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    Top Student Discounts To Claim | Brand Name & Offers Listed Industry Wise

    January 9, 2024
    student discount

    College prepares you for real-life situations by making you learn important lessons from different experiences. One of these experiences includes a shortage of money at the end of the month. Making the most of college life with limited money at your disposal is not the easiest ordeal to overcome. At times like these, a student discount on necessities that will be useful for daily college life will play a big role in savings.

    Benefits Of Student Discounts

    Students constantly think about discounts and savings for managing their student necessities and other daily requirements. Luckily some of the top brands offer many student discounts to make college life a little easier to deal with. Discounts on electronic gadgets, educational platforms and travel apps, among many other deals, will make a big difference to campus life.

    Here are some of the student benefits in India to avail discounts.

    • Travel industries: Flight tickets, special hotel discounts for students.
    • Electronic gadgets: Laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, and scanners.
    • Educational platform: Many online education platforms provide almost 50% discount to students. Be it rankers or students who are using the platform for the first time.
    • Lifestyle sector: Many online platforms avail major discounts on the various brands for clothing and accessories for students.
    • Entertainment sector: Platforms like Amazon Prime and Amazon music provides the best student discount.

    Check out these top 28 brands which provide amazing discount offers to students. These offers also include flight ticket booking offers where you can get additional discounts and extra baggage allowance for free. Avail of these offers to get the benefits. 

    Student Discounts On Gadgets

    With the advancement of technology and the introduction of a generation who are tech-savvy. Tech oriented teaching methods are introduced to make education an efficient and convenient prospect. Brands are taking this opportunity to make students purchase their products with various deals and offers as students these days are in dire need of good tech to complete and hand in assignments and projects. All the brands might be for a student ID discount. Read further to see all the brands that offer student discount in India.

    Store NameStudent Discount Link
    LenovoClaim now
    MicrosoftClaim now
    HPClaim now
    AppleClaim now
    SamsungClaim now


    Lenovo is one of the best electronic gadgets brands that offer budget-friendly but powerful computers. They offer student discounts and offers on products like Yoga laptops, Ideapad, Tablets, Accessories and many more at a 40% discount. Avail of these offers by using the discount code during checkout. 

    Learn more – Lenovo Student Discount


    Microsoft is always offering bleeding technology that actually works well. They make sure to refine all their products before providing them to the masses. With this level of dedication, tech and apps from Microsoft aimed towards students will definitely play a huge role. Get up to 10% off on student discounts along with various other products on offer when purchasing from Microsoft.


    HP has been the go-to computer back in the day. Recently with other brands making big claims, HP has to retain its existing customers. HP is now providing exclusive discounts to students who purchase their PC’s. An HP laptop can save you money without compromising on performance, use the student discount to avail them now.


    Apple has set a benchmark in providing the most refined technology in laptops, smartphones, and tablets. College life is that much easier with an Apple product as you use the smooth operating system to butter through any difficulties, not to mention putting on top of the status quo. Get amazing student discounts on top of the line Apple products along with an Apple music student discount India that comes with Apple Tv+ for free.

    Learn more – Latest Apple Student Discount


    Samsung is a brand that has its roots in various categories that involve day to day life so they definitely have offers onboard that can benefit the everyday life of a student. With the Samsung Student Discount Program, you can get up to 30% off along with the highest online trade-ins. 

    Learn more – Samsung Discount For Students

    Student Discount Flights Tickets

    Travelling back and forth from work and studies is a tedious task. you could be homesick and need to visit your family to help you get through your student life. Flight companies acknowledge your difficulty and are trying to make it better by providing you with offers on flight tickets to make travelling a more joyous occasion where you don’t have to worry about spending your allowance.

    Store NameStudent Discount Link
    SpiceJet Claim now
    Go FirstClaim now
    IndigoClaim now
    Air IndiaClaim now
    Vistara Claim now
    LufthansaClaim now


    SpiceJet is offering students with big discounts to help them along with their travelling needs. SpiceJet has recognised the woes of students with regards to travelling, so they are offering a discount of up to 10% and allowing students to carry an extra 10 kgs worth of luggage when they are travelling on SpiceJet. 

