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    Food Combo Offers | Get Upto 60% Off On Your Most-Loved Food Items

    January 9, 2024
    food combo offers

    Who doesn’t love a mouth-watering meal, especially with a perfect combination of food and beverages? Yes, you are right. No one. The idea of a combo meal is not new; consumers get drawn to items such as a deep-fried chicken taco, casserole, and snack, as well as a fried burger served with French fries and a can of Pepsi. Many restaurants have developed affordable options or combo meal variants following this trend. This food combo offers choices suitable for sating a customer’s food cravings and being a good value alternative.

    Dominos Combo Pack

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Pizza & Juice Partnership – Paneer Spl Combo (Meal for 1) –
    Reg Peppy Paneer + B Natural Mixed Fruit from Himalayas
    Buy Now
    Pizza & Juice Partnership – Veg Combo (Meal for 1) – Reg
    Farmhouse + B Natural Pink Guavas from Dakshin India
    Buy Now
    Classic Veg Buddy Combo – Onion Pizza Mania + Pepsi PETRs.151
    Buy Now
    Spicy Buddy Combo – Pizza Mania Capsicum Pizza Mania +
    Pepsi PET
    Buy Now
    Paneer Special Buddy Combo – Paneer Onion Pizza Mania +
    Pepsi PET
    Buy Now

     Everybody has experienced how a pizza tastes when baked just, right? We all know the feeling!

    The food combo offers its chef’s kiss for pizza lovers. Pizzas with regional flavors, such as Peppy Paneer and Kebab, have been famous. Couponswala offers a great discount on Domino’s combo pack. Domino’s keeps on expanding its menu with intriguing new combo items. Don’t let go of this proposal so that you don’t miss out on an excellent balance of Indian and western flavors. 

    Buddy Combo Dominos

    One of Italy’s best foods to eat with friends is pizza. Delicious, reasonably priced, and simple to personalize. Customers from India are price-conscious, and Domino’s recognized this. Due to this, pizzas and meal packages become more affordable.

    • Purchase 2 regular pizzas for only Rs. 99 each.
    • Get 30% off the pizza with Domino’s special offer for friends.

    KFC Combo Pack

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Popcorn Nachos & Wings ComboRs 449
    Rs 349
    Buy Now
    Strips & Rice ComboRs 499
    Rs 359
    Buy Now
    Classic Biryani ComboRs 999
    Rs 740
    Buy Now
    Smoky Grilled Biryani ComboRs 999
    Rs 740
    Buy Now
    Popcorn Biryani ComboRs 899
    Rs 690
    Buy Now

    Combination meals are more than just a good value; they include a starter, a main course, and a dessert. KFC combo packs have it all so that you can enjoy the best delicious cuisine at a reduced price.

    • Spend less than Rs.30 on ten spicy peri leg pieces and four dips.
    • Save 43% when purchasing the signature 4-piece bucket—six hot and crispy wings, four strips, two dips, and a Pepsi.

    KFC Zinger Burger Combo

    The original KFC fried chicken recipe has a spicy twist in the form of the Zinger Burger, which is to create a traditional chicken burger with a hint of spice.

    When your taste buds want a burst of spice in your mouth, go for the zinger combo offers to make you hungry.

    • Order 2 Zinger. Get one free when you spend more than Rs. 399.
    • Buy a vegetarian Zinger burger combo for at least 350 rupees.

    Get Now – KFC Zinger Burger Combo

    KFC Family Combo

    For over 60 years, the KFC family combo has been a mainstay of family dinnertime gatherings,If offered at reasonable prices it provides solace and joy from suppers with family. 

    • Full family combo pack for just Rs 299
    • Purchase a 4-pack of spicy chicken buckets for Rs.560.

