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    Top Train Booking Sites | Offers, Steps For Refund, In-Train Food Details & More

    January 9, 2024
    top train boking sites

    The Indian Railways now allow you to book railway tickets five minutes before departure. This new development is likely to help thousands of travellers in an emergency. In addition to this, you can also cancel your tickets five minutes before departure. The new rule has already taken effect. With the Indian Railways now preparing a second reservation chart 30 minutes before your departure, after months of lockdown and insecurity, it has also returned to its original ways. Railways are currently operating special trains across the country and have released new guidelines aligned with COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures. A reservation chart is prepared 4 hours before departure, while a second one is prepared 5 to 30 minutes before departure. IRCTC is the major player when it comes to booking train tickets in India. Be it refunds or other details, you will surely find it on this blog. Read on to know more about the Top Train Booking Sites.

    What Is IRCTC?

    IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on September 27, 1999. The company is wholly owned by the Government of India and works under the Ministry of Railways. It is the only approved company of Indian Railways to provide catering services to Indian Railways. IRCTC is the only company that provides hospitality and catering services at various railway stations across India. The company is very popular and operates through its website. In addition to food services, the company has expanded into other areas, such as executive deals for budget hotels and e-restaurants.

    The following list contains the IRCTC components:

    Online Ticketing Platform: IRCTC is the only company that is known to sell train tickets through its website. It is also well known as an online rail ticket seller recognized by the government across the country.

    Food Services: IRCTC is also known for providing food services to train passengers. The company provides catering services to most of the Indian Railways and stationery units. With the advent of technology, the company is also offering food service to passengers through its mobile app.

    “The train is a small world moving through a larger world.” – Elisha Cooper

    Budget Hotels and Resorts: IRCTC also provides low-cost hotels and retirement rooms for the convenience and comfort of travellers.

    Drinking Bottled Water: IRCTC is the only company authorized to produce and distribute bottled water to all railway stations and all passengers. The company produces bottles of the drink called Rail Neer.

    Travel & Tourism: The company is also known for providing travel and tourism services to travellers. This includes hotel booking and airport ticket booking.

    In the last few years, IRCTC has performed well in all sectors. It has received several awards and appreciation certificates for its winning performance and is recognized as one of the most trusted brands in railway services. The company has also been ranked in the Fortune India Next 500 list in recent years. Many eminent market experts are of the view that IRCTC has a strong business model, hence the company is profitable and is one of the best Railway Service Providers in India.

    Train Ticket Offers

    The travel season is here, and you must be planning your itinerary to explore your favourite vacation destination. If you are looking for casual travel, don’t forget to apply these offers on the Top Train Booking Sites.

    RailYatri Coupons

    • Flat Rs. 75 off on Train Ticket Bookings.
    • Rail Yatri is giving a discount of Rs. 75 on train tickets.
    • Use a promo code to get a discount on a minimum booking price of Rs. 500.
    • Book with happy sale deals and get great discounts on online train ticket booking.
    • The coupon is valid twice for each user.

    Yatra Coupons

    • Get low rates on Train Ticket Bookings.
    • To avail of the offer, customers need to select ‘Mobile Wallet’ on the payment page and select Ola Money to complete the payment.
    • This offer is valid for all online transactions during the offer period.
    • Refunds for cancelled reservations will be processed within 7 business days.
    • Cancelled suggestions are not eligible for this offer.

    MakeMyTrip Offers

    • Book IRCTC Train Tickets at a lesser price through MakeMyTrip.
    • Flat Rs. 40 off on service fee.
    • Up to 20% discount by booking with Paytm.

    Check Out Makemytrip Discount Coupon List as well.

    IRCTC Offers

    • Flat 10% off on your Train Ticket Bookings.
    • Book trains online today and avail 10% discount.
    • This offer is valid on all trains.
    • IRCTC voucher code is not required to avail of this offer.
    • Applicable for both old and new users.
    • This offer is valid for online payment only.

     Paytm Offers

    • Up To 100% Cashback on Train Ticket Payment gateway charges.
    • Paytm train ticket booking brings up to 100% cashback on payment gateway charges.
    • Use the discount code and get a discount while booking tickets online.

    • DID YOU KNOW: About 1 lakh (100,000) passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, cover 7,325 stations across India.

    Top Train Booking Sites In India 

    You must be eagerly planning your travel itinerary as the holiday season is inching closer. We have compiled a list of top sites you can book your train tickets on.

    IRCTC – No. 1 Player in Train Booking

    What can be better than booking train tickets through the IRCTC app or just a website? Over the years, Indian Railways has made the process of booking train tickets easier, faster, and simpler. Irrespective of the website, the app is designed to offer a wide range of features and hence, is best used and reviewed by millions of people in India as well as tourists from the country.

    Through IRCTC, one can get more details about train live status, NTES inquiry, PNR status, seat availability, train schedule, available tracks, etc. Not only will you be able to confirm your ticket, coach position, and platform number, but you will also have access to unlimited, uninterrupted entertainment during the journey. Also, you can cancel your tickets at the last minute without any hassle or time spent.

