Coursera Plus Subscription | Check Out The Price, Discount Offers & More Here


    CourseraCoursera Plus Subscription | Check Out The Price, Discount Offers & More Here

    Coursera Plus Subscription | Check Out The Price, Discount Offers & More Here

    When it comes to talking about platforms that offer help to students with online learning courses, Coursera always happens to be one best e-learning platforms that students usually like to go for. Whether be it for a single course to learn, or more than 20 courses from various domains, getting a Plus subscription always becomes a must. So, what exactly Plus subscription is all about? Coursera plus, a new subscription program offered by Coursera enables students to go for various courses from different domains throughout the year in the most ideal and affordable way ever. Once done with the whole process of subscription, you get unlimited access to 3,000 plus courses, professional certificates, and specializations. With the help of a Coursera Plus subscription, you can learn courses and earn as much as certificates you wish for, just with a single wide-reaching price range.

    Coursera Plus Price

    The subscription price could vary from one to another, on the basis of a month and year. When opting for a monthly subscription pack, The price range usually falls between $57 to $59 (Rs4,490/month) with a 7-day trial which absolutely is free whereas the price range for the annual Coursera plus subscription packs usually falls between $ 397 to $ 399 (Rs 30,364/year) with a 14-day money-back trial guarantee. You also get the access to cancel these memberships at any time for both the subscriptions within the time of 2 weeks of payment with a full and absolute refund. Hence to keep learning new courses and earning certificates, get your Coursera subscription today!

    Coursera Plus Discount 

    Getting discounts on Coursera plus, may not seem as difficult as it may sound. In fact,  getting discounts on Coursera plus as a new member would just be as easy as a simple click. While getting discounts on monthly subscriptions may remain on the number of promotions you get, Coursera offers you discounts on your annual subscription packs on the number of certificates your earn and learn. You can also get up to a 30% of discount when getting the Coursera plus subscription pack one after the other consecutively.

    Coursera Plus Subscription Fee

    The Plus subscription fee could vary on the plans an individual wishes to choose. While one could find many plans and subscription fees for different courses out on the official homepage of Coursera, getting access to 3000 plus courses, specializations, and professional certificates with just a single time payment could only be offered by the Plus subscription pack which typically costs near $ 57 to $ 59 as the monthly fee and $ 399 as the annual fee.


    With a Plus subscription, you will no longer have to worry about buying a new course whenever planning to join a new domain. With the help of just one subscription, you can explore and know about the trending topics and boost your skills for the better. Another great advantage of opting for the Coursera plus subscription is the multiple courses you can learn at a single time, and switch between courses without having to pay a single penny for them. For more such information, keep visiting our page for various other deals and discounts.


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