Referral CodeZoomcar Referral Code | Ways To Earn More With Zoomcar

    Zoomcar Referral Code | Ways To Earn More With Zoomcar

    Moving around a city on your own has been made easier. You can now rent self-drive cars for days, weeks, and months at low rates on Zoomcar. Drive your own car on a budget, without adding an extra dent to your expenses with hired drivers. Zoomcar offers you a wide range of options from mini to premium cars of your choice. All you need to have is a license for driving the car. And obviously, you should know how to drive a car. So get these Zoomcar Referral codes for saving some money while booking the car. Also, the rate of Zoomcar is very less as compared to other booking facilities. 

    Zoomcar Referral Code

    Renting cars has been made even more pocket-friendly. Zoomcar rates vary on the distance and the type of car you choose to book. Share the joy of a happy journey as well as little savings to make travelling that much more fun. Join the Zoomcar referral program to earn Zoomcar credits up to Rs. 10,000. This Zoomcar Referral Code is a boon for many users. To get started, follow these steps:

    • Download and install the Zoomcar app from the Play Store.
    • Sign up for the app.
    • In ‘My Account, click on ‘Referrals’ from the user menu.
    • Share the referral link with your friends via email, a unique link or your social media handles.

    Your friend gets driving credits worth Rs. 300 on signing up with your referral link, and so do you. On every signup with your referral link, you can earn Rs. 300.

    Referral Link – Zoomcar 

    A unique referral link is generated on signing up to Zoomcar. The link can be shared via email, unique links in blog posts and social media handle on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can earn Rs. 300 using this Zoomcar Referral Code after your friend completes his/her first booking.

    Terms And Conditions Mentioned By Zoomcar

    • 300 will be credited immediately after signup by the referred.
    • The referrer will earn Rs. 300 driving credits after the referred completes the first booking.
    • The value of the referral points is limited to up to 10,000 only.
    • Zoomcar might terminate the referral program, suspend the account and revoke all referral credits in case of misconduct of codes.

    “sometimes the best therapy is long drive and music”

    Zoomcar FAQs

    1) Does the referral program apply only to new users?

    >  The referrer can be an old or a new user but the referred must be new.

    2) Is the referral program a limited period offer or restricted to certain cities?

    > No, the referral program applies to all cities for an unlimited period.


    Now every journey can be a happy one. With the privacy of your own vehicle, the road is your companion for a journey of complete freedom. Now with Zoomcar refer and earn, get your friends who are stuck at home to travel more and make the most of their time so that they have no regrets.



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