepted under this offer is a Paytm offer.
  3. Both old and new KFC lovers can redeem the discount 
  4. Can be merged with KFC Friday offers 
  5. The order needs to be made through the KFC app and website 
  6. The discount is available across all KFC menu items: Chicken Buckets, Burgers, Sides, Beverages & more
  • Get 10% Cashback on KFC Order on Airtel Wallet: When we say KFC, we mean it. Is even more delectable when you get a 10% cashback up to Rs.100 when you place a KFC order. Read the offer’s terms and conditions below.
  1. This KFC offer is available for both old and new customers
  2. The minimum order value must be Rs.600
  3. Works well with KFC Friday offers 
  4. The exclusive mode of payment is Airtel wallet under this KFC coupon 
  5. Categories available are KFC Zinger box, burgers, KFC chicken, more 
  6. KFC delivery charges may apply at checkout

For more such deals, view KFC Wednesday Offer.

KFC Friday Special 2021

For just Rs.399, you may get your hands-on KFC favourites. It’s time to take advantage of KFC Friday Offers and order all of your favourites because the fast-food restaurant is now providing all of its KFC favourites for just Rs.399. Have you started drooling yet? So, put your orders as soon as possible and read the following information:

  • Offers can be redeemed through the digital platforms 
  • No KFC promo code required for the discount
  • Numerous modes of payment can be used to redeem the deal-Debit/credit cards, net banking, and wallets
  • The offer applies to KFC favourites: Classic chicken zinger, 4 hot wings, and 1 large chicken popcorn.

KFC Friday gives consumers the scrumptious KFC hot & crispy rice combo for just Rs.340, kicking off the weekend with a bang. Look over the following:

  • Both old and new customers can redeem the deal 
  • KFC order online can be made through app and website 
  • Use payment methods like KFC gift cards, other cards, net banking, wallets
  • KFC coupon code is not applicable for the customers 
  • KFC Friday offers combo include- rice bowls gravy, 4-hot wings, Pepsi 
  • The KFC Friday offers can be doubled with other KFC coupons


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