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    Edureka Pricing, Popular Courses, Main Features & More Details To Enroll Now

    January 9, 2024
    Edureka Pricing

    Brain4ce Education Pvt. Ltd., based in Bangalore, is the private owner and operator of Edureka, online education, and e-learning platform. Edureka is the most rapidly expanding organization with the industry’s greatest course completion rate. It offers training in cutting-edge technologies like Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Programming, Application Development, and other technologies that are trending. Live interactive sessions, master’s programs, and postgraduate programs are all available through the site. Continue reading to know more about Edureka Pricing.

    To provide an alternative platform for students who seek to continue and complete courses by attending live online courses, Edureka has utilized a team of insanely dedicated educators who will stop at nothing to impart education, aided by a 24-hour support system. They equip students with the skills they need to take their careers to the next level by utilizing a world-class team of industry professionals.

    Edureka Pricing Plans

    Are you interested in knowing more about the Eureka course price so that you may begin taking online classes on this popular learning platform? Check out Edureka courses fees.

    It’s simple to get about the Edureka platform. The buttons are well organized and labeled. Anyone seeking a customizable learning path should choose Edureka. Edureka is there to help you even if you get into problems with its user-friendly UI and 24/7 customer service.

    After completing a course, Edureka issues a certificate of completion to students. These qualifications are well-known in the business and can help you improve your resume or advance your job-related talents.

    There are a few interesting categories to look at on Edureka:

    • Cloud Computing
    • BI and Visualization
    • Data Science
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Software Testing

    These programs are excellent for those who want to change careers or get started in the area. Edureka aspires to be accessible, enriching, and wonderful. It might be difficult to find high-quality IT programs, but this learning platform has revolutionized the game. Edureka offers great programs delivered by renowned specialists!

    Now coming to the pricing!

    There are no Edureka free courses available. Edureka does not provide a free trial. The cost of an Edureka course varies depending on the course. There isn’t a monthly subscription fee here, like other online learning platforms. Instead, classes and programs are provided on an a la carte basis, with prices ranging from $300 to $1,000 in most cases. This is everything about Edureka Pricing.

    Main Features

    Edureka offers a wide range of courses, programs, live instructor-led classes, and more unique features. The information taught on this platform is extremely useful and of high quality. The platform teaches and delivers industry-relevant skills to students. The price is determined by the Edureka course selected. Each course is priced differently and contains all of the above-mentioned benefits. Each course includes a certain number of live class hours, hands-on learning activities, certificates of completion, and industry-leading professional teachers.

    Let us see the prime features of Edureka:

    • Courses that are live and popular in the industry.
    • Courses that focus on skills that are in demand in the workplace.
    • Certificates of completion.
    • 24/7 Customer support.
    • Courses that are affordable.
    • Courses with high-quality content
    • Excellent application for offline work.
    • Access to paid courses for a lifetime.
    • Collaboration with academic institutions to educate job-related skills.
    • Learning that is flexible and adaptable.

    Administrators can use the Edureka platform to tailor course content as well as choose multiple locations, modes, and dates for various projects. It contains a learning analytics module that allows businesses to track learners’ progress, evaluate the effectiveness of sessions, and generate reports on a configurable dashboard. Learners can also choose projects that meet their specific needs, finish courses and submit them for review to receive certifications.

    Trainers can use the platform to send out notifications regarding due dates for assignments, quizzes, case studies, and project submissions. Edureka also alerts students regarding popular or prerequisite courses, as well as new courses that have been uploaded to the learning management system.

    Popular Courses & Categories

    Edureka is one of the most rapidly expanding online learning systems. In comparison to other institutions, it boasts the greatest course completion rates. It provides PDF files in addition to online courses, making learning easier for candidates.  Each person who enrolls in this course will be assigned a personal learning manager. In addition to studying via video courses, Edureka additionally provides a capstone project facility to instruct applicants.

    The classes can be attended at any time and in any location of your preference. Learn on the go with Edureka’s Android and iOS applications. Their interactive learning platform, industry experts, and support experts ensure that you successfully complete the course.

    Let us discuss the popular and trending courses on Edureka:

    DevOps Certification Training Course

    Edureka’s DevOps course has an excellent rating. It is extremely popular among students. Learners can work on improving and expanding their understanding of several prominent DevOps tools. Students can become certified practitioners at the completion of the course.

    Learn how to use Git to manage and track source code versions.

    • Web element testing can be automated.
    • Using Nagios, perform continuous monitoring.
    • This course period is six weeks on weekends and 18 days on weekdays. It is a highly esteemed degree and an excellent way to begin a career.

    This DevOps certification course is completely hands-on and is intended to assist you to become a certified practitioner by educating you on the best practices in Continuous Development, Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, and Monitoring of software throughout its life cycle. This instructor-led live training program allows you to work on real-world projects.

    After finishing this course, learners should be able to:

    • Recognize the benefits of DevOps over other software development approaches.
    • Get a better understanding of the DevOps environment.
    • Get an overview of the various DevOps tools available.
    • Gain knowledge on how to use the DevOps Delivery Pipeline.

