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    KFC Bucket Offer | Details On Deals To Claim On The Most Popular Buckets

    January 9, 2024

    When you think of fried chicken, the first name that pops into your mind is KFC. It’s no surprise that the delicious chicken seasoned with different herbs and spices leaves a lasting impression on both your mind and your taste buds. To lure in customers, KFC offers a plethora of deals and combinations for its customers. Wednesday bucket offers or just general bucket offers is just one of the many delicious deals they have on hand. With the success of the delicious chicken-based dishes, KFC has been able to expand further than the borders of Louisville, Kentucky, where they are headquartered. Colonel Sanders started KFC and made it into the big brand that it is today because of its authenticity. KFC makes fried chicken, burgers, pasta, and several other delicious dishes. It is among the top 5 of the largest fast-food chains in the world, not surprised in the least as its recipe speaks for itself with many happy customers that are left with a smile. This article contains different KFC full bucket price on Wednesday and KFC bucket offer on Wednesday.

    KFC Bucket Price

    KFC’s bucket offers are always a treat to look out for. Bucket prices vary on what type of option you choose to purchase. 10pc Leg piece, big 8, krunchy box and Dips bucket with 12 pc chicken strips are just the start to this long list of items available on the KFC website. Feast your eyes on just some of the KFC bucket chicken prices offered below to get your midweek bonanza started.

    KFC Bucket OptionsKFC Bucket Price
    5pc Leg Piece Bucket MealRs 599
    Big 8Rs 619
    8 piece Hot and Crispy ChickenRs 699
    10 Strips and 2 Dips BucketRs 449

    They keep updating the prices and the types of buckets, keep an eye out, keep yourself updated, there will be days when the prices will decrease. But these are the standard prices of the different buckets. Make sure to bookmark this page for the best KFC offers day.

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    KFC Bucket Deals

    Bucket deals truly satiate the gluttonous needs of an individual craving the scrumptious, finger-licking good meals. The KFC bucket offer on Wednesday truly spices up the mood when the workweek has got you feeling blue. Make the most of the bucket deals that are only available on Wednesday. KFC offers many deals but on selected days and selected items. Just to give you a taste of what KFC is offering your taste buds, check out these deals that are offered by KFC Wednesday bucket below.

    • Wednesday bucket – Flat 41% off on 10 pcs of Hot & Crispy Chicken.
    • Wednesday strips bucket – Flat 50% off on 12 pc chicken strips served with 4 delicious dips.

    KFC Bucket Price On Wednesday

    Wednesday and KFC have a very interesting relationship, they make each other better. While sitting in the office on a Wednesday evening, check these KFC Wednesday Offers out and make your Wednesday better with some delicious chicken that leaves your taste buds always craving for more. Here are some KFC Wednesday bucket price offers mentioned below.

    Wednesday Strips Bucket

    • Flat 41% off on 10 pcs of Hot & Crispy Chicken for Rs 649.

    Stay Home Bucket

    • Flat 50% off on 12 pc chicken strips served with 4 delicious dips for Rs 350.

    Family Feast

    • Save 21% and enjoy 4pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 4 Hot Wings, 6 chicken strips & 2 delicious dips at Rs 749.

    10pc Leg Piece Bucket & 4 Dips

    • Family Deal of 3 chicken zingers, a medium popcorn, medium fries & a chilled Pepsi PET bottle for Rs 789.
    • Save 33% on 10 chicken Leg Pieces & 4 delicious dips at just Rs 799.


    Wednesday’s are no longer boring thanks to KFC. Never find yourself hungry for choice when the weekday rolls around and get ordering right away. These are just some of the offers available on the KFC website. To find more deals and offers check out KFC or CouponsWala.



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