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    Swiggy Super | Unlimited Free Delivery @ Rs 129/month


    FoodSwiggy Super | Unlimited Free Delivery @ Rs 129/month

    Swiggy Super | Unlimited Free Delivery @ Rs 129/month

    Swiggy gets thousands of orders every day. So people who are constantly ordering through Swiggy have to go through the arduous process of paying those extra delivery charges for every order they make. Swiggy has always been able to solve these issues for customers by coming up with new and innovative features that resolve the problems, as well as increase revenue for the company. Similarly, there is a feature called Swiggy Super which is basically aimed at people who order food from Swiggy on a regular basis. In this feature, you will get unlimited free delivery without any surge fee and you can get amazing deals and offers on selected food items and restaurants. 

    Swiggy Super Free

    If you are wondering how you can get Swiggy Super for free? Then you have come to the right place. Although Swiggy Super is a paid membership program, there are some platforms like Times Prime where you can get Swiggy super for free or at a very less price i.e Rs 1. Apart from Times Prime, there are other ways too where you can get Swiggy Super for free. Check out the following tricks:

    • Swiggy also runs a contest on Twitter to give a one-year free subscription to the winner of the contest. You can’t find this membership option for free. This feature gives a lot of value to all the people who have a craving for ordering food and are time-constrained. To know more about how you can save on free deliveries, keep reading.

    Free Delivery Swiggy

    These days the offers provided by food delivery apps make the excuse to spend money on food online rather than go out with friends or cook at home a complex and often expensive expenditure. With all the offers onboard why does it seem as though it is even more expensive than the price mentioned while ordering? That is due to the delivery fee that you are charged after placing the order. The fee makes up for all the money you have saved using coupon codes, making no difference to the existing prices which relate to no money being saved at all. 

    Just like Superman, Swiggy Super is here to save all the hungry foodies in peril by offering Free Deliveries! That’s right, Swiggy’s new feature helps you save a lot of money that is spent on delivery charges by providing a free delivery feature.  

    Fortunately, the prices for the membership are affordable so keep reading to find which membership option is for you.

    • DID YOU KNOW: Swiggy revealed that coffee is India’s most preferred drink. Sorry, Chai lovers..!!

    Swiggy Super Membership Cost

    If you wish to know how to buy Swiggy Super? Swiggy Super 1 year subscriptions or any other queries related to them, we are here to help. Swiggy Super is a membership program that can be bought by anyone who is ordering on a regular basis and does not want to pay delivery charges. The feature is actively running in 80 major cities across India. With more and more participants reaping in the benefits of free delivery it is only a matter of time before the majority of users are using this plan. Different membership subscription details are provided below.

    DurationPlanDeliverySwiggy OfferPrice (Rs)
    1 MonthBite10 free deliveries under 5 kmUnlimited Buy 1 Get 1 from popular restaurants129
    1 MonthBingeUnlimited Buy 1 Get 1 from popular restaurantsUnlimited Buy 1 Get 1 from popular restaurants199
    3 MonthsBite30 free deliveries under 5 kmUnlimited Buy 1 Get 1 from popular restaurants249
    3 MonthsBingeUnlimited Buy 1 Get 1 from popular restaurantsUnlimited Buy 1 Get 1 from popular restaurants399

    Swiggy Super Coupon

    For now, Swiggy Super isn’t running any offers other than the Buy 1 Get 1 offer that you can claim with the purchase of one of the above-mentioned subscriptions. These offers come and go within a stipulated period of time. Offers are a great way to give customers more benefits and these offers tend to fluctuate depending on the restaurant and situations that arise accordingly. Although Swiggy does provide plenty of other normal offers that you can use to save on your next order. Here are Swiggy offers that you may like:

    • SWIGGY50 – Get a flat 50% OFF with the Swiggy coupons on orders from your favorite restaurants.
    • WELCOME50 – Enjoy the Swiggy offer code for a 50% discount on the first 5 orders.
    • SWIGGYIT – Enjoy this Swiggy coupon code to get up to 50% OFF your order in Bangalore and Chennai.

    Hopefully, this article has helped you get in touch with your inner foodie and you will begin your munching spree with the delicious offers available on Swiggy. To find more deals and coupons checkout CouponsWala.


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