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    Valentines Week List | Showcase Your Love By Exchanging Of Gifts

    January 9, 2024
    Valentines Week List

    The month of February is all about love, warmth, and affection. Valentine’s Day is observed on the 14th of February every year. To showcase admiration, love, and respect couples, friends and families wait to celebrate this day. Prior to Valentine’s Day the entire week starting from 7th Feb-14th Feb is celebrated as Valentine’s week. The exciting Valentine week list comes to a close on Valentine’s Day. This day is not just about celebrating love but also remembering Saint Valentine who sacrificed his life for his lady love. On this day, people all over the world spend quality time with lovers, partners, family, and friends to show affection. From confessing love to exchanging gifts every hour of Valentine’s week is special.

    We’ll walk you through every aspect of this love fortnight, from Rose Day to the ultimate and also most affectionate day of Valentine’s Day. Check Out Valentine Hamper Ideas to grab some amazing gifts.

    Origin & Significance Of Valentine’s Day 

    Couples generally spend time together, exchange gifts, and make vows to persist together. Different cultures choose to celebrate their love in different ways. But do you even know why Valentine’s Day is observed or what its significance is?  

    Saint Valentine is a Catholic clergyman who lived in Rome during the 3rd century B.C., is the patron saint of Valentine’s Day. This day is the vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman traditions and the history of this day and the biography of its patron saint are both buried in obscurity.   Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a priest who is said to have secretly assisted Christian couples in their marriage. He was known for secretly inviting lovers to his home and performing their weddings. This was a retaliation against the Roman Emperor Claudius II, who prohibited men from marriage. 

    Who started Valentine’s day and why?

    Single men, according to the Roman Emperor Claudius II, were stronger and more loyal soldiers. Saint Valentine disagreed with this viewpoint and facilitated the marriages of lovers. He was beheaded by the Emperor as a result of this.  Valentine’s used to cater and care for his fellow prisoners as well as his jailor’s blind daughter before he was beheaded. According to legend, Valentine healed the girl’s blindness and wrote her a love message signed ‘from your Valentine’ before being beheaded. This statement, written by Valentine, has remained popular to this day and is used on Valentine’s Day all across the world. He was eventually put to death on February 14, 270 AD. February 14 was not declared as St Valentine’s Day until more than 200 years later. By this time, Rome had embraced Christianity, and the Catholic Church was on a mission to eradicate any remaining pagan practices. Every year in February, the Pope prohibited a pagan fertility ritual and declared 14 February Saint Valentines Week List thereby declaring this feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints. 

    Valentines Week List

    Even though Valentine’s Day is on February 14, the love celebration begins a week earlier. Different days leading up to the main day of Feb 14th is celebrated in a unique way with each day contributing toward a different day. Find below the Valentine week list so you can know today is which day in valentine week:

    Valentine Week Rose Day | 1st Day

    Rose Day is the first day that honors this seven-day Valentines week list festival of love. When it comes to love, a rose is a symbol of togetherness. It spreads the vibrant energy of affection. Roses are given to one another in an assortment of ways, such as garlands, hampers, or even other fresh flower basket arrangements, on this delightful day as a tribute of affection and tenderness. Celebrate Valentine’s Week Rose day with fun and love. Rose day is celebrated on 7th February. Things you can consider for rose day valentine week are as follows;

    Rose Bouquet | Rose Day Gift

    To deliver your happy rose day messages to your beloved partner or friends you can surely choose an exquisite Rose bouquet. From new beginnings of a relationship to expressing gratitude, roses have been always essential in a lover’s life. Various colored roses are available in stores for specific reasons. For instance, the red rose symbolizes love, white for peace and healing. Similarly yellow or pink is for friendship beginnings and affection respectively.

    Rose Love Flowers | Express Your Feelings

    You can also consider presenting the rose love flowers to your spouse or partner on this auspicious occasion of valentine’s week. The fresh fragrance of rose can ignite the feelings of your lover.

    Love Lamp | Showcase Your Love

     The sleek led lamps called love lamps are brilliant to think of as gifts to your lover. These lamps are a perfect way to express your feelings during a romantic date night. You will need a good internet connection to ignite these lamps.

    Golden Rose | Express Your Love

    The artificial golden rose is the best way to gift your partner to shower lover on Rose day in this valentine week. Customize your golden rose with chocolates, and cards and send them to your loved ones for spreading affection.

    Valentine Week Propose Day | 2nd Day

    Valentine’s Week Propose day offers the chance for couples to communicate their intense sentiments and passions. The feeling of expressing to your lover that you admire them and will stay together forever is simply heavenly. The propose day is on 8th February every year celebrated in the valentines week list. Thinking of about propose day gift? You can consider the following;

    Bracelet | Available On Different Website

    Send a beautiful bracelet with propose day wish to your partner. This will surely make him/her fall in love and admire you again. A simple proposal for love makes everyone blush and want. Choose from the varied options of bracelets available on different websites. You can use promo codes to get them at cheaper rates.

