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    Blinkit Bank Offer | Check Out Top Available Bank Offers & Save Money

    January 9, 2024
    Grofers Bank Offer

    Buying Groceries can be a tedious task if you’re not fond of visiting the local supermarket now and then. Now that a lot of online grocery buying platforms are available, the arduous task of buying groceries has become very easy. Blinkit is one of the best online grocery delivery portals that has been running successfully for many years. What adds to an already beneficial app is the introduction of offers and deals. It is needless to say that banks are always ready to help their users with a little extra money in their pocket through bank offers and bank discounts. Shop for groceries with the Blinkit bank offer and save big. Read further to find Grofers offers from different banks.

    Blinkit New User Offer

    Get the most lucrative deals available from Blinkit that make shopping for groceries online as fun of an experience as when you visit the supermarket. For new users who are migrating to the app, get a discount offer to kickstart your online purchase spree. Download the Grofers app, now called Binkit, and get a 50% discount on your first purchase.

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    Standard Chartered Blinkit Offer

    Experience easy grocery shopping with Blinkit with daily essentials delivered to your front door. For those who hold Standard Chartered bank accounts, Blinkit is offering a special deal to make shopping a little more exciting.

    • Get a 10% discount with no minimum expenditure and save up to Rs. 1000.

    Blinkit ICICI Offer

    ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company that is headquartered in Mumbai. The bank has partnered up with different brands that have decided to give offers to the customers. Many people have an ICICI bank account, net banking, credit, and debit cards. Now Blinkit ICICI Offers come and go within a certain period. Right now no ICICI Offers are going on. You can however refer your friends and family so that even they can avail of future offers.

    ICICI Bank Referral Program

    Love being an ICICI bank account holder? Want your friends and family members to experience the joy of amazing benefits and lucrative deals? Send them a Blinkit Referral Code from ICICI and you get Rs. 500 for each successful referral. Avail of Blinkit Bank Offer today and save extra on your purchase.

    • Get Rs. 200 when your friend creates an account with ICICI and Rs. 300 more when your friend completes their first transaction.
    • DID YOU KNOW: Grofers have more than 3.5 million downloads in 2021.

    Axis Bank Offer

    Axis Bank is the fifth-largest bank in India that offers a wide assortment of financial assistance. Blinkit recently launched offers for people who are using Axis Bank. This offer is only applicable to those individuals with an Axis Bank Neo Credit Card.

    • Get 10% off up to Rs. 250 on a minimum transaction of Rs. 750.

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    Credit Card Offers

    Blinkit credit card offers on Grofers are an on and off process. The offers tend to change constantly depending on their validity. Do check the app or website to see the latest offers and deals provided by Blinkit.

    HDFC Bank Offer

    HDFC is another top-tier banking and financial service provider in India. Brands tie-up with HDFC to cater beneficial offers and features for users availing of services from this bank. Here is the HDFC Blinkit Bank Offer:

    • Flat 5% up to Rs 250 on a minimum purchase of Rs 2000.


    With the ever-changing world influenced by technology, it is not uncommon to see collaborations among service providers. The alliances offer users with the easy to avail benefits. Shop now on Blinkit to avail of the different offers being offered.



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