Pizza Hut Online Delivery with Delivery Menu and Home Delivery


You may have come Pizza Hut’s famous 30 minutes or free promise, wherein Pizza Hut delivers your pizza under 30 minutes. Now you can order your pizza online through the official website of Pizza Hut or by installing pizza hut application on your iOS or Android smartphones. The home screen on either of these platforms shows you the option of delivery or takeaway and by enabling the GPS on your laptop or mobile phones you will be able to locate the nearest delivery or takeaway restaurant. Pizza Hut online delivery is the quick and simple option to get steaming hot pizza delivered to you within minutes.

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Pizza Hut Home Delivery

With the Pizza Hut home delivery option, enjoy your lazy weekends without the botheration of cooking. To get your hands on some really good pizza you just need to fill in a few details and get pizzas at your doorstep. The Pizza hut online delivery works this way:

  • log on to the Pizza Hut official page
  • Enter your location for delivery
  • Choose your type of  order
  • Fill in your details
  • Choose the type of payment option
  • Place your order.

Pizza Hut Delivery near me

Pizza hut has over 18,000 restaurants worldwide and is available in almost all major metropolitan cities in India. If you enable location sharing service on your laptop or mobile phones and have internet connectivity you can easily locate the nearest available Pizza hut store for home delivery or takeaway. On the homepage of Pizza hut, you will come across a tab to enter your location for delivery and below it, you can find the link to know your current location through GPS and you can type in the rest of your address that is, the flat no or the street address. Pizza Hut Offers and deals are awesome and life-saving.

Pizza Hut Delivery Menu

Pizza Hut delivery menu almost remains the same as the Pizza hut restaurant menu and some food items which can be difficult to transport from one place to another due to weather conditions may be excluded.  The detailed menu for online delivery or takeaway is available on the Pizza hut website and mobile application. The menu has five sections namely deals, pizzas, sides, desserts, and drinks under each of these sections there are various options to customize your orders.

Price, Time and Offers

The price for individual pizza is subjected to change because of the size of your pizza ranging from medium to personal and also the type of crust you choose, to know the detailed price including the taxes and delivery charges you need to order your pizza and you will get the detailed information at the checkout page.  The time taken for delivery depends on the various conditions listed in the terms and conditions of delivery and on the location of the nearest available pizza hut restaurant or delivery center near you. The various offers that Pizza hut provides you can be accessed under the deals category of the pizza hut menu.


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