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    Best Indian Whey Protein Brands | Top 7 Protein Powders To Buy


    FitnessBest Indian Whey Protein Brands | Top 7 Protein Powders To Buy

    Best Indian Whey Protein Brands | Top 7 Protein Powders To Buy

    Healthy life and lifestyle are only cultivated and maintained by having a proper balance of nutrition and exercise programs. The proper amount of nutrition includes a healthy diet rich in fibers and proteins. The protein diet is essential for the muscle mass and growth of the body. It helps the body to grow with a proper physique and gives an essential strength. Check the blog further to know more about Best Indian Whey Protein Brands. 

    Whey protein is known to be one of the best primary proteins that are found in most dairy products. It is basically a by-product while making the cheese and various processes of the cheese. Whey protein provides majorly a substantial amount of most essential amino acids which are needed to carry out major functions of the body.

    People who are focused on body mass building and muscle toning, are additionally advised to have a whey protein to match the necessities of the proteins by the body. The people who go for the gym and body-building programs are advised to have a high protein-rich diet.

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    Whey protein is a popular nutritional supplement used for a variety of reasons, including promoting muscle gain and providing a quick source of protein on the go. We have listed the most trusted whey Protein Brands, They are  :

    1) Optimum Nutrition (ON) 100% whey gold standard

    The brand is known as one of the most top-rated and largely producing brands in the sector of top nutrition products, the brand is very famous for the production of whey protein. The company specifies and provides the ultrafiltered whey protein which is concentrated with the protein isolated providing approximately 30.4 grams in one Optimum Nutrition (ON) 100% whey gold standard. The one scoop of the whey protein powder serves you with the inclusion of 4 grams of protein with 1 gram of sugar content of fat. It also provides with the inclusion of the approximately 5.5 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain most essential amino acids and the major content as approximately 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid. There are also other natural building blocks in the powder such as Valine. Leucine and isoleucine are also essential amino acids. It is a vegetarian product provided in 12 different flavors by the brand.

      Elemental list-

    • Weight- 2.26kg
    • Price of the product- Rs. 4799
    • Whey protein- 24 grams per serving approximately
    • Calories- approximately 120 calories per servings

    2) AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey protein Concentrate 80%

    It is one of the best elemental whey proteins provided by the company without soy in India. To make It more nutritious and hygienic it is free from the added additives and unhygienic preservatives, flavoring agents, and many more. It is the main high content protein concentration that is solely provided to the customers in the container. The highly rich whey protein powder provided extra endurance to the person and help in developing muscle mass. In approximately 24 grams of the protein content, 5.4 grams of the basic elements serves almost 30 grams in which you can be assured that you are consuming the right protein to gain a nice amount of muscle mass and strength.

    A more beneficial element provided by the product is that it is mom-friendly. The powder is most suitable for the mom-to-be and mom-to-go who aids and need the maximum protein content for her and her growing baby. The protein aids the main building blocks in the body which are very essential for the baby’s growth.

    Elemental content-

    • 1kg of weight
    • Price- Rs. 1087
    • Per serving approximately serves 30 grams of the whole stuff.

    3) MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein

    The MuscleBlaze company provides an additive digestive enzyme with the best whey protein which has an additive effect on the digestive system of the human. This is one of the Best Indian Whey Protein Brands. The powder aids the easy absorption of the powder in the digestive system. It is an unflavored powder that is vegetarian and serves in total around 24 grams. In 24 grams the segmental elements are- approximately 12.2 grams of essential amino acids, 5.2 grams of other elements, 4.2 grams of the glutamic acid, and in total serves around 24 to 30 grams. It is highly recommended for the person who is a huge fan of muscle mass and bodybuilding. In the medical field, the powder is also recommended to patients who need to gain muscle mass and for quicker recovery from the illness. The powder provides zero added sugar and is also free from aspartame.

    As it is free of additive flavors, the customer can consume it in as many blends and flavors as the user’s taste. It is a budget-friendly product and aids to help one with building a proper body and muscle mass.

    • The price of the content is almost Rs. 1199.

    4) BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein Powder

    The product is very favorite among the people for its great taste and most effective outcome. It is known as the most distinguished company which serves as the most effective amino acid essentials. It is ranked as one of the best whey protein powders for a morning and evening drink for a person who needs to increase the body and muscle mass. The powder is fortified with the additives like essential amino acids, glutamine, and medium-chain triglycerides that also aid the heart to be more healthy and stronger.

    The product serves with the approximation of 22 grams of whey protein content per scoop. The powder is also aspartame-free. It contains eggs. The powder comes with a chocolate milkshake flavor.

    • The price of the product is Rs. 3993

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    5) Isopure Low Carb Whey Protein

    It is the perfect whey powder for the person who is looking for a powder that aids in muscle and body gain, without fat gain. The product is the best whey protein product without carbs. The whey protein provides with additional elements like eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts with the soy and essential dairy products with 100% effective and nutritive which aids in muscle and body gain.

    • The price of the product is Rs. 5999.
    • The approximately 25 grams as per the three lbs.

    6) MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Performance series-

    The product provides the best essential amino acids such as alanine, glycine and taurine. The powder is a powerful protein element which is a basic formula for an individual for the supreme class. The product is available in 13 more flavors and in different 6 sizes. It is known as an ideal choice for the post-workout drink.

    • The price of the product is Rs. 3898.
    • The weight of the product is about 1.81 kgs 

    7) Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey protein powder

    The company is most favorite and rated as the best drink for strength and endurance and is best for the person who has weight management goals. The powder comes with a rich chocolate flavor, which is highly essential as glutamine and glutamine precursors. The powder is aspartame free along with the fiber contents in the powder which aids better digestion and absorption of the powder. Hence, this is one of the Best Indian Whey Protein Brands.

    • The price of the product is Rs. 5599.
    • The approximate weight of the content is about 2,26 kg 



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