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    Asian & Chinese Food Offers – Details On Offers To Avail Of On MasterChow Products

    April 3, 2023
    Asian & Chinese Food Offers

    Remember when you craved that schezwan fried rice or some thick udon noodles but it seemed too costly or it was just too far away to go get it? Well fear not, cause MasterChow is here. Dedicated to bringing those exquisite Pan-Asian ingredients right at your doorsteps, you can now establish your own Korean, Japanese, Chinese cuisine right at home! Catering a wide range of products from noodles to dips, you can count on MasterChow to deliver while you deliver on their motto of “THE CHOW MUST GO ON”. Let’s take a look at their wonderful ingredients and the exciting MasterChow Pan Asian and Chinese food offers they have.

    MasterChow Sauce Offers

    Masterchow owes much of its success to their incredible sauce collection. Ranging from sweet, spicy to umami flavours, their sauce range basically covers every Pan-Asian flavour out there. Good to go with almost any dish out there, noodles or fried rice, these sauces have countless uses in cooking or while eating. Let’s take a look at some of the bestsellers they have.

    Kinky Korean – Holy basil Stir-fry Sauce

    • Comes in at Rs.228 with a 5% offer is a must have! 
    • The smell of basil hits you right off the bat and the trio of basil, garlic and tamarind take you on a ride through the continent’s raw flavours. 

    Bang Bang – Chilli and Garlic Stir-fry Sauce

    • Comes in at Rs.228 with a 5% offer is another fan favourite and rightly so. Avail f these Chinese food offers now!
    • It means can you imagine a flavour of chilli and garlic not being so popular? Definitely not! This fiery, tangy and bold umami flavour is the perfect spice.

    Delhi Belly – Sweet & Spicy Stir-Fry Sauce

    • Comes in at Rs.228 with a 5% offer 
    • The perfect go to for all the spice lovers out there.
    • A combo of chilli paste and sesame oil, this makes any dish you’re making incredibly good.

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    MasterChow Black Bean Sauce Offers

    Ah, black bean sauce. The craving of many a tongue. Cooked for over 8 hours, with black beans, chilli oil and tomatoes, this dip is packed with flavour. Serves as the perfect side to anything ranging from fried chicken to chips.

    Black Bean Dip – Dipping sauce

    • Comes in at Rs.260 with a 5% offer 
    • The classic Black bean dip that makes your mouth water, does more need to be said?

    Twin – Black Bean Dip (2 Dipping Sauce)

    • Comes in at Rs.522 with a 5% offer. 
    • What’s better than one black bean dip? You guessed it right – TWO!

    Black Bean Love Kit (1 Stir-Fry sauce, 1 Dip, 2 Noodles)

    • Comes in at Rs.780 with a 5% offer 
    • This pack is filled with the perfect ingredients to accompany the black bean dip.

    MasterChow Kit Offers

    An assortment of all the best stuff they have, The MasterChow kit offers have to be looked upon if you wanna save massively while experiencing the best flavours. Let’s take a look at some of the best combinations they have for sale:

    Chilli & Garlic Noodle Kit (2 Stir-Fry Sauces, 2 Noodles)

    • Comes in at Rs.750 with a 5% offer
    • Is it really surprising to find a chilli and garlic combo when it’s found in almost all of the tastiest foods in an average Indian household?

    Schezwan Fried Rice Kit (1 Rice, 1 Stir-Fry Sauce)

    • Comes in at Rs.465 with a 5% offer
    • Schezwan has to be one of the most sought-after types of food throughout the nation and this pack is the right one to satisfy your Chinese cravings.

    The Master’s Assorted Pantry Box

    • Comes in at Rs.2396 with a 5% offer
    • The ultimate kit, This pantry box basically has everything – noodles, sauces, dips. Don’t miss out on stacking your pantry with 20+ combinations.

    MasterChow Soy-Garlic Sauce Offers

    The newly released Soy-Garlic sauce is made from real and fresh oyster sauce. Used in a variety of ways such as marinating meat, using it in noodles and fried rice, it stands out for its umami, garlic flavour. Get these amazing Chinese food offers now!

    Soy & Garlic Stir-Fry Sauce

    • Comes in at Rs.228 with a 5% offer
    • The OG Soy-Garlic sauce that serves as the go to for people who can’t do too much heat

    Chinese Garlic Combo

    • Comes in at Rs.645 with a 5% offer
    • Comes with a whole wheat noodle and a chilli dip
    • The chilli dip adds heat to the mild flavoured Soy-Garlic sauce and when combined with the 100% atta noodles – It’s an explosion of flavours.

    Healthy, Low Cal Noodle Kit (Non-Spicy)

    • Comes in at Rs.770 with a 5% offer
    • Comes with a whole wheat noodle, a udon noodle and a kinky Korean sauce in addition to the Soy-Garlic sauce.
    • Sticks to its name by staying healthy with no maida – whole wheat noodles, bringing down the calorie of the pack below 300Kcal.

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    MasterChow Noodles Offers

    Who doesn’t love noodles these days. A perfect dish favoured by all ages, it’s extremely delicious and incredibly fun to eat. MasterChow has a variety of noodle packs, ranging from thick, thin to whole wheat. Listed down are some of their hits.

    Whole Wheat Noodles: Healthy

    • Comes in at Rs.156 with a 5% offer
    • The healthier side of the noodle story, the whole wheat noodle contains no maida, is 100% organic and has an excellent texture.

    Udon Noodles: Japanese Noodles

    • Comes in at Rs.156 with a 5% offer
    • The thick noodles of the bunch, they give you a chewy texture and are ready to go under 15 minutes of cooking time

    Hakka Noodles: Chowmein Style

    • Comes in at Rs.156 with a 5% offer
    • Wanna have street-style chow-mein? Then these noodles are right up your alley with the right cut and texture that absorbs flavour

    MasterChow Chilli Dips Offers

    Listen up all you spice lovers out there. MasterChow has got your back covered with their brand new Hong Kong Hottie chilly dip. Enjoy it as an evening snack with your tortilla, or enjoy it as a side to your dinner, you can use it almost everywhere. Get ready to spice it up. Avail of these Chinese food offers now!

    Hong Kong Hottie

    • Comes in at Rs.260 with a 5% offer
    • Made with all natural ingredients, providing a tangy and fiery flavour

    Hong Kong Hottie x Black Bean Dip

    • Comes in at Rs.522 with a 5% offer
    • The dual dip combo of black bean and chillies – Flavour explosion at its very best

     Chilli Garlic Combo

    • Comes in at Rs.645 with a 5% offer
    • Contains 1 noodle pack and 1 stir-fry sauce along with the dip
    • The best ingredients to go with the dip, enjoy the tanginess!


    We hope we have provided you with ample information for you to set up your own Pan-Asian cuisine at home. As a great man once said – “ Anyone can cook ” – so can you and MasterChow’s ingredients will only help you on your way to enjoying all the fun stuff in a super healthy, relaxed and tasty way. Buy some of the best products they have on sale right now and witness the flavour festival!



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