    MakeMyTrip – Easy Booking Process

    By now, we all know that MakeMyTrip is one of the best apps that offers rail booking and other deals. Over the years, MakeMyTrip has gained a reputation as one of the largest online travel organizations in India. Booking train tickets through MakeMyTrip is easy and essential. This is because the presentation of information on the website and application is easy to understand, clear and psychological.

    Moreover, as an important travel platform, the reliability factor adds up when booking train tickets through MakeMyTrip. There are very few chances of MakeMyTrip errors or delays during the booking process. This way, with MakeMyTrip, you will get the benefit of using a system with less load as compared to a government-run website. Book your train tickets through MakeMyTrip and get exciting fares and feel at ease.

    Bookings With – RailYatri

    This is one of the Top Train Booking Sites in India. Since its inception, RailYatri has become a trusted platform for booking rail tickets across the country. Train ticket booking is facilitated by agents and can be designed to help passengers avoid queuing scenarios. What makes a rail traveller special is that one can get information about the nearest emergency medical centre or hospital for immediate action if needed. In terms of rail information, RailYatri provides PNR status, live train status, seat availability, interstate rail, and certification forecast. Any person can use the rail food services provided by the platform under this offer. This is one of the best site to book train tickets.

    Whether you are on a long journey or travelling by train for the first time, make your journey comfortable and easy by making all your reservations through RailYatri. Since travel booking platforms are widely used by people across India, the chances of getting certified tickets are much higher and faster. Travel stress-free and hassle-free by booking train tickets through RailYatri.

    Top Train Booking Sites
    Top Train Booking Sites

    Paytm – Great Options & Offers

    If you are facing long queues for train tickets or getting stuck while verifying tickets, then it may be time for you to visit Paytm to book train tickets. The best part is that with Paytm you can book your train ticket in less than 50 seconds. All you need to do is to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Paytm Wallet. Also, by booking tickets through Paytm, you don’t have to worry about unsuccessful booking transfers. In such a situation, money is transferred to your account in less than 15 minutes.

    If the ticket is already cancelled, the money will be sent to your account within 7-10 days. Paytm allows you to book tickets for destinations across India. One can book through the website, mobile site, or app and choose from Sleeper, 2AC, 3AC, or First Class with the preferred date for the time of travel.

    Since the process of booking train tickets on Paytm is simple, fast, and easy, it has become one of the best platforms. Customers can also check PNR status on Paytm. To boot, booking tickets on this platform doubles your chances of getting a confirmed ticket. So, if you want to have a fun travel experience, book your train tickets through Paytm.

    “A story is like a moving train: no matter where you hop onboard, you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later”.

    IXIGO – Amazing Cashbacks 

    We all know that nothing is more important than the convenience of travelling by train. So why is the train ticket booking process not so good? If this is what you are looking for, then you should try to book train tickets for your next trip through IXIGO. With the IXIGO app, you can save on deliverable payment charges when you pay via UPI on the platform.

    Plus, if it’s your first-time booking train tickets, there will be no extra cost for the services, which means a little more savings. To add, if you want to cancel your tickets at the last minute, all you need to do is enter your UPI ID in the application and your money will be refunded to your account at any time.

    You can track the train in real-time, delay status, the platform it will reach, expected arrival time, specified distance, and departure. In addition, the information provided in the app is available in 8 different languages ​​including Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Canadian, and Bengali. So, shortlist the site and start booking.

    Yatra – Book Now!

    Yatra has been one of the most trusted travel platforms for many years. Booking train tickets on the go is very useful and important. With the app, locations, timings, and seat availability can be viewed and made easy to understand. One can use electronic money to book trains and save money.

    Since IRCTC has officially adopted this application for rail booking, getting tickets has not been a problem. All you have to do is enter the required fields, make the payment, and you are ready to go. During the journey, you can track live train status, delays, and other services that are fast and convenient for the customers.

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    How To Get A Refund On Train Booking?

    Travel is a vital part of our life. Everyone wants to travel as often as they can. While it is easy to plan a trip at the moment, several last-minute factors can interfere. One of the main reasons for this is the cancellation of the train. Specified trains on these routes may sometimes get cancelled due to bad weather or major accidents en route. In such cases, cancellation of a ticket is the last step for the passenger to claim the certified PNR return. Indian Railways is the most efficient mode of transport and travellers are looking for ease of travel. From providing ticketing service to ordering food on the train, services are digitalized and have added many rules and practices to make your journey safer. But still, many passengers are unfamiliar with most of the services like how to register complaints, how to reject train tickets in the IRCTC app, how to claim refunds, how to buy tickets online, etc.

    If the train is cancelled, how can I get a refund on my counter ticket?” The Railway ticket cancellation rules for PRS counter tickets state that if you have booked your ticket through the PRS counter, then passengers can request a refund of their ticket either online or offline.

    How To Get A Refund Through IRCTC?