    Go First

    Go First, which was founded as Go Air, is one of the many Indian airlines that is providing lucrative offers to students that help with their travelling needs. With Go First, you can avail the Smart Student Fare and procure a 5% discount along with the ability to carry up to 25 kgs worth of luggage. This is an offer that one can’t pass up. 


    Indigo is one of the best flight options for travelling in India. With the student discount, you can now avail 6% discount on the base fare along with an extra baggage allowance of 10 kgs that will surely make a huge difference when travelling. Booking should be made 7 days in advance for this offer to be valid. 

    Air India

    Student concessions from Air India are too good to be true. For students studying in India, they can avail a whopping 50% off a basic fare on select booking class in the Economy cabin. The ticket is to be purchased 3 days before departure. Use this concession fare and make travelling easy.


    The Vistara student discount is offering students up to 10% off on adult base fare for booking under the Economy Standard and Economy Flexi fares for travelling within India. Extra baggage allowance is exclusive for students who are travelling outside India.


    Lufthansa’s Generation Fly helps students with their travelling needs by making it easier. Get flexible Lufthansa fares that are low and affordable. Free date change is available for students deciding to return or travel elsewhere a little earlier with low student fares. With selected destinations, you can claim extra baggage check-ins so that you don’t have to leave anything behind.  


    With Emirates Student Discount, you may overcome your fictional obstacles without spending every last penny, thus being a student will finally pay off! Recover right away to receive a 10% discount along with other items and benefits.

    Learn more – Emirates Student Offer

    Student Discounts On Travel

    As a student, you will be subjected to travelling and visiting different places to take part in events and fests hosted by other colleges. Nothing looks better than a resume filled with achievements from extracurricular activities. But to keep your nerves calm and from having a mental breakdown, you will need some good food and some good sleep. Hotels with student offers are here to make your life better. 

    Store NameStudent Discount
    ExpediaClaim now
    MarriottClaim now


    Expedia currently does not have any offers on hand but their sister site Cheap Tickets has amazing deals for students to benefit from. Save 18% off on select hotels with Cheap Tickets. Get amazing packages, rentals and popular destinations among students for low fares to make the most of your youth.


    Marriott is a mark of sheer perfection and expertise. One of the most top-rated seven-star hotels offers deals to students that will make you question reality itself. Avail group offer provided by Marriott to make your stay the most comfortable one you have had in a long time. 

    Student Offers On Shopping Brands

    Getting through student life can be arduous as you will be faced with peer pressure and judgey teens. Fashion is not about looks, it’s a personal statement. Finding good deals on apparel is not always easy. However, with the help of shopping deals offered by big brands, you will be able to flaunt your own style and find your posse for the next couple of semesters.

    Store NameStudent Discount Link
    OnlyClaim now
    CrocsClaim now
    NikeClaim now
    LakmeClaim now
    EricdressClaim now


    Only is a fashion icon among the youth. With its various designs in jeans, winter wear, accessories etc., to name a few, is offering students a way to express themselves through fashion with the latest student offers. Enter your details and start shopping to save big on your purchases. 


    Crocs are one of the famous brands for their specific designs in footwear. Get amazing footwear options for men and women. With the student offer, you can now get Rs 500 in gift vouchers when you register on the Crocs website.


    The Nike brand is famous for its sports-oriented apparel especially shoes and exclusive footwear. Eligible college and university students can take advantage of a 10% discount on Nike orders. To claim the discount, simply verify your student status with SheerID and you’ll receive a single-use promo code for 10% off on most Nike items.


    Lakme is one of the best beauty brands serving a variety of beauty products across the whole globe. Get a discount of 20% off on The Student Special offer to get amazing products from Lakme to add a little flair and some fun to your college lifestyle.