    Mc Donald’s combo pack

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    2 McAloo Tikki + 2 Fries LargeRs 899
    Rs 293
    Buy Now
    2 American Cheese Supreme Veg + 2 Veg Pizza McPuff +
    2 Fries Large + Coke Medium
    Rs 899
    Rs 550
    Buy Now
    2 American Cheese Supreme Chicken + Chicken
    McNuggets 6 Pc + 2 Fries Large + Coke Medium
    Rs 899
    Rs 602
    Buy Now
    McSpicy Paneer + McSpicy Chicken + 2 Fries Large +
    Coke Medium
    Rs 749
    Rs 606
    Buy Now
    2 McVeggie + 2 American Cheese Supreme Veg +
    2 Fries Large
    Rs 899
    Rs 647
    Buy Now

    The constantly changing consumer base has always responded favourably to McDonald’s innovative product offerings, and  there are no words to describe the happiness any Indian feels when they receive discounts on already reduced prices. 

    • Just 30% off when you buy 2 Cheese Lava American Chicken Burgers, 1 Fries, and 2 Cokes.
    • 20% off 2 McSpicy Premium Chicken Burgers and 2 Fries

    Mcdonald Combo

    McDonald’s India has put together a selection of six main snacks and five small drinks for you to choose from if you want the best snacking experience. You needn’t worry—all of your favorites, including the McAloo Tikki Burger, McSpicy Chicken sandwich, and potato wedges, are included in McSaver Combos.

    • 15% off the McAloo Tikki Burger and a small Coke
    • Only at CouponsWala, get a McSpicy Burger and a small Iced Tea for free.

    Get Now – Mcdonald Combo

    McDonald’s Veg Combo

    Despite being a vegetarian, the McDonald’s menu options seem endless. You can still satiate your fast food cravings with McDonald’s veggie combos even if you prefer traditional main courses.

    • Pizza McPuff and Coke with a 15% discount on McAloo Tikki with Veggies
    • 20% off two McSpicy Premium Veggie Burgers, Large Fries, and two Cokes

    McDonald’s Burger Combo

    What’s even better about these eagerly anticipated weekends is the chance to have undisrupted quality time while having a meal be it any time of the day, in the convenience and privacy of your residence. With the McDonald’s burger combo, you’ll be able to save even more.

    • Burger with 4 Cheese Lava and Vegetables at 300% 20 off
    • McAloo Tikki Burgers from Mexico, 2 for Rs.150

    Pizza Hut Combo Pack

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Flavour Fun Box of 4 with Free PepsiRs 699
    Rs 349
    Buy Now
    Super Value Deal: 2 Personal PizzasRs 499
    Rs 279
    Buy Now
    Super Value Deal: 2 Medium PizzasRs 799
    Rs 599
    Buy Now
    Hut Treat Box 4 San Francisco StyleRs 999
    Rs 799
    Buy Now
    Meal for 2 with Pizza & Garlic BreadRs 699
    Rs 449
    Buy Now

    In order to ensure that customers don’t miss out on anything, Pizza Hut has maintained its affordable prices and will continue to provide its fans with amazing Pizza Hut Combo Packs, such as Buy One Get One Free medium pizzas and Hut Treat Meals.You can also get additional offers on our

    • But we’re here to help you get a better deal on the Pizza Hut combo pack.
    • Get a free garlic bread stix when you spend more than Rs 300.
    • With a minimum purchase of Rs. 1499, get a flat Rs. 550 discount on a party combo when you order pizza at Pizza Hut.

    Four Pizza Combo Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut offers four pizza combo orders starting at just Rs. 599 when you use CouponsWala Pizza Hut coupons. 

    Pizzas with a medium spice blend and a traditional tomato pizza get included in this pizza combo. Get this incredible food combo offers this weekend to make your family happy.

    • Booking four non-vegetarian pizzas at Pizza Hut will cost you just Rs 699.
    • With a Pizza Hut coupon code and a medium-sized pizza order, you can save 43%.