    Personalised Mug | Propose day Gift

    As a hint of a new beginning, a love propose gift can work well. Consider personalized mugs and customize them with your photo with your love. You can also write favorite quotes or poems according to your choice to make your partner feel extra special on this day.

    Rose Golden | Symbol Of Love

    Make every day of the valentines week list special with your lover. Gift her or him a rose golden keychain, ring, or cute rose hampers. This surely will help you to send loving vibes to your partner and they will feel surprised looking at your gentle effort. 

    Heart Shaped Pillow | Presenting The Love

    The valentine week list is also about making the bond between partners, friends, and family strong. On propose day eve, send your lover a heart shaped pillow. These pillows are available in different sizes and colors. If you are presenting to your spouse go for the red color. Whereas, for family and friends, you can stick to pink pillows.

    Valentine Week Chocolate Day | 3rd Day

     The chocolate day date in valentine week is the most desirable among men and women. Chocolates increase the sweetness in every relationship. Make your bond sweet with your spouse this Valentine week chocolate day on 9th February with assorted chocolate hampers and baskets. You will get plenty of websites offering great deals on the combo offers. Do not forget to love yourself in this Valentine week list. You can also gift yourself some delicious cupcakes and dark chocolates to enjoy self-love.

    Valentine Special New Dairy Milk Silk | Save Up to Rs. 50

    You have a cause to commemorate this milestone with your loved one thanks to the timeless sweetness of Valentine Special New Dairy Milk Silk. Create a magic moment in this Valentines week list with the irresistible chocolate presented by Dairy milk. The pop heart in this chocolate is highly appreciated by every chocolate lover.

    Heart Shaped Chocolate Box | Vegan Free

    From natural to vegan and assorted, you can avail ample variety of chocolates in this Valentine week list for your lover. Gift them the heart shaped chocolate box with mix-and-match chocolates to see the smile on their face.

    Valentine Week Teddy Day | 4th Day

    Every beautiful heart is made up of a kid. The tenderness and softness of the heart resemble a teddy. Gift your partner the cutest teddy on the teddy day valentine week, which is on 10th February. Mostly it is seen boyfriends giving teddies or other soft toys to their girlfriends. This is mainly because women are fond of soft toys more as compared to men. Celebrate the Valentine week teddy day with your partner with a cuddly teddy bear. You can also consider the following teddies for your lover;

    Panda Teddy Bear | In Reasonable Price

    Cute little panda teddy bears can steal the heart of your partner this Valentine’s day. Do not miss the opportunity to send the varied color panda teddy bears. You will get these soft plush panda teddies at reasonable rates online.

    Small Teddy Bear | Make Your Day Special

    Teddy bears can be a thoughtful way to express love feelings and appreciation for someone in case they are far away. You can also pair the chocolates or cupcakes with a small teddy bear to express your feeling on this valentines week list.

    Heart Shape Teddy Bear | Available at Reasonable Rates

    Shower extreme affection and love to your partner with the cuddly heart shape teddy bear. Soft cushioned and premium-quality heart teddy bears are available at reasonable rates. Get them by using online promo codes and vouchers.

    Pink Teddy Bear | Expressing Your Love.

    Regardless of age, everybody enjoys teddy bears, which are among the most beloved plush toys. Amongst several color options, you can choose a red or pink teddy bear for expressing your love.

    Valentine Week Promise Day | 5th Day

    Promise day is celebrated on February 11th as part of the valentine week. It is a day when people make promises to their loved ones, friends, and family to express commitment and devotion. A promise is a meaningful emotion any lover can give or receive. On Valentine week promise day, people also make promises to stick together in good or bad times, to support each other, and to be there for each other no matter what. For promise day in valentine week, people exchange gifts, cards, and messages to symbolize their promises and make them feel special. Things to gift on Promise day;

    Cushion | Customized Gifts

    Cushions make fantastic gifts on promise day as this resembles support and comfort. A cushion can be personalized with a cute message or your picture making it a memorable gift. Whether it is for a romantic partner or a close friend, a cushion is a practical and sentimental gift that will be cherished for years to come.

    Fragrances | Available in Different Taste

    A perfume on promise day can be a powerful way to express your feeling and strengthen your relationship. Fragrances come in a variety of forms and scents making it easy to find one that fits your partner’s preferences.

    Key chains | Celebrate The Symbol Of Love

    Send cute gifts for your partner in this entire valentines week list. Personalized quirky key chains can be a thoughtful gift option for promise day. Key chains are small and practical gifts that your partner can use in his/her daily life.

    Heart Shape Cakes | Delicious Way to Celebrate

    Heart Shape cakes are a popular present choice for celebrating promise day, which is dedicated to making vows and keeping them throughout the relationship. Whether it’s a simple and classic design or a more elaborate one a heart-shaped cupcake or cake is a delicious way to celebrate love.

