CRED Coins Redeem


Everyone likes rewards and incentives don’t we? What if you avail of these rewards simply because you paid off your rent or other bills in time? It sounds too good to be true, but the CRED App has made it a reality.  As a CRED member, the customer gets a reward for making credit card bill payments in time with CRED coins. CRED customers get to earn one coin for every rupee paid off on the bills. Hence, customers can use the coins to collect various rewards on the CRED App. For Cred coins redeem offer, view Cred offers.

How to redeem CRED coins?

Mentioned below are two ways to redeem CRED coins easily: 

1. Go to the reward catalogue section that has fresh options every month. Simply tap on the ‘lifestyle’ option in the App. Post which you will get the option to select suitable offers for you.

The customers can find a few more offers and benefits which require many CRED coins, so it is beneficial to gather as many CRED coins as they can.

2. In the second method, the CRED app allows you to redeem the CRED coins by availing of the feature called ‘Kill the Bill’, here the CRED members can get up to Rs.1 lakh cashback. This amount is based on the customer’s payment amount.

If an individual does not wish to avail of the services from any company, then they have an option to use the Kill the Bill feature of this App. Otherwise, it is advisable to use your CRED Coins in availing services from various companies you will find pleasing with many more benefits as compared to Cashback redemption using the ‘Kill the Bill’ feature at CRED.

You can also view CRED UPI offers for more deals.

CRED Coins to Cash

Do you wish to convert your CRED coins into cash?

This can be done simply by using the option to ‘burn’ your CRED coins to win cashback, which directly gets credited to the customer’s credit card.
Every time the customer pays his or her Credit Card bill, he or she will be awarded equivalent CRED coins. For instance, if the customer pays the Credit Card bill of Rs.20,000, he or she will receive 20,000 CRED coins.

How to use your CRED Coins?

Every time you make a payment to your credit card, you earn CRED Coins – each CRED coin has a value equal to Rs 1. The CRED coins earned by the customer can then be used to claim rewards from various online vendors like Ixigo and FreshMenu among others. The customer can also use the option to ‘burn’ their CRED coins to win cashback, which directly credits the CRED Coins to their credit card.

CRED App has come up with a bulk of amazing benefits which can be availed simply by paying off your Credit Card bills in time. You also have an option to redeem the CRED coins earned by you by availing KillTheBill deal or simply by getting a discount on your next purchase or a movie ticket.


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