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    Find The Latest Swiggy New User Offer With Details On Additional Deals To Claim

    January 9, 2024
    Swiggy New User Offer

    Ordering food online? Have you heard of the Swiggy new user offer? Swiggy is an online food delivery service tied with restaurants, to seamlessly deliver food to its customers. They are one of the leaders in the online food ordering sector offering great service and exclusive deals. In this article, we will discuss the Swiggy first order offer, the first five orders offer, and the new user coupon.

    Swiggy First Order Offer

    Order from the website or app and get a discount on your first order. Swiggy has a plethora of amazing restaurants for you to choose from with unmatched quality. This offer is only for new users and is available in selected cities in India.

    • Swiggy first order code offers a flat 50% off on a minimum order of Rs 99.

    Swiggy First Five Orders Offer

    Why enjoy the benefit of being a newbie on just your first taste of convenience? Swiggy’s New User offer is extended for 5 orders. So, for the first 5 orders that are placed through Swiggy, you get a minimum discount off on every consecutive order that you place through the app to make use of Swiggy first order benefits.

    • Get a minimum of 50% off.

    “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”

    Swiggy New User Coupon

    Swiggy welcomes its new user with a coupon to help save some money on the first order that is placed. Swiggy first order couponare a sure-fire way of making customers stay and frequently use the app. Users can use these various coupons and discounts on orders that they place through the app. From bank offers to Swiggy’s very own deals, there is always a way to save money when ordering from a restaurant of your choice.

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    Steps To Avail Of Swiggy Code For New Users:

    • Visit CouponsWala.
    • Search for the code you wish to apply.
    • Click on ‘get code’ to avail of the offer.
    • Once you click on ‘get code’ you will be redirected to the website.
    • Purchase your desired product and go to checkout.
    • You will find that the Swiggy new customer offer code you have redeemed will already be applied.

    Swiggy Referral Code

    Swiggy loves new users, which platform doesn’t? To show their love, Swiggy has a referral program to guide the way to a happier life with a happier tummy. To be a part of the referral program, get the referral code of your friend who uses Swiggy and install the app. After installing, log in with the referral code. You will get a minimum amount in your wallet and you get new user’s coupons. Your friend who introduced you to the app also receives rewards.

    • Get Rs 100 in your wallet.


    Craving a certain type of food but too lazy to leave your house? Swiggy’s new offers are here to provide you with solutions to all your food-related problems. New users can also save a ton of money when using the services of this amazing platform for the first time. Get doorstep service from your favourite restaurant using the Swiggy app.



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