    Valentine Week Hug Day | 6th Day

    In the valentines week list, the hug day falls on 12th February. On this day people hug their lovers, family, and friends to express their care. Hugs are powerful emotions to provide great emotional support. Celebrate the Valentine week hug day with your close ones by spending quality time with them and sending gifts. Hug day in valentine week is a reminder to reach out and express love and appreciation to those closest to us. Things that you can consider gifting your partner on hug day are as follows;

    Personalized Greeting Cards | Handmade Gifts

    Personalized greeting cards are a unique and special way to show someone you care. These cards allow you to add a personal touch by customizing various designs, messages, and images.

    Chocolate | Available In Different Price

    A box of chocolates, chocolate bars, or hot chocolate cups can be given along with a hug making the gesture even sweeter. You can invest in chocolate hampers or opt for combo deals available on various websites for Valentine’s sales.

    Flowers | Get Up to 20% Off on Igp

    If you love versatile gifts, go for flowers. It helps you to choose a type that best suits the style and preference of your loved one. A bouquet of red roses which is again the traditional flower of love is a popular choice but other romantic options include lilies, carnations, and peonies.

    Bangles Design Gold | Present Your Love

    On hug day, you can also surprise your lady love with different jewelry and accessories. You can also measure their bangle design gold to determine the perfectly shaped jewelry that fits her. Check on fancy and gold jewelry options for gift purposes. It will help you to develop ideas about what other gifts you can opt for in pieces of jewellery.

    Valentine Week Kiss Day | 7th Day

    On February 13, we commemorate Kiss Day. Many times people fail to express their feelings to their partners. With a kiss, you can define your bond and strengthen it with your lover. Again, a gentle kiss is a sweet gesture. To celebrate Valentine week kiss day, you can take out your partner for a romantic date. Otherwise, you can prepare a delicious meal and celebrate it. Gifts that you can present your love on kiss day are;

    Photo Frame | Customized Gifts

    With a customized picture of you and your lover, you can give him/her. Photo frames are simple gifts that you can gift your partner. These are unique and can be personalized according to your requirement.

    Handbags | Available in Different Pattern

    For your wife or girlfriend, you can surely choose from different office-going handbags to college bags. Handbags are the smartest gifts and are pretty useful.

    Cushions | Customized Gifts

    Present your loved one double-sided fluffy cushion or customized ones with messages this valentine’s day. Spread your deep emotion with the lovely cushions available at huge discounts online.

    Chocolate | Available In Different Price

    Chocolates are the safest gifts that you can think of when nothing is coming to your mind. Creamy and luxurious chocolates are available for valentine’s sale on different websites. You can pair the chocolate hampers with flowers and love notes.

    Valentine Day | 8th Day

    The final day of love is the Valentine day in the entire week from 7th Feb-14th Feb. This is the main day everyone in the world celebrates to express their feelings to their partners. People spend quality time with their spouses either at home or outside. Exchanging thoughtful gifts on this day makes everyone delightful. Do not miss the chance to wish your partner a happy valentines day with lovely gifts even if they stay far away from you. Things you should plan or think of gifting your partner for Valentines week or day are as follows;

    Valentine Roses | Aroma Of Love

    The most favorable gift for valentine day that you can consider is a bunch of valentine roses. The fresh aroma of excellent roses can fill your partner with happiness.

    Candle- Light Dinner | Memorable and Enjoyable Day

    A candle-night dinner on Valentine day is a romantic and intimate way to celebrate the holiday. The soft glow of candle light creates a cozy atmosphere and sets the perfect mood for a special evening. Whether at a fancy restaurant or a homemade candle-lit dinner, it is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

    Perfumes | Available at Reasonable Rates

    Gifting perfumes on Valentine’s Day is a classic and timeless gesture of affection. A carefully chosen aroma can evoke strong emotions and create memories. Whether a sophisticated scent, a trendy perfume, or a signature fragrance of your lover, perfumes are always a thoughtful choice.

    Watches | Available in Different Pattern

    Watches make great gifts for Valentine ’s Day as they are both practical and sentimental. A watch resembles the passing of moments making it an ideal way to celebrate the love that grows stronger with each passing year. You can consider gifting smart watches at any time of the valentine week as well. Check out Amazon Offer for more details.

     Valentine Week List FAQs

    Ans:- Flowers, chocolates, and cakes are the most popular products that are on sale on Valentines day.

    Ans:- With the help of coupons or promo codes available on the websites, you can get discounts. Use coupons from Couponswala, to enjoy the best deals on valentine’s day gifts.

    Ans:- Several e-commerce platforms are holding huge discounts on clothing, footwear, accessories, flower combos, chocolate hampers, and many more things. 


    This is a new era, and people may spend Valentine’s Day however they want. Rather than simply following the trend, our generation needs to grasp what love truly signifies. If you don’t have true emotions for your partner, things like presenting a gift, a rose, or a card will be meaningless. It’s time to nurture emotional intimacy and happily celebrate Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. Just make sure you both are on the same path to avoid any disappointments. Remember to check for best deals and discounts offered by popular gift brands in order to surprise your partner by obtaining the best out of your Valentine’s Day purchases. Couponswala is an exceptional platform to acquire all the best deals from various online businesses. Now it’s the time to grab coupons for your Valentine’s Day plans!!! 



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