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    Why You Need A Healthy Food Subscription & Best Sites To Buy It From

    November 2, 2022
    Healthy Food Subscription

    Healthy meal Subscription services are a game changer, especially if you’re easing into a new year’s resolution to live a healthy lifestyle. The finest ones make meal prep simple and employ healthy ingredients to keep you feeling your best, making it easier than ever to restart your wellness regimen. (And, after a year like this, we’re guessing you’re in desperate need of it). Who wouldn’t want a deliciously curated and prepared package of food delivered right to their door? – Food subscription boxes are a relatively new concept in India, but many of them have taken off, including Eatfit, Nutribox, and The Gourmet Box, despite the fact that many people are unaware of them. Every month, we bring you the best of the finest healthy food subscription boxes available. This #healthfromhome blog is a part of #cwcare series so you can stay fit and healthy from your home with these healthy food subscriptions.

    Benefits Of Using Healthy Food Subscriptions

    You should be aware of the advantages of food Subscription if you want to free up your schedule and spend less time in the kitchen while also Improve Your Health From Home. You’ll be able to take a more disciplined and efficient approach to food if you have your meals delivered.

    • Free Food Delivery – Meal delivery allows you to devote more time to achieving your objectives.
    • It’s simple to keep track of your macros and calories – Many of us would like to eat more healthily. Tracking your macronutrients and calorie intake on a regular basis will assist ensure that your meals are supporting your wellness goals. Whether you’re trying to shed weight or gain muscle, this is beneficial.
    • Portion control built-in – For people who cook at home, overeating enormous portions in one sitting is a regular blunder. Snacking on large portions can make us feel sluggish. As a result, we may be less productive in the hours after eating. The food you eat is already portioned when you use an online healthy meal delivery service.
    • Specialized dietary plans can easily be accommodated – Meal preparation can be difficult if you’ve opted to follow a specific diet plan. To begin, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the restrictions of your specific eating plan. Then you must make sure that the food you cook adheres to these rules. As a result, you may find yourself devoting a significant amount of time and effort to the task.

    You can choose a meal plan that fits all of the requirements of your chosen diet with this Subscription. There is no need to prepare anything.

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    Best Healthy Food Subscription Apps

    Here we have got the best apps and sites you can get healthy food delivered to your door so you don’t have to worry about living a fit life.

    Gourmet Box:

    The Gourmet Box is the first online gourmet food store to offer a monthly subscription box based on your culinary obsession. Choose from a variety of subscription options, including chocolate, coffee, cheese, pasta, and more. Every month, they will handpick the greatest and most innovative goods and deliver them to you to sample, try, sample, and consume delectable and novel gourmet delicacies. Some subscription boxes also include recipes and pairing suggestions for the products. It’s a fantastic gift for foodies to give and receive.

    Pricing:- Starts From Rs. 750

    Fit Box:

    Get fresh, healthy meals delivered straight to your home – it’s time to start living a healthier lifestyle. Fitbox offers chef-prepared meals delivered to your door on a monthly basis. They make sure your meals don’t taste bland by using the greatest recipes available. You can choose from four weekly packages: four weeks, eight weeks, and twelve weeks.

    Pricing:- From Rs. 300

    Eat Fit:

    Eat Fit is here with monthly plans to take care of your hunger needs, so say goodbye to indecisive ordering food decisions and hunger pangs. It’s time to save 25% on meals and gorge yourself on wholesome, homey meals delivered straight to your door. You can even reschedule or cancel your dinner at any time – it doesn’t get any better than this.

    Pricing:- Starting Just from Rs. 69.


    It’s incredible how Ootabox tailors meals to your preferences and tastes – they have daily food subscription options that cover North Indian, South Indian, and other cuisines. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are all provided by them. When it comes to subscribing to Ootabox, a home-cooked food service with a network of 1k+ houses around Bangalore, customers can choose between chef-crafted meals. When it comes to Bangalore, it’s without a doubt one of the best food subscription boxes one can sign up for to satisfy their need.

    Pricing:- starts from Rs. 500 Depending Upon Your selection.


    To keep healthy every day, you must subscribe to their meal-box subscription for a nutritious meal plan or their cold-pressed juices subscription. Salads, main course healthful meals, and a cold beverage are all included in the memberships. They have a fantastic team of trained chefs that work every day to serve nutritious meals to their clients. There is no sugar, preservatives, refined oil, frying, or maida in this recipe. Gluten-free recipes are used, freshly baked bread is served, and 100% raw pressed juices are given.

    Pricing:- Starts from Rs.700.


    A quick Google search will yield thousands of results, and we’ve tried them all to help you discover your food-delivery soulmate. These healthy subscription services—which offer either prepped ingredients or pre-made healthful dishes and meals—are simple to put together, taste great, and can be delivered to almost any door in the United States—some even deliver overseas.



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