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    Zivame End Of Season Sale | Exclusive Deals On All Categories

    January 9, 2024
    Zivame End Of Season Sale

    Zivame was started in 2011 with the intention of enabling women to shop for intimate apparel freely. They observed the impact of this notion and how it helped women break stereotypes along the road. They’re now taking it a step further by investing in a network that influences women in many ways. Zivame is an Indian online lingerie store where clients may shop by category, brand, color, and size. In this blog, we shall see the Zivame end of season sale and the deals it holds. 

    Zivame Online Shopping Offers

    CategoryDetailsBuying Link
    4 @ 999Buy 4 Bras @ just Rs. 999Buy Now
    Sleepwear and ActivewearSleepwear and activewear under Rs. 999Buy Now
    Under 2996000+ products @ under Rs. 299Buy Now
    Comfort BrasBuy 2 and Get extra 10% offBuy Now
    Zivame GirlsUpto 55% offBuy Now
    Winter CollectionUpto 50% offBuy Now
    BeautyUpto 70% off on 6000+ beauty ProductsBuy Now

    A sale of clothing or other seasonal commodities at a lower price than normal. In the end-of-season sale, you can save 50% on camping equipment. Indian clothing stores are well-known for their end-of-season deals (EOSS). One of the discount sales strategies used by clothing merchants. Many buyers are eager to take advantage of the end-of-season offer. They wait until the end-of-season promotions at merchants before making a purchase to save a lot of money. Clothing of your choosing can be purchased at Zivame for incredible savings starting at a minimum of 50% off. Browse the collections by clicking the link.

    Zivame Bra Offers

    CategoryDetailsBuying Link
    Padded BrasUpto 70% off on Padded BraBuy Now
    Non Padded BrasUpto 75% off on Non Padded BrasBuy Now
    Maternity BrasUpto 55% off on Nursing BrasBuy Now
    Sports BrasUpto 70% off on Sports BrasBuy Now
    Bra CombosBuy 4 Bras @999Buy Now
    Bras under 3992000+ products under Rs. 399Buy Now
    Bras under 5994700+ products under Rs. 599Buy Now

    The purpose of bras in a woman’s life is remarkably high. With the right bras sagging will be avoided. Breasts in women are made up of lipids and glands while these bras help in Providing assistance. Contrary to common misconception, the primary function of a bra is not to enhance the look of your breasts. High level of comfort. You can get improved physical condition. You can get these esteemed pieces of clothes from the Zivame end of season sale and avail of discounts up to 50% off. Place your orders right away and take advantage of the deals. Check out these Zivame bras on sale.

    Zivame Nightwear Offers

    CategoryDetailsBuying Link
    Shorts SetsUpto 65% off on Shorts SetsBuy Now
    Capri SetsUpto 65% off on Capri SetsBuy Now
    Pyjama SetsUpto 65% off on Pyjama SetsBuy Now
    LoungewearUpto 35% off on LoungewearBuy Now
    Maternity NightwearUpto 30% off on Maternity NightwearBuy Now
    Curvy NightwearBuy 1 Get 1 on Plus Size Nightwear SetsBuy Now
    Shrugs, Wraps and RobesUpto 65% off on Robe SetsBuy Now

    Nightwear is the clothing worn in bed or before retiring to bed, such as pajamas, nightdresses, dressing gowns, and so on. Some advantages of wearing nightwear include safeguarding your body from cold. Pajamas offer various advantages, including keeping your body warm and avoiding becoming sick. Wearing pajamas at bedtime reduces the likelihood of catching a cold or flu. Assist with hygiene and nevertheless style and comfort. Get these now at the Zivame end of season sale under Zivame nightwear offers and claim the discounts up to 50% off.   Check out the Zivame night suit sale.

    Zivame Activewear Offers

    CategoryDetailsBuying Link
    GymwearUpto 70% off on Gym clothesBuy Now
    Zumba ClothesUpto 70% off on Zumba clothesBuy Now
    Yoga ClothesUpto 70% off on Yoga DressBuy Now
    Running WearBuy 1 Get 1 on Running ClothesBuy Now
    Cycling WearUpto 70% off on Cycling ClothesBuy Now
    SwimwearBuy 1 Get 1 on Swimmimg costumesBuy Now
    3 @ 399 eachActivewear Tops & Bras 3 @ Rs. 399 EachBuy Now

    Sportswear, often known as activewear, is clothing that is used for sport or physical activity. Most sports and physical activities need the use of sport-specific apparel for practical, comfort, or safety reasons. Tracksuits, shorts, T-shirts, and polo shirts are examples of typical sport-specific clothing. You can buy them matching your preferences at unbelievable deals in this Zivame end of season sale and save your pockets. Discounts start from 30% off on all activewear merchandise. Claim this Zivame activewear offers now. 

    Zivame Shapewear Offers 

    CategoryDetailsBuying Link
    Saree ShapewearUpto 60% off on Saree ShapewearBuy Now
    Shapewear BriefsUpto 35% off on Shapewear BriefsBuy Now
    Thigh ShapersUpto 60% off on Thigh ShapersBuy Now
    Cami ShapersUpto 30% off on Shaping Camis & SlipsBuy Now
    Low ShapewearUpto 30% off on low shapewearBuy Now
    Medium ShapewearUpto 60% off on Medium ShapewearBuy Now
    High ShapewearUpto 60% off on High ShapewearBuy Now

    Shapewear, often known as a foundation garment, is an undergarment that smoothes your physique. It may be worn as underwear on its own to prevent the cloth from bunching below, however, some variations recommend wearing elegant undergarments underneath. Figure shapers come in a variety of designs that are designed to sculpt your body. Shapewear’s stretchy nature promotes compression and helps you to stand with your back straighter and firmer. The support also helps to relieve discomfort, particularly in the lumbar and lower back areas. Buy these now from the Zivame end of season sale and take advantage of the great deals of up to 50% off on the Zivame shapewear offers.

    Zivame Panty Offers 

    CategoryDetailsBuying Link
    Pack of 2Upto 50% off on Pack of 2 pantiesBuy Now
    Pack of 3Upto 80% off on Pack of 3 pantiesBuy Now
    Maternity PantiesUpto 10% off on Maternity Panty combosBuy Now
    Seamless PantiesUpto 80% off on Seamless Panty combosBuy Now
    BikinisBuy 4 @ Rs. 999Buy Now
    Zivame BrandUpto 50% off on Zivame Brand Panty CombosBuy Now
    Single PantyUpto 70% off on Single PantyBuy Now

    Cotton is the most popular and breathable fabric for panties, as well as the most affordable. It’s ideal for everyday usage, and you’ll notice that all of your normal briefs are often composed of 100% cotton. These are ideal for the summer, exercise, and everyday usage. Brief, Thong, Cheeky, High Rise Brief, Slip Shorts, Hipster, Bikini, and more varieties of panties are available on Zivame. Buy these now on the Zivame end of season sale now and claim the benefits of unbelievable offers on Zivame panty offers. Discounts start from a minimum of 40% off. Order now and avail the benefits.  


    Zivame is the one-stop shop to meet all needs of women. Here you can find anything and everything concerning women’s lingeries. In this Zivame end of season sale, you can definitely meet all your needs for great never-again deals. Why wait? Get yours right away and save huge in this sale.    




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