    Pizza Hut Combo Box

    The list of value proposals available at Pizza hut is countless,you can get double treat of 2 pizzas of your choice with cornetto double chocolate which comes with 1 Garlic Bread Stix ,Sounds delicious right!

    • Pizza Hut customers can order five medium-sized pans of pizza for 50% off.
    • When you purchase six pizzas from the Pizza Hut combo box, you can save up to 40%.

    Pizza Hut Party Combo

    Having a pizza party is a great way to mark a momentous occasion! CouponsWala offers deals on fun activities that are affordable and fun when you’re on the hunt for a festive activity.

    • All pizzas, sides, beverages, and desserts are flat Rs.100 off. To qualify for this offer, you must spend at least Rs. 400.
    • Pizza Hut offers a party package for only Rs 299 when ordered in advance. One garlic bread, one jalapeno popper, one potato popper, and one Zesty Paneer Pocket gets included.
    • Enjoy discounts of up to Rs. 125 on all orders.

    Burger King Combo Pack

    Product NameOffer PriceBuying Link
    Crispy Veg Double Patty + Crispy Veg Double PattyRs 299
    Rs 160
    Buy Now
    2 Crispy Veg Double Patty + 1 King Fries + 1 Veggie StripsRs 499
    Rs 318
    Buy Now
    2 lite whopper jr veg + 1 King Fries + 1 Veggie StripsRs 549
    Rs 396
    Buy Now
    2 lite whopper jr chicken + 1 King Fries + 1 chicken friesRs 599
    Rs 466
    Buy Now
    Chicken whopper + Chicken whopperRs 449
    Rs 398
    Buy Now

    Don’t eat with a clown when you can eat like a king, burger king offers one of the most scrumptious and mouth-watering combo packs at the most reasonable rates available in the market. 

    • Combination of 2 Burgers for Just Rs. 79
    • All combo orders receive up to 40% off.
    • All new users receive discounts of up to 50%.

    Whopper Combo Price

    You can find all of Burger King’s whopper coupons and promotions on the CouponsWala website. Based on your preferences, you can select the best combo offer from the whopper combo offers. When placing an order online for Burger King, use the discount coupon or promotional code. 

    • 25% off the non-vegetarian Whopper at Burger King
    • On a vegetarian whopper, receive a flat 30% discount.

    Burger King Two Burger Combo

    Burger chain BK is renowned for its delectable 2-burger combo, brand integrity, massive savings, and quick service. You can get a discount on 2-burger combos when you use available coupons. 

    • Save Rs 100 and pay only Rs 550 for 2 Veg Whoppers and 1 King Fries Chocolate Shake.
    • 2 Crispy Veg Double Patties and 2 Chocolate Shakes for Rs. 80 Less at Rs.459

    5 In 1 Burger King Combo

    There is no better deal for those who love burgers than this one. Burger King’s 5-in-1 combo is celebrating its fifth anniversary in India, and the internet is prepared to flood its fans with exciting deals. Browse this page to find the best deals.

    • Burger King 5 in 1 combo orders can get discounts of up to Rs. 100.
    • Burger King 5-in-1 combo orders are 20% off with free delivery.


    Ans: Yes, free delivery is available from Burger King on purchases of Rs. 299 or more.

    Ans: In case there was a mistake with your order or something was missing, call customer care or complain over the chat box available on the website or app.

    Ans: Promo codes typically have limitations on how often they can get used by a user and specific guidelines for each. Therefore, before applying it, be sure to read it thoroughly.

    Ans: When checking out at Dominos, click the Apply coupon toggle to enter a coupon code. Next, place every item in your shopping cart, then click “Checkout” to proceed to the payment page.


    By placing online food orders and sharing Coupons Wala deals with your friends, you can now enjoy the restaurant experience in the convenience of your own home! Food is what connects all of us, and everybody loves to have a scrumptious meal at least once a day. And great discounts and offers from CouponsWala are delightful icings on the cake. These are some of the best food combo offers. 



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