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    Latest KFC Swiggy Deals To Claim Maximum Discounts On Home Delivery

    January 9, 2024
    KFC Swiggy Deals

    Fried chicken comes to mind and the first thing you can think of is that delicious tender chicken with that crunchy golden crust? If you are then we have no else to thank other than KFC for introducing us to the most beautiful work of art, other than the Mona Lisa of course. It is one of the most recognized restaurant chains in the world for a reason.  Apart from KFC, many other brands and restaurants have partnered with this platform so that they can increase their average order value. Although KFC has its delivery service, they are also delivering through Swiggy, Zomato. Find different dishes on the KFC menu Swiggy where you can find amazing KFC Swiggy Deals.

    KFC Swiggy Coupons

    Swiggy has been a popular app for ordering food as it provides its users with plenty of offers and deals to choose from, allowing users to make orders at a much more affordable price. People love having good food as well as saving money and Swiggy makes that dream a reality. Just so that users don’t get bored with the same offers over and over again, Swiggy keeps updating its offers so users can apply and try out new coupons, saving different amounts of cash every time. Swiggy KFC chicken offers are mentioned below.

    • Currently, KFC on Swiggy is offering 20% off on orders above Rs 149. Using the coupon code you get a discount of Rs 50. KFC Swiggy Deals – Fast Food Delivery In India. 

    Swiggy has started delivering food from KFC in the cities wherever the brand has its outlets placed and is available. Swiggy is already available in about 100 cities but KFC is only available in the major metropolitan cities. 

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    KFC Swiggy Chennai

    KFC has been available in Chennai for many years. There are around 21 branches in Chennai. If you belong to Chennai, we would say that you are very lucky. You can have delicious food anytime, anywhere thanks to the number of locations available. If you want the contact numbers for some stores, then here you go:

    KFC Swiggy Bangalore

    The first KFC outlet was inaugurated in Brigade road, Bangalore. Bangalore has many outlets present because it is a very big city and very busy as well. Most of the people are corporate workers. So, it’s an easy way for them to grab a quick snack from a nearby outlet. There is a common phone number for home delivery. When you call, your nearest outlet picks it up, takes your order and delivers it to you, a special treat. Check out exclusive KFC Swiggy Deals now!


    Hope the above article has given you a good idea of the various deals that Swiggy KFC offers on their site with information about the locations and contact details of KFC Swiggy Chennai and Bangalore. Next time don’t forget to use the offers to get good discounts.



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