    AWS Architect Certification Training

    Edureka’s AWS Certification is crafted by industry experts to meet the needs and demands of the business. The purpose of this course is to assist students in preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam. Weekend classes span five weeks, while weekday classes last fifteen days. This AWS course will help you in achieving the SAA-C02 AWS Certified Solutions Architect test. You will be able to design and deploy robust and resilient apps with AWS using Edureka’s instructor-led sessions. 

    The AWS Architect Certification Training will educate you on how to use Amazon Web Services to create and launch secure applications. This AWS solutions architect certification will support you in figuring out which Amazon Web Services are the best fit for your technical requirements.

    After completing this course, learners should be able to:

    • Recognize the various components of a classic data center.
    • Understand the significance of virtualization.
    • Cloud computing and its significance.
    • Categorization of different Cloud Computing services and deployment models.
    • Understand how AWS Global Infrastructure works.
    • Categorize the different services available in AWS.
    • Functioning with the Command Line Interface and the Management Console.

    Python Programming Certification Training

    This online Python certification course was crafted by industry experts to meet current market standards and demands. Python programming fundamentals such as Sequences and File Operations, Deep Dive Functions, OOPs, Modules and Handling Exceptions, GUI Programming, Developing Web Maps, and Data Operations are covered in Edureka’s Python course. This online Python course will assist you in working on real-world projects and becoming a certified developer. This training will help you master abilities in data and file operations, object-oriented principles, and much more! This might be the start of a data science career for you. The duration of this training is four weeks.

    After completing this course, learners should be able to:

    • Python scripting allows programmers to quickly, easily, and effectively create applications.
    • Python scripts can be used to quickly and easily create apps. This course offers an overview of Python scripting, with a focus on the language’s concepts. 
    • Learn the fundamentals of scripting and how to use PyCharm to execute operations on variable types.
    • Comprehend the importance of this language in a real-time environment and create object-oriented programming applications.
    • Learn how to write functions and modules and how to use them.
    • By the end of this course, you will be able to create networking applications with appropriate graphical user interfaces.

    Java Certification Training

    Edureka’s Java certification training is based on industry standards and vetted by top industry professionals. This Java online course will provide you with an explicit understanding of Core Java & J2EE fundamentals and advanced topics, as well as trending frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring, and SOA. This is a live, instructor-led class to help you grasp other Java concepts such as Java Arrays, Java Functions, Java Loops, and other concepts, using real-world examples. The live instructors will do their best to prepare you for the salary increase that other Java-skilled professionals receive. 

    You will work on real-world projects, and when it’s all said and done, you will be able to write code, create web apps, implement SOA utilizing web services, and much more. This level of Java knowledge is required for careers in Java development, programming, web design, and database administration. To become a certified Java professional, enroll in these excellent online Java Courses.

    Edureka Corporate Training

    Edureka courses offer excellent corporate training. To produce a superb training program, the platform combines on-site class training, instructor-led live, online training, self-paced online learning, and blended training. Courses can be tailored to address the requirements of the organization. Edureka offers 24/7 support, so your staff can perform at their best at all times. To track learning data, Edureka corporate training features an in-depth, configurable dashboard. Edureka also has professionally qualified consultants who can help you create a terrific corporate training program. 

    Popular Corporate Training Categories

    • Cloud computing
    • DevOps
    • BI and Visualization
    • Data Science
    • Big Data
    • Frontend Development
    • And much more

    Below listed are the features of Edureka Corporate Training:

    • Customization of the Course – Flexible engagement model tailored to address your specific requirements.
    • Learning Analytics – Visualize training progress with a customized dashboard.
    • Cloud Lab – Hands-on expertise with Edureka Cloud Lab, which is all set up to get started instantly.
    • 24×7 Support support by in-house subject matter experts.
    • Certifications – Certification that is renowned and respected in the industry to add value to your workforce.
    • Projects – The perfect blend of theoretical and practical training to address real-world industry issues.

                Edureka FAQ

                There isn’t any. Each class has its own set of costs. However, significant discounts can be found throughout the year.

                Edureka accepts a variety of payment methods. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted by Edureka. Monthly and yearly payments are all endorsed by Edureka.

                Edureka offers a 3-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

                Customers who frequently use Edureka include Startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Organizations.

                Edureka is a fantastic online learning platform that focuses on the topic of information technology. It’s an excellent resource for students just starting out or those looking to change careers. Furthermore, Edureka’s credentials are widely recognized and highly regarded in the market.

                – Students can select courses from a wide range of subjects:
                – Programming and Frameworks
                – Software Testing
                – Cyber Security
                – Cloud Computing
                – Big Data
                – Operating Systems
                – Mobile Development
                – Frontend Development
                – And more!


                Edureka is an excellent online learning platform that specializes in offering world-class services with a large number of high-quality courses that can help you to improve in your job. Edureka is a rapidly expanding organization that offers training in almost any IT skill. The platform places a heavy emphasis on information technology and carefully selects its skilled educators. However, there are a number of compelling reasons to choose Edureka over other online learning platforms. For one thing, its courses have a high completion rate, implying that the teaching methods and approaches used here are effective and simple to grasp. Also, Edureka offers low-cost courses amalgamated with certificate programs that can help you stay competitive. This is everything about Edureka Pricing.



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