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    KFC Online Order | Delivery, Pickup Service, Home Delivery & All Order Related Details

    January 9, 2024
    kfc online order

    Everyone likes fried chicken and this stands true as no one in the world does not like fried chicken, except for vegetarians. Many food companies claim to have the best chicken items on their menu but KFC begs to differ. It is one of the leading fast-food restaurant chains that specializes in fried chicken as it is also the World’s second-largest food chain and has a huge market. They started their venture in the country in 1995. After that, there was no looking back. Find all the details on KFC online order to get your delicious meal home.

    KFC Online Delivery

    Everything has gone online nowadays. Shopping, Household Services, Automobile Services, etc. are some of the examples. Food delivery has taken the industry by storm. Almost every restaurant has an online delivery option as a part of its business. You can start your fast food adventure and order KFC online from the comfort of your home. Here are the steps on how to order KFC online.

    Note: You can also order from Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats. To order from them:

    • You have to first download the respective apps.
    • Register your mobile no.
    • Put your address.
    • Select the food as per your choice from the app.
    • Make the payment.

    KFC Online Offers

    Food offers are the one thing that attracts more customers to a restaurant. Restaurants are giving more online offers than offline offers because most of the orders these days are done online. Many offers are going on in KFC right now and some of them keep changing as time passes. The offer list gets updated all the time. Now imagine having those delicious items at a reasonable price as well as receiving it at your doorstep.

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    KFC Online Booking

    As we have discussed above, just follow the same steps to book your meal from KFC. You can order from the website as well as the app. Although you can order from the website, you can get more offers if you order online from the app as it has a lot of offers comparatively. Make a KFC order online to satisfy your cravings anytime, anywhere as it’s never been this easy.

    KFC Home Delivery

    You can now buy your favourite KFC meal and have it home delivered with just a few clicks. KFC online delivery is now accessible at a limited number of restaurants but it is expanding rapidly. Please be patient and the more you order the sooner and more likely they are to add additional restaurants in your area. 

    KFC Near Me Home Delivery

    KFC has several outlets across all the major cities in India and has also partnered with food platforms to help you order your favorite meal. They have also launched KFC pick-up to make it easier for customers to get their favorite dish from KFC. 

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    What Is KFC PickUp And How Does It Work?

    You can place a KFC online order in a couple of minutes. The service is now offered by a small number of restaurants, although this number is steadily increasing. There are five main steps to using the online KFC PickUp service:

    • Go to and submit an ‘ORDER FOR PICKUP’ request.
    • After you’ve completed your online payment, you’ll be prompted to CHECK-IN, but only when you’re almost ready to pick up your order, as CHECKING-IN causes the restaurant to begin preparing your order.
    • Tip: 5 minutes before arriving at the restaurant for PickUp, confirm your order using the ‘CHECK-IN’ verification. You must carry out this activity on your own. On arrival, a KFC employee will not be able to activate this for you.
    • The restaurant receives and prepares your order after you have finished your CHECK-IN.
    • At the restaurant’s COLLECTIONS counter, look for your name and unique order number on the screen.
    • Get your food when it’s still hot, fresh, and finger-licking good. 

    How To Order KFC From A Local Store? 

    Another way of doing so would be to call a KFC center in your area, place the order and have them deliver it to you. To do so simply type “KFC near me” in your Google search and find the nearest outlet. Once you find a KFC outlet that’s close to your home, click on the outlet on the map and a bunch of options will pop up. Choose the call option and you will be redirected to your phone’s caller app and you can call the number. An employee in the outlet near you will pick up and you can place the order then. 

    Today KFC Menu With Prices  

    KFC’s menu is something of a treat in and of itself. With such varieties being offered daily it isn’t hard to see why the fast-food joint rose to its position. KFC is not one to shy away from trying something new. It has always been on point trying out new and outrageous trends, some have stuck while others not so much but KFC just doesn’t know when to give up. Here is a list of a few of KFC’s irresistible menu items.



    10 Boneless Strips + 4 Hot Wings + 2 regular fries + 2 regular Pepsi

    + 3 dips (serves 2-3)

    Rs 599

    9 pieces Hot & Crispy + 4 Boneless Strips + 2 regular fries

    + 2 regular Pepsi (serves 2-3)

    Rs 749

    10 pieces Hot & Crispy at a special price (serves 2-3)

    Rs 599

    12 Boneless Strips + 4 dips at a special price (serves 2-3)

    Rs 350

    5  Leg pieces + 2 dips (serves 2)

    Rs 429

    5 Leg piece + 2 Dips + 2 Pepsi (serves 2)

    Rs 529

    10 Leg piece + 4 dips (serves 2)

    Rs 799

    Classic Chicken Krisper + Popcorn + Pepsi (serves 1)

    Rs 219

    Spicy Chicken Krisper + Popcorn + Pepsi (serves 1)

    Rs 219

    Big 8 : Save upto 31% with this bucket that has 4 pieces

    Hot & Crispy + 4 pieces of Smoky Red Leg pieces (serves 2)

    Rs 549

    Ultimate Savings Bucket: Save upto 46% with 4 pieces Hot & Crispy,

    6 pieces Hot Wings, 4 pieces Boneless Strips, 3 Pepsi and 3 dips (serves 2-3)

    Rs 598

    KFC Delivery In Train

    Now you can take the delivery of your favorite restaurants by train. Hence, KFC delivers its delivery services on the train as well. Under an e-catering initiative, the internationally popular fast-food chain had tied up with IRCTC to start a delivery service for passengers in early 2015. 


    With all the above details about the KFC online order methods along with the information about KFC pickup service and the offers with the menu, you will now be able to order home your favorite chicken easily.



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