CRED Coins Redeem – Why Only Pay Bills Using CRED?


    CREDCRED Coins Redeem - Why Only Pay Bills Using CRED?

    CRED Coins Redeem – Why Only Pay Bills Using CRED?

    Everyone likes rewards and incentives don’t we? What if you avail of these rewards simply because you paid off your rent or other bills in time? It sounds too good to be true, but the CRED App has made it a reality. As a CRED member, the customer gets a reward for making credit card bill payments in time with CRED coins. CRED customers get to earn one coin for every rupee paid off on the bills. Hence, customers can use the coins to collect various rewards on the CRED App. Find below the steps to CRED Coins Redeem so you can use them wisely.

    How To Redeem CRED Coins?

    Mentioned below are two ways to redeem CRED coins easily: 

    • Go to the reward catalog section that has fresh options every month.
    • Simply tap on the ‘lifestyle’ option in the App. Post which you will get the option to select suitable offers for you.
    • The customers can find a few more offers and benefits which require many CRED coins, so it is beneficial to gather as many CRED coins as they can.
    • In the second method, the CRED app allows you to redeem the CRED coins by availing of the feature called ‘Kill the Bill’, here the CRED members can get up to Rs.1 lakh cashback.
    • This amount is based on the customer’s payment amount.

    If an individual does not wish to avail of the services from any company, then they have an option to use the Kill the Bill feature of this App. Otherwise, it is advisable to use your CRED Coins in availing services from various companies you find with many more benefits as compared to Cashback redemption using the ‘Kill the Bill’ feature at CRED.

    CRED Coins To Cash: Avail Of This Bonus Offer

    Do you wish to convert your CRED coins into cash? This can be done simply by using the option to ‘burn’ your CRED coins to win cashback, which directly gets credited to the customer’s credit card.
    Every time the customer pays his or her Credit Card bill, he or she will be awarded equivalent CRED coins. For instance, if the customer pays the Credit Card bill of Rs. 20,000, he or she will receive 20,000 CRED coins.

    How To Use Your CRED Coins?

    You can now use CRED coins to avail cashback offers or burn them into your account to use them as cash. If you visit the Club section on your CRED app you will notice a list of different offers being listed out. Among them will be an Amazon offer for vouchers that you can claim and use while making purchases on the Amazon app. 

    How to Use CRED Coins in Flipkart?

    CRED coins can be used in Flipkart the same way it is used in Amazon. Simply go to the club tab in your CRED app and as you scroll down through the various offers and deals you come across a voucher that you can redeem when using Flipkart. Go to Flipkart and after you make a purchase just add the voucher code and you can now redeem the CRED coins that you had accumulated over the past couple of transactions. 

    • DID YOU KNOW: Before CRED, Kunal Shah started his own venture ‘freecharge’ and later sold it to Snapdeal for $400 million.

    How to Burn CRED Coins into Cash or Cashback?

    The ability to turn reward coins into cash is highly appreciated by any individual. The CRED coins can be converted into cash by using the option to ‘burn’. After burning the CRED coins will then get credited to the credit card that is associated as cash. Every time the user pays the Credit Card bill, an equivalent number of CRED coins will be added to the account which can later be used to redeem vouchers or be added to the users account as cash.

    How to Use CRED Coins in Myntra?

    As there are different ways of earning cashback offers or redeeming different offers, in case of Myntra it is provided by the users burning a certain amount of CRED coins to avail the offer. Simply burn a minimum of 1000 CRED coins and go to the club section of the CRED app. ONce you find the Myntra Mystery banner and open it, you can avail yourself anywhere between 15% to 100% off on your purchase at Myntra. This type of offer tends to change from time to time.


    In the grand scheme of things, CRED is much more than a profit-hungry company as it provides individuals the opportunity to learn thoughtful spending by keeping their expenses in check while giving them the benefit of not being burdened by high-interest rates charged by banks. With information regarding how to claim CRED coins and how you can convert them into cash if you do not wish for benefits, this blog will hopefully help you make the right decision. Download the CRED app now to make a valuable change in your lifestyle. Also checkout CouponsWala for deals and offers.


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