    Passengers who have tickets from the PRS office can apply online to initiate the refund process within 72 hours of departure from their main station. These preliminary steps are required to apply online in the IRCTC web portal. 

    • Go to the IRCTC web portal.
    • Enter PNR number and train number along with captcha.
    • Select the checkbox to confirm that the rules and procedures have been read.
    • After clicking on the submit button, a one-time password will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number (provided at the time of ticket booking in PRS) along with a reference ID.
    • Use the OTP in the given field and click on submit button.
    • After the password is verified, your information will appear on the screen. After checking your details, click on Cancel Ticket.
    • An SMS with the PNR details and returns will be sent to your mobile number.
    • Returns will be collected within 3 to 7 working days from the PRS office of each Indian Railway.

    How To Claim Your Return Offline?

    Passengers can get an instant refund without a prescription from the PRS counter. If you wish for a return while cancelling, please visit your nearest Indian Railway PRS office and fill up the cancellation request form with your PNR records, cancelled train details, etc.

    IRCTC Refund Status: How to Check Online?

    Passengers can follow the procedure given below to check their return status online.

    • Visit the official website of IRCTC and log in. You can also log in to the IRCTC app.
    • Go to “My Transfer” under the “My Account” tab.
    • Select “Ticket Release Date” under “My Transfer” and a list of cancelled tickets will appear on the screen.
    • Click on the ticket link to check the status.
    • DID YOU KNOW: Gorakhpur is home to the longest platform in the world which is 4,483 ft. in length.

    In-Train Food Services

    Order delicious food on trains with Rail Restaurant and get your favourite food delivery from restaurants across India. You can save on train food in advance of your train journey through the Rail Restaurant website, app, or the free Rail Restaurant Number.  All you have to do is enter your 10 digit PNR or train name or number.

    Steps to order food online in train from Rail Restaurant

    Each passenger is assigned a 10-digit PNR number printed in the upper right corner of the ticket. Anyone who wishes to order their favourite food through Rail Restaurant can visit our website or download our app from Google Play Store. Book from these Top Train Booking Sites and also save on your food order simultaneously.

    • Enter the PNR at the given location and view the list of restaurants and meals on the way.
    • Choose the restaurant and food you want to order.
    • The selected menu will be added to the shopping cart, and the full receipt will be displayed on the screen.
    • Click on the checkout button, and you will be taken to the payment page.
    • Choose the appropriate payment gateway and pay your bill online through Debit Card, Credit Card, Online Banking, Paytm, Cash Payment, or Freecharge Wallet.
    • Do you want to pay offline? Select the Cash on Delivery (COD) option. RailRestro will not charge any charges for booking or food delivery.
    • Now, sit back and relax! Let the train come to the station. The food you ordered will be served at your marina.

    Indian Railways is a major transport hub where many Indians prefer to travel from one place to another across India. Along with its exclusive electric catering service, Rail Restaurant offers passengers a variety of cuisines, including:

    North Indian Food: North Indian food is spicy and delicious. The right combination of spices and the method of cooking makes it the best choice for train use.

    South India: Some of the South Indian food that rail restaurants serve to travellers are Masala Dosa, Upma, Adele, Vada, Pongal, and South Indian Thali.

    Chinese: Chinese food is a variety of sauces, vegetables, or chicken cooked with special spices. Manchurian, Hakka Noodles, Fried Rice, Soup, and Manchu are some of the best dishes available. It is available to the passengers at all times during the flight.

    Fast Food: You can order a variety of fast food at each station, like burgers, french fries, veg and non-veg pizza. Enjoy a train ride with delicious fast food.

    Veg Thali (Mini, Deluxe, Standard, Maharaja): Veg Thali provides complete nutrition to the body. The types of thali available are mini veg thali, deluxe thali, standard thali, and maharaja thali. This dish includes butter, spicy paneer, seasonal vegetables, chapati, dal fry, rice, salad, milk, butter, poppy seeds, and pickles.

    Deluxe Non-Veg Plate: Non-Vegetable lovers should opt for this delicacy dish which includes Chicken, Chapati/Paratha, Seasonal Vegetables, Dal Fry, Raita, Mithai, Salad, and Pickle. These are one of the most desirable meals on the train.

    RailRestro Coupons:

    • Get Flat Rs. 50 off on minimum order of Rs 300.
    • Get 20% off on your orders above Rs 2000.
    • Get Flat 10% off on minimum order of Rs 300.
    • Order via app to get 5% off on minimum order of Rs 100.
    • Rs. 50 off on minimum order of Rs 300.
    • Get Rs. 40 off on minimum order of Rs 150.
    • DID YOU KNOW: The word Train comes from a French verb that means to draw or drag.


    If you are one of those travellers who love to travel by train, then this list of train ticket booking sites and apps will surely help you in planning your trip. Most of these sites have interesting offers and deals throughout the year. Now, all you have to do is make a shortlist of your destination and look for any of these platforms of your choice. Start planning and travelling with your friends, family, or someone special soon! These are the best train booking site.



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