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    Voot Subscription Plans | Details On Various Plans, How To Avail Free Subscription & More

    January 9, 2024
    Voot Subscription Plan

    Voot is a Viacom 18 video-on-demand platform with a wide range of content for all types of users. This on-demand streaming service also includes several well-known television networks, like MTV, Nickelodeon, and Colors, among others. There’s also a lot of original stuff, blockbuster movies, and a lot of kid-friendly content. Check out the list of Voot subscription plans available.

    Other than a wide variety of shows, Voot provides content in multiple languages, such as Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, and others. Subscribers to this video-on-demand service will eventually have to pay a Voot subscription fee. Voot has a free version with ads that will appear during binge-watching episodes.

    Voot Subscription Cost

    Voot was, well, for a long time, available for free. Until Voot Select was launched, which is a subscription-based video-on-demand service. It includes a selection of the best content from a variety of channels.

    For a single screen, Voot subscription price costs Rs. 99 per month and Rs. 499 per year. There are currently no additional Voot Select subscription plans available. The annual subscription is usually Rs. 999, but as part of an introductory offer, it is now available for Rs. 499.

    Voot Subscription PriceVoot Monthly Subscription price  With Number Of ScreensVoot Annual Subscription price With Number Of Screens
    Voot selectRs. 99 (1 screen)Rs. 499 ( 1 screen)

    Voot Select is a monthly and annual subscription service for those who want to binge-watch a variety of content in a different language. In addition to the most recent movies, television shows, new content, and international shows, Voot also offers a wide range of well-known tv channels such as MTV, Nickelodeon, and ColorsTV, and others.

    Benefits Of Voot Subscription

    India’s Top-Rated Originals are only available on Voot. India’s favorite reality TV show, Big Boss is back, and Voot has all the exclusive details. For example, never-before-seen, uncut material, behind-the-scenes footage, a 24-hour live stream, and so on. Voot customers have access to all-new episodes of popular shows 24 hours before they air on television.

    You can also watch several foreign TV shows, like Shark Tank, America’s Got Talent, Dexter, and many others. Users can enjoy a seamless and ad-free content streaming experience with a Voot select subscription. New subscribers of Voot Select receive a 14-day free trial.

    Voot provides more than 45 live TV channels in categories such as news, music, entertainment, and more. Voot also provides lots of free content that is available for an Ad-free watch ad-free without any cost. You only need a Voot account to watch those movies and shows. With the Voot subscription how many devices can be used to view content has always been a concern, these doubts can be resolved with information mentioned below. 

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    Difference Between Voot Basic And Voot Select Subscription Plans

    Content/ Features
     Voot basic
    Voot Select subscription
    Voot SpecialsYesYes
    International ShowsNoYes
    Kids Shows and MoviesHindi Dubbed OnlyHindi Dubbed and English
    New Indian MoviesAfter tv telecastYes
    Colors TV  Serials aired on After tv  telecastBefore tv telecast
    Video QualityHD 720pFHD 1080p
    Same time Screen Limit1 Device4 Devices
    Ad-free EntertainmentNoYes

    Voot Subscription For Free

    Voot has not yet offered a free Select subscription but it has offered a free trial to users who registered to Voot Select. Only premium content requires a Voot subscription plan. However, there is content that does not have Voot subscription charges. Fans are always curious if there is a free Voot Select subscription and how to get a free Voot select subscription. However, as said before, Voot does not offer a free Voot choose a subscription, rather, they only offer a free trial. The steps to get Voot Select for free using a trial are given below.

    • Visit the official site of Voot select or open the Voot app. 
    • Once the app opens. Log in using your id and password
    • Now go to the settings
    • Here select Voot Select Option.
    • You will be given two options: a yearly option and a monthly option for Voot Subscription plan. 
    • Both options will have a trial period – 14 days for the yearly option and 3 days for the monthly option.
    • Select any one option and proceed.
    • You will now be required to provide your card information, but you will not be charged before the expiration of the 14 day trial period.
    • Complete the process; you will receive a free 14-day trial. 
    • You can cancel your subscription before the 14-day trial period expires, and you will not be charged for your subscription

    How To Start A Voot Select Free Trial?

    • Go to Voot’s official website.
    • Create a new account.
    • Choose a plan of your choice.
    • Proceed with payment with the selected mode of payment.
    • Your free trial of Voot select has to begin.
    • Enjoy viewing Voot Originals, Live TV, and more. 

    Voot Subscription Plans | How Do I Get A Free Voot Subscription?

    If you don’t want to buy a Voot Select subscription, Jio offers a range of Jio Fiber prepaid and postpaid plans which include free Voot Select access. Check a list of Jio Fiber plans with a free Voot Select subscription below.

    Look out JioFiber’s prepaid plans, which include a bundled subscription to the OTT service.

    • JioFiber Rs. 999 prepaid plan
    • JioFiber Rs. 1499 prepaid plan
    • JioFiber Rs. 2499 prepaid plan
    • JioFiber Rs. 3999 prepaid plan
    • JioFiber Rs. 8999 prepaid plan

    These are JioFiber’s postpaid plans providing a bundled subscription to the OTT service:

    • JioFiber Rs. 5994 postpaid plan 
    • JioFiber Rs. 8994 postpaid plan 
    • JioFiber Rs. 14994 postpaid plan 
    • JioFiber Rs. 23994 postpaid plan 
    • JioFiber Rs. 50994 postpaid plan

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    Steps To Activate Voot On Jio Fiber

    To do so, contact your local telecom office and request an activation call transfer code. You can obtain this by dialing a number from a nearby phone. Usually, it is the middle number. Below are the steps to activate voot on Jio Fiber.

    • Step 1: Once you have received the call transfer code, you need to turn off your Jio Fiber modem. The next step is to connect the modem to an outlet. You should note that there are different types of plugs for different kinds of fiber connections once the modem is connected. You can go to the ‘Settings’ section of your router’s menu. It’s usually found in the ‘Network’ section.
    • Step 2: The next step is to create VoIP accounts in your chosen company for this you’ll need to have a Jio account key and password. You’ll also need to know the users’ names and passwords to sign in to your VolP account.  Search for the ‘Sign in’ button. now you will be able to use your Jio system with your preferred web browser.

    If you’ve already connected your VolP account, you’ll need to know how to activate Voot on Jio fiber. Once again you’ll need to go to your network’s ‘Settings’ area, once you get here. You’ll notice a section named ‘Wireless Settings’. Under that area, there is a button named languages   This is the key that you need to click on.

    • Step 3: Once you’ve made all of these selections, click ‘OK.’ If you were able to configure VoIP with Jio fiber successfully, then you can move to test VoIP by selecting cells. Last but not least, press the ‘Call’ button. When your call is finished, you will be able to verify if VoIP has been enabled on your network.

    You don’t have to worry about configuring VoIP with a Jio phone. You may be asked to enter phone numbers in some areas. In addition, your Jio phone will require just a few additional steps. For example, before you can connect your phone to the Internet, you’ll need to enter a PIN.

    • Step 4: If you’re wondering how to set up Voot on your smart TV, you’ll need to know that this must be done with the IR receiver. To do so, you’ll need an IR receiver. To search for an IR  receiver, look in your television’s remote control and you will have an IR receiver. If a little plastic device with a three-prong on the front is present, Connect this to your tv.

    Now that your IR receiver is linked to your Voot box, it’s time to ask Voot to activate. To do so, click on the “activated” tab on the new window. You will notice that it will ask you to press any button.

    Check out our blog on Voot Download For PC know all the steps required for downloading the Voot app on PC.

    Top 5 Voot Subscription Offers And How To Get Them?

    Offers hype up the appeal of any service or product that is catered to customers. This increases the chances of purchases being made. Here is the most recent list of all the best Voot subscription plan offers available for Voot.

    Up to 50% Off on Voot Annual Subscription

    • Receive an annual Voot subscription at Rs. 499. 
    • No coupon code is required. 

    70% OFF + Extra 30% OFF with Voot Promo Code

    A coupon code is required to purchase Voot annual subscription:

    • Original Price: Rs. 999
    • Discounted Price: Rs. 299 
    • Use the Voot coupon code to receive an extra 30% off 
    • To receive  the yearly plan at just Rs. 209 
    • Offer valid for a limited period only 

    Voot select membership: Flat 70% OFF

    • Receive  70% off on Voot Select membership:
    • Original Price: Rs. 999 
    • Discounted price: Rs. 299
    • Apply Voot coupon code to receive extra discounts 

    Receive access to:

    • Ad-free entertainment
    • Live TV
    • Early access to TV shows
    • HD quality
    • Offer is applicable  on the annual plan

    Flat 20% OFF on Voot Kids

    You will get huge discounts when you apply this 20% Off Voot Promo Code at the checkout page. Don’t miss out on this great offer!

    Save Rs.700 On Annual pack Now

    • Buy a Voot annual subscription at Rs. 299.
    • The offer is valid for new and old users.
    • No coupon code is needed to activate this deal.
    • It’s a limited period offer. 
    • So grab this great deal & save more.

    Voot Subscription Offers And How To Get Them? 

    Different Voot subscriptions offer different utilities to their customers. You will find that the more money you pay you are liable to get more features. To know more about what you can gain from each Voot subscription read further.

    • Register for a Voot Select account.
    • Visit the account part of the website.
    • Check your subscription’s expiry date.
    • Click the Unsubscribe button.
    • Verify your selection.
    • Your Voot membership has been deactivated successfully.
    • You may be notified by Viacom18 upon the cancellation of the service.
    Voot Subscription Coupons
    Voot Subscription Offers
    Voot Coupons & Promo codes
    Voot premium Coupon Code Monthly3 days free trial Subscription @Rs. 99
    Voot premium Promo Code Annual14 Days Free trial Subscription @Rs. 499

    How To Get The Voot Subscription Offers

    We hope you don’t miss out on any fantastic entertainment and that you get them all at the greatest possible costs. As a result, we provide you with the most recent Voot coupons on a variety of offers so that you can save money when using this website. Whether it’s a new subscription deal or a Voot app offer, you won’t miss out on anything on this page. Simply scroll down the page and look for the offer you want, then click on the code that matches your needs. The code will take you to the vendor’s page, where you can receive the service as per the process.

    Voot FAQs

    You and your family/friends can simultaneously watch a wide variety of engaging content on a maximum of 4 devices with a Voot subscription.

    Yes, Voot can be used without a subscription. Apart from monthly and yearly subscriptions, Voot also has a collection of TV shows, movies, and other content that is available for unlimited and free streaming to all users. These series and movies are available without subscribing to any Voot select plans.

    There are a few ways where users can get the Voot subscription for free.

    Voot Basic and Voot Select are the 2 plans available to customers. Read more in details about these plan in the above blog.

    The yearly cost of the Voot select plan is Rs 299 or Rs 149 per month. The Voot basic plan is free.


    Voot is a well-known platform with remarkable content. You can watch different types of shows here like action, comedy, love, and more. This platform is useful for passing time without spending too much money. So, what are you waiting for?

    Get your Voot Coupons today and start buying your next Voot Subscription on a reasonable budget. You will receive discounts and offers when you use the Voot Promo Code to buy your Voot Subscription. Don’t worry, all of the Voot offers available here are valid and active. So hurry up and grab your Voot Coupons before the deals expire.



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