    Get the most happening styles in the world of haute couture or just your everyday outfits but with the added fun of runway models. With Ericdress, you can avail a 15% student discount on your next big style purchase.

    Student Discount Deals On Education

    While studying, you might feel the sudden urge to learn another set of skills or will want to update your knowledge with something that you found really cool. Online education platforms are here to help students who wish to brighten their future with a different set of skills. Start your side hustle and become an individual with many traits.

    Store NameStudent Discount Link
    CourseraClaim now
    Impact SoundworksClaim now
    UdemyClaim now
    EvernoteClaim now

    Coursera offers students the opportunity to learn new skills that they can add to their resumes. With the Coursera Student plan, you will be able to access one course entirely for free. You can avail of one free course every year with unlimited guided projects.

    Impact Soundworks 

    Impact Soundworks is dedicated to providing a flawless experience when working in tandem with the company. Impact Soundworks is offering students with 25% discount on their entire catalogue of libraries for individual use with no exceptions. It would be improper to not take them up on such an amazing offer.


    This is one of the best online educational platforms for students. The platform provides education material across various subjects free of charge to students. Get amazing courses related to programming, business, music-instrument learning courses, and more.  


    Always unorganised and losing track of things in your hectic schedule? With Evernote, staying organised is as easy as eating cake. Track your work and meet deadlines easily with Evernote. Get 50% off on a full year of Evernote Personal.

    Learn more – Best 7 Gadgets For Students

    Student Offers On Entertainment

    All those nights studying can put a damper on your cognitive skills. Your brain needs as much rest as any supercomputer would. Taking a break is not a crime, it is highly recommended. What do you do with your free time? Entertain yourself with some of the biggest names in the industry and brighten up your mood. With offers from these big brands, you will definitely catch up with the latest series and playlists.

    Store NameStudent Discount Link
    Amazon PrimeClaim now
    SpotifyClaim now

    Amazon Prime

    Netflix was always dominant in the streaming industry. But Amazon was not going down without a fight. The global online shopping giant came up with Amazon Prime to offer customers amazing titles to binge-watch. With the Amazon Prime Youth Offer, you can join for a mere Rs 499 for a year. 


    Music streaming has become much easier compared to the days where one had to download songs individually on mp3skull or LimeWire. Now with the Spotify Premium Student offer, get a premium plan for Rs 66 to stream music without ads and listen to millions of songs with better quality online.

    Student Discounts For Amusement Park 

    Having to reminisce about your childhood is a fun and thrilling venture. Take some time off and relive your memories when your parents or the school took you on a trip to an amusement park. The lights, the rides, the food, an amusement park is a vibe of their own accord. Get a taste of your childhood with amusement park offers for students.


    Amusement parks always bring out the inner child in us. If you’re going to college and think that those days are gone, you are mistaken. Rejuvenate your youth with the student offer from Wonder La where students below the age of 22 can get 20% off on their tickets by presenting their student ID at the ticket counter.


    Ans. There are a few different ways that college students can get discounts on various products and services. The most common way is to simply show a valid student ID card at the time of purchase.

    Ans. There are a few ways that you can get student discounts in India. One way is to show your student ID card at the time of purchase.

    Ans. Yes, India does have UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS is a website that provides discounts to students at various colleges and universities around the world.

    Ans. There is no single answer to this question as it depends on the institution and country in which the student is studying. In some cases, students may be able to access Netflix for free if their institution has a subscription.

    Ans. Amazon does not offer a student discount, but there are a few ways that students can save on their purchases. 

    There are multiple brands like Lenovo, Samsung, Udemy, HP, Lakme, Indigo, etc which provide great benefits to students on bookings. Check out this blog for more information.


    Saving and spending money under restricted situations is just a new experience and lesson that a college student learns in life. A student has to balance the educational spending while living their best student life having fun. Enjoying life while studying is also equally important. The student should be intelligent and mature enough to avoid extra non-essential spending. Thankfully, considerate brands have made their college life easier and exciting.



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