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KFC Bucket Offer


KFCKFC Bucket Offer

KFC Bucket Offer

Have you tried the KFC bucket? We have something for you, bucket price, bucket offer, bucket Wednesday offer. KFC is known worldwide for its bucket, they are famous for it. KFC,  known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast-food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, that specializes in fried chicken. Colonel Sanders started KFC and made it into the big brand that it is today because of its authenticity. KFC makes fried chicken, burgers, pasta, and a lot of other stuff. It is the second-largest restaurant chain with 22000+ stores in 136 countries, not wrong to say their recipe makes a lot of people happy. This article contains different prices of the bucket, Wednesday bucket offer. Also, Check out complete information about KFC Wednesday Offer.

KFC Bucket Price

Bucket prices vary on what type of option you choose to use, bucket options vary from 14pcs triple treat, big 8, krunchy box and Dips bucket with 12 pics.

KFC Bucket OptionsKFC Bucket Price
14pcs Triple TreatRs.649
Big 8 -Get 4pc Hot & Crispy, 4 pcs Smoky GrilledRs.449
Krunchy BoxRs.239
Dips Bucket – 12 PcsRs.479

They keep updating the prices of the buckets, keep an eye out, keep yourself updated, there will days when the prices will decrease. But these are the standard prices of the different buckets.

KFC Bucket Deals

The bucket deals are only available on Wednesday and the other days it’s the same price as mentioned above, but the Wednesday offers are too good to be not taken for. KFC offers too many offers but on selected days and selected items, check them out, because why not. If you love KFC chicken, Wednesday is the day to get a hold of that juicy chicken.

KFC Bucket Price on Wednesday

Wednesday Special Offers 
Wednesday and KFC have a very interesting relation, they make each other better. While sitting in the office on a Wednesday evening, check these offers out and go out to make your Wednesday better in the mood for chicken.
  • From Wednesday Bucket, Get yourself 10 Hot & Crispy @Rs. 550, only on Wednesday! A hot deal for a hot chicken!
  • Wednesday Strips Bucket: Get yourself  12 tender, juicy Boneless strips with a spread of 4 signature KFC dips. For the “big dippers”.
  • From Wednesday Special Meal: Make a wise Wednesday decision with this steal deal of 10 Hot & Crispy, 6 Boneless strips & 2 Pepsi cans.
  • Wednesday Special Deal: Get 10 Hot & Crispy, 10 Hot Wings and a bottle of Pepsi!
  • Wednesday Special Combo: Get yourself  10 Boneless Strips, 10 Hot Wings & 4 of KFC’s signature dips + Pepsi

For more information and updates visit the KFC website.


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