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    Best Blinkit Referral Code – See How You Can Earn By Inviting Potential Users

    Blinkit is an Indian e-commerce venture which specializes in online grocery delivery services. The company is based in Gurugram, India. The company has well-known investors like SoftBank, Tiger Global, and Sequoia Capital. The company also has a mobile application that customers can very easily install to order groceries online. Read this blog to get details about Blinkit Referral Code.

    Blinkit Referral Code

    Blinkit currently operates in the following cities, namely, Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai, Faridabad, Meerut, Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Ghaziabad, Kochi, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Rotak, Bhiwadi, and Ahmedabad. Blinkit has neck-to-neck competition with Big Basket, its domestic rival. With its presence in so many cities, it will be hard to not be familiar with the brand. In case your friend or a family member hasn’t heard of Blinkit yet you can share your referral code with them and you can earn a reward with the Blinkit refer and earn program.

    Blinkit Referral Program – Free Store

    Free Store is a Blinkit referral program on Blinkit which lets its current users share Blinkit with their friends to gain ‘Blinkit Coins’ to which there are different versions, for example, Blinkit silver coin, which is redeemable by buying free items from the  ‘Free Store’ page. The user’s friends will receive a scratch card on successful sign-up through the link sent by the referrer who is a current Blinkit user. Friends can gain up to Rs. 150 cashback on redeeming scratch cards. On successful sign-ups, the referrer will get ‘Grofers Coins’ on the delivery of their friend’s (Referee) first order. Think of this as a Blink it referral code bonus.

    Blinkit FAQ’s

    You can verify which Referee has placed an order. On the first successful order delivery of Referee, the Blinkit coins which you have earned will be reflected on your Free Store.

    He has to sign up using the link that the Referrer has shared with them. After successful sign-up, they will get a scratch card. Redeeming the scratch card will get them up to Rs. 150 cashback.

    The item will automatically be removed from the cart and coins will be loaded back to the free store again.

    Yes, Rs. 500.

    The free store can be used by Android users all over India. It is available on the homepage and the navigation bar on the left.

    The referral is live for cities where ‘Grofers’ is operational in India. Up to 20 items will be made available to be redeemed through ‘Grofers Coins’.

    Up to Rs. 150 as cashback on successful sign-up (from the link he has received from Referrer). The Referee must use the referral code in the sign-up process.

    The order value should be more than Rs. 500 with free order delivery. Referrer will gain ‘Grofers Coins’ after successful first order delivery of Referee.

    The referee has to place an order for more than Rs. 500 with free delivery. Only after the successful delivery of his first order, the Referrer will get ‘Grofers Coins’, and the Referee will get cashback up to Rs. 150.


    With the Blinkit app shopping for groceries online has never been easier. Take advantage of Grofers Referral Code on your purchase. Refer the app to your friend and earn Blinkit coins to use on the next purchasing spree you go on. Shop on Grofers now and don’t miss out on offers before they expire.

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