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    Best Shows On Netflix 2024 | List Of Movies & TV Series That Have Been The Best Ever

    January 9, 2024
    Best Shows On Netflix

    Regardless of what you think of our generation, people from previous generations cannot compete with our ways of entertainment. A thousand different shows and all of the latest movies from across the world are only a few clicks away with an internet connection and a browser tab. Netflix is one such treasure chest of world-class entertainment content, and we discover a new show to stream every week or so. Unconsciously we’ve clicked “next episode” ten times in a row, and the weekend has flown past in the blink of an eye. Check this list of best shows on Netflix.

    We want to help you in your search for some of the best content that Netflix has to offer. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best Indian Netflix movies and tv shows in one place. If you’re looking for your next Netflix binge, there’s no need to frantically Google “suggested shows on Netflix,” because this is a one-stop guide with everything you need. On that note, let’s jump into our carefully picked list of the best Netflix TV series, shows, and movies that will undoubtedly grab your attention for hours on end.

     Best Shows On Netflix: The Must-Watch Ones

    You cannot miss these movies as they will make every minute of your time worth it. Choose out of the best movies on Netflix Bollywood mentioned below to start your binge session with snacks on hand and a warm blanket to put you right in the mood for carefully curated stories to take you through a roller coaster of emotions. 

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

    • Director – Ayan Mukherjee
    • Star Cast – Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditya
    • IMDb Rating – 7.1/10

    What makes Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani one of the best Bollywood films on Netflix is that it continues to be just as entertaining on your 20th watch as it was when you first saw it. As most people who have seen the film can attest. It’s surprisingly easy to fall in love with the main characters and relate to both Bunny’s flying high desires and Naina’s comfort in keeping grounded. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a romantic Bollywood film as well as a valuable lesson, and that too without going over the top with the cheesiness. You can also watch it on BookMyShow for free.

    Check out the blog on all the available best Netflix Plan India so you can avail yourself of the best subscription plan and enjoy watching more such amazing movies.


    • Director – Sujoy Ghosh
    • Star Cast – Vidya Balan, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Indraneil Sengupta
    • IMDb Rating – 8.1/10

    Do you recall the rush of excitement that followed the release of Kahaani? With the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, thrill, and drama that every scene of this film features, it’s not surprising that it’s ranked as one of the Best Shows On Netflix. Indian thriller films such as Kahaani is a one-woman show about a pregnant woman (Vidya Balan as Vidya Bagchi) who travels to Kolkata during the festive season to look for her husband. As she begins her search, she comes across a lot of mysterious evidence and people who may or may not be linked with her missing husband. The movie includes a lot of gaps and twists and will keep you engaged throughout. 

    Wake up Sid

    • Director – Ayan Mukherjee
    • Star Cast – Ranbir Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Supriya Pathak
    • IMDb Rating – 7.6/10

    You might have been lucky or smart enough to know exactly where you were going once you walked through the college gates, but I know I speak for many when I say that isn’t always the case. That’s what makes Sid’s narrative so familiar, and his journey’s final destination so comforting. Wake up Sid is an underrated Bollywood film that provides you with an insider look at the shift between refusing to let go of childhood and going into adulthood in your way. If you don’t have Netflix you can always watch it on BookMyShow.

    Did you know: The director of this movie, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra got the idea for this film while shooting his documentary in Gujurat. He took seven years to research and develop the story and write the script. 

    Rang De Basanti

    • Director – Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra
    • Star Cast – Aamir Khan, Soha Ali Khan, Siddharth
    • IMDb Rating – 8.2/10

    Rang De Basanti is one of the best Bollywood films available on Netflix and in general. Consider this a public service announcement for those who haven’t seen it yet. Because what awaits them is a fantastic cinematic experience, a film that will tug at your emotions in all the right ways. Rang De Basanti is about freedom, priorities, courage, and relationships, among other things. This is one of those Netflix Bollywood movies that define the term “food for thought”. It is also available on BookMyShow. 


    • Director – Vishal Bhardwaj
    • Star Cast – Shahid Kapoor, Tabu, Shraddha Kapoor
    • IMDb Rating – 8.1/10

    Why, oh why, isn’t Shahid Kapoor not given the credit that he deserves? If you don’t believe us, you should see Haider. This film features some of the best performances in Bollywood, as well as a compelling storyline and stunning cinematography. Haider is one of those great Bollywood films on Netflix that can instantly transport you to a world of its own. The charm of this film is far above the rest, and it’s far away from your typical Masala fare movies. This qualifies as the best shows on Netflix.

    The movie is based on Kashmir disputes in 1995 Where Shahid, a young student from Aligarh Muslim University, returns to search for his father, who has gone missing during the conflict. Shahid’s nerve-wracking and powerful performance makes it a must-see film. He accepted during an interview in 2014 that it was his toughest and finest performance. The screenplay, direction, and language of the film are all excellent, in which the movie has won four national awards.

    This wonderful movie is also available on ZEE5 as well. Avail of this coupon online and get an exciting subscription offer for ZEE5.

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    Best Indian TV Shows

    Looking for some of the best Netflix Indian TV shows? Look no further as we are providing a list of great Indian shows on Netflix, chosen from IMDb’s Top 250 based on ratings provided by users.

    Delhi Crime

    Do you remember the horrific rape incident that shocked the country in December 2014? How an innocent girl was raped, abused, and left to die on the roadside? This web series covers everything. A TV channel attempted to broadcast the incident in a TV show a few weeks after it happened, but due to political pressure, it wasn’t made possible. Check out these Best Shows On Netflix.

    Delhi Crime is now available on Netflix in the Hindi shows section. Delhi Crime is one of those Hindi TV shows on Netflix that you will want to watch time and again. Also, check out these Netflix best bollywood movies

    Sacred Games 

    The only Indian Netflix show which created a lot of hype in the web series industry. Sacred Games is one of those web series that caused market disruption. Earlier, directors like KJo would make cliched romance stories that needed no innovative thinking, and audiences had no choice but to watch them. But Sacred Games changed everything!

    The story of Sacred Games is about a police inspector named Sartaj Singh who is trying to solve a mystery case created by a trash mafia who knows about politicians’ secrets and how they try to trick the people. Overall, Sacred Games is a Netflix Indian show that you should see. The direction, production, acting, and everything else is just fantastic. This is one of the best shows on Netflix.

    Yeh Meri Family

    Yeh Meri Family, which premiered on Netflix in 1998, is one of those Hindi TV shows that you would like to watch for the rest of your life. Yes! Just like Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltaa Chashma, This is also a good, light, Indian Netflix show to watch. Check out these best movies on Netflix bollywood.

    Sadly, Yeh Meri Family only has one season, with only seven episodes. As a result, you may end up watching it all at once. The story revolves around a twelve-year-old boy who begins to feel a change in his views on his family. The series will bring back your memories of summer vacations as a child, fun times with friends, and your first crush. In general, Yeh Meri Family has a lot to offer if you’re a 90s kid wishing to relive those glory days.

    Selection Day

    In the field of cricket, this is one of the top Hindi TV series on Netflix. There aren’t many creators that have made something like this, and Netflix is the first to bring a show featuring Cricket’s darker side.

    Selection Day is a web series about two youngsters who travel to Mumbai to learn cricket and end up in trouble. The episodes are of very short durations (20 minutes per episode) and there are only 12 episodes. Even though the first season of the web series had a lot of plot building, there’s no hint on when the second season will debut. We’re hoping that such fantastic Hindi shows on Netflix will reveal a lot of secrets to cricket fans in the coming season.

    • DID YOU KNOW: Netflix has over on petabytes of content. That is equivalent to 1024 terabytes or a million gigabytes!


    Chopsticks is another excellent Hindi TV show available on Netflix. The story revolves around a girl called Nirma, whose car had been stolen sometime after she purchased it.  Later on, she encounters a conman with whom she decides to find her car.

    The series has some flaws, such as Nirma’s character sketch was not made clear at the starting and the story seemed a little fast-paced. Chopsticks is one of those Best Shows On Netflix that you can watch in your free time. It’s a light and crisp Hindi show on Netflix that will make you extremely happy and sometimes extremely sad.


    This is our list of the best Indian movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix. All of these TV shows and movies have received positive reviews and an IMDb rating of more than seven out of ten. We suggest you watch these films and tv shows on Netflix and take time out of your binge-watching routine to express your views with us.



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