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Pizza Hut Unlimited Offer – Unlimited Friday Deals To Save Your Money


Pizza HutPizza Hut Unlimited Offer - Unlimited Friday Deals To Save Your Money

Pizza Hut Unlimited Offer – Unlimited Friday Deals To Save Your Money

Ask anybody what their favorite food is, odds are that the majority of people are going to say it’s pizza, be it children or adults. There is no denying that pizza has taken over the world’s palettes to be the most liked food in this time and age. Other than the yummy cheese that stretches out all the way from your mouth to the end of the pizza, the soft dough with hints of being burnt that adds to the aroma and taste, the all too well known flavor of pizza sauce that is common everywhere, the herbs that add hints of subtle flavor and that sheer customization of being able to add whatever topping you like on the pizza just makes your mouth water, Pizza Hut is going out of its way by providing tear-jerking offers that will make you grab your wallet before you reconsider your choice of food. Check details about Pizza Hut Unlimited Offer in this blog.

What is Pizza Hut Unlimited Friday?

Every Friday, get a chance to indulge in every human being’s dream, especially those with an endless appetite. Pizza Hut offers on Friday make you look forward to the weekends even more. What exactly is a Pizza Hut Unlimited Friday offer? Whenever you make it to Friday on your calendar it’s time to pay Pizza Hut a little visit because you get to eat unlimited pan pizzas starting at just Rs 269. That’s right! You can now eat unlimited pan pizzas until you decide you are full. Sounds too good to be true right? Head down to your Pizza Hut store this Friday and feast on the offer yourself. 

Want to know more about this offer? Keep reading.

Pizza Hut Unlimited Friday Offer 

Unlimited Pizza Friday is just around the corner, it’s time for you to start fasting as Pizza Hut is providing unlimited pan pizzas to all its customers. The offer is pretty simple to understand and is self-explanatory. Avail unlimited pan pizzas from the Pizza Hut store where you won’t be charged more than a certain sum of money and you can indulge in all the pan pizzas that your heart and stomach desire. There are some terms and conditions to be followed.

  • The offer is valid only on Fridays.
  • Unlimited veg pizzas and unlimited Pepsi is available at Rs 269*.
  • Unlimited non-veg pizzas and unlimited Pepsi starts at Rs 299*.
  • Prices are exclusive of applicable government taxes.
  • The offer is valid on select medium pizzas.
  • The deal is non-shareable i.e. one Unlimited Pizza Hut Friday deal can be consumed by one guest only
  • The offer is valid for in-store consumption only. 
  • The offer is valid in select restaurants. 
  • Take Away & Delivery is not allowed.
  • Limited Time Offer.

To know about the pizzas available under this offer, read further.

  • DID YOU KNOW: In 2013, NASA funded a prototype 3D printer that could create food for astronauts and pizza was one of the foods in the device.

Pizza Hut Unlimited Offer Menu

As you already know, the offer is only valid for select pizzas under the Pizza Hut menu. To make sure the customers get the best pizza at an affordable rate without taking a loss themselves shows how far Pizza Hut has come from just being a restaurant looking for profits but also cares about its customers that they are willing to compromise money for the sake of sharing the love of pizzas with the world. Below are the details of the Pizza Hut Unlimited Offer.

Pizza Type

Dish Name



Country Feast or Veggie Feast + Pepsi

Rs. 269


Chicken Sausage or Spiced Chicken Meatballs + Pepsi 

Rs. 299


Nothing sounds better than pizzas and Fridays, put the two words together and it is a day to definitely look forward to. Pizza Hut has made this dream into a reality, so with the above-mentioned offers make sure to satisfy all your pizza cravings at Pizza Hut every Friday with their unlimited